Testimonials are an important part of choosing a personal injury lawyer. Here are a few testimonials from our clients:

My family & I are extremely happy with the services that were provided to us through Diamond & Diamond. Stephanie was amazing and very professional with handling our case!! Stephanie and the staff were always proficient, very helpful, punctual in returning calls and addressing concerns, and our settlement was reached in a timely manner. Throughout the entire process we were always kept up to date as to where we were in the case and always felt as though Stephanie had our best interest at heart. We feel confident that we received service that was above and beyond what most firms would have provided. Words can’t express how grateful we are for Stephanie, and the staff that help us through this difficult time. Diamond & Diamond will always receive HIGH recommendations from us!!
Date of Posting: 13 November 2015
Posted By: G & K
We want to thank Sandra Zisckind for all the help she provided to our daughter and family throughout the course of our claim. Our particular situation was very difficult, legally complex and due to the circumstances of the injury, a very emotional ordeal. Sandra always went well beyond her role as our legal representative and continually helped to prepare us, support us emotionally, and helped us through some of the challenging circumstances of discovery and mediation. She also leveraged extensive resources available to the firm to help expedite and mediate a very favourable outcome for our family, and we will be forever grateful to her for everything she has done for us.

TM and WM
Date of Posting: 17 August 2015
Posted By: TM
My wife and I are so very pleased @ the outcome of our LTD claim. We wish to thank for such a speedy process. The results were more then expected. Thank you very much!

Thank you Robert and the Diamond & Diamond Team.....

Well done.

Date of Posting: 16 July 2015
Posted By: G.L.
Robert Gabor assisted G.L. with his LTD claim
Dear Stephanie

Thank you very much for your help in my wife’s personal injury case. After being ignored by the company where my wife had her slipping accident, we went to you more for the feeling that the company needed to take some responsibility for their negligence than to collect funds for my wife’s broken bone, discomfort and recuperation process. Working with you was extremely easy and after a year we received a recompense far far above what we had expected or would have been satisfied with if the company had immediately offered it to us.

Thank you

Date of Posting: 09 July 2015
Posted By: K.S.
Stephanie C. Zwicker Slavens assisted K.S. with her slipping accident
On June 15th, 2013, my wife and I were seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident, when a girl ran a stop sign and t-boned us while we where on our motorcycle.

After dealing with the initial impact of various injuries, family concerns and the overwhelming communication from an unsupportive insurance company, it was clear that we needed to do something we never thought we would have to do; hire a lawyer to fight for us and our right to be fairly represented.

After interviewing three different personal injury law firms, it was very clear to us that one firm stood out among the others - Diamond and Diamond.

We met and hired Isaac Zisckind approximately one month after our accident and it goes without saying that it was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Although my wife and I are both professional people, it was still unsettling and a little unnerving to literally put all your trust and confidence in one person.

But, Isaac Zisckind of Diamond and Diamond never let us down.

Together, with his large contingency of office support staff, Isaac worked meticulously with us through our file, leaving no stone unturned while planning and striving toward one common goal; to have us compensated for our injuries, loss of income and other general damages, for as much as possible.

While we experienced many surgeries and approximately two years of rehabilitation before feeling somewhat healed, they encouraged us to see the required medical people to help with our recovery (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychotherapists, personal support workers, other medical appts) which was all required during the healing process.

And, equally important, the office staff from Diamond and Diamond dealt with our unsupportive insurance adjuster, speaking up for us time after time after time. They dealt with the insurance adjuster and other tedious areas relating to the accident swiftly and professionally, which allowed my wife and I to focus on the most important thing - healing and getting better - both mentally and physically.

They prepared us for the Discovery, advising of the general procedure and assisting with evidence preparation while making us feel very comfortable and prepared for the upcoming court proceedings.

Whenever we had a question or concern, Isaac or someone from his competent staff would promptly return a phone call or email, addressing our concerns and leaving us in great hands.

This was a great relief to us as the insurance adjuster continued to play her game of 'deny and delay', when it came to compensating us financially for expenses we incurred as a result of the accident.

At the eventual Mediation hearing, Isaac was at his best. He stood his ground with the insurance company representatives and the mediator, making point after point and eventually netting us a substantial award, which was almost twice as much as we were anticipating.

Isaac Zisckind and the staff of Diamond and Diamond are competent, caring, professional and courteous and will represent you with the utmost tenacity, leaving you completely confident and comfortable with your decision to hire them.

If you're involved in an incident and require a personal injury lawyer, make the decision an easy one; hire Diamond and Diamond, for peace of mind and results.


M.D and W.D.
Date of Posting: 26 May 2015
Posted By: M.D. and W.D.
Isaac Zisckind assisted M.D. and W.D. with their motor vehicle accident
I want to thank Stephanie and the pleasant staff at Diamond & Diamond for their attention to my personal injury claim. All I wanted was an apology or call from the company where I experienced my fall. When this did not take place and I was treated like a second class citizen by the people who represented the firm where my fall took place, I decided it was necessary to retain the services of a qualified law firm to look after my interests and speak on my behalf. Stephanie was extremely patient and took the time to learn about the injuries that resulted from my fall. She gave me excellent advice and helped to make what I thought was going to be a very stressful experience more manageable and with very acceptable results. I want to thank Stephanie and her team for their assistance and I would recommend Diamond & Diamond to my family and friends if they are ever in the unfortunate place of needing the services of a competent personal injury law firm.


Date of Posting: 16 February 2015
Posted By: E.D.S
Stephanie C. Zwicker Slavens assisted E.S. with her fall
Stephanie was a pleasure to deal with. She was patient, understanding, quick to reply, and took time to address all of our concerns. She did not waste any time, and really seized the moment. Its time to use the settlement money to move on with our life, and be a blessing to others.
Date of Posting: 12 February 2015
Posted By: E.D and J.D.
Stephanie C. Zwicker Slavens worked with E.D. and J.D. to get the settlement they deserved
They say your life can change in a blink of an eye, and I learned that is very true the day our family was in a motor vehicle accident where both my husband and I sustained significant injuries. We called Diamond and Diamond Personal Injury Law based on a referral and due us being unable to drive, Isaac Zisckind came to see us at our home, which is located North of Barrie. Isaac explained the legal process to us, and we retained him as he came across as honest and a "straight shooter" and he did not disappoint us. We communicationed with Isaac and his team as our injuries unfolded and Isaac made sure that the proper assistance we needed was provided to make our recovery as easy as possible. Anytime we had any concerns a quick e-mail to Isaac or Corey Sax and we would receive a response immediately, usually within minutes. We know that they are busy with many clients, but they made us feel like one of their top priorities. Knowing that Isaac and Corey were building our case, we were able to focus on what was really important - our recovery. I was completely amazed that on our first attempt at settlement, Corey was able to close our case well above our expectations and after all fees put over $280,000 in our pocket, to help our family get back on our fee. Isaac, Corey and their team worked hard for our family and we are grateful we made the right choice.

We would recommend them to our family or friends... and if you are in the unfortunate circumstances of being injured, let them get you the compensation you deserve while you focus on your recovery."

Thank you J.H. for the testimonial
Date of Posting: 20 January 2015
Posted By: J.H.
Isaac Zisckind and Corey Sax helped J.H. net $280,000 in an injury settlement

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