• Sunday, 18 May 2014
Damages You Can Recover in a Lawsuit
What are the General Areas I Can Seek to Recover in a Lawsuit? General Damages- Damages for pain and suffering Income loss- damages for lost income as a result of an accident or loss of competitive advantage Out-of pocket expenses- expenses incurred as a result of an accident (ie: housekeeping help, prescriptions, medical rehabilitation) Bad…
  • Sunday, 27 April 2014
Confessions of an Ambulance Chaser
Sun Media I guess being a personal injury lawyer, I am de facto an ambulance chaser. I’m still not sure why there is such animosity toward personal injury lawyers. Don’t Hate Me Because I’m A Personal Injury Lawyer I get it – people hate lawyers in general. Having been through litigation and had to pay the…
  • Sunday, 20 April 2014
Sun Media The head of the Supreme Court of Canada the Honourable Beverly Mclachlin state this week that while we do not have total equality of women and men in law, we are heading towards gender equality. She feels that women in the profession contribute significantly and should be actively encouraged to enter and remain in law.…
  • Sunday, 13 April 2014
School Safety
Sun Media In light of Diamond and Diamond’s press conference this week on the York University shooting, I thought we should discuss the basis for the lawsuit. The main question we seem to be getting is: “why is this their fault?”. My response is simple. If the University failed to meet a standard of care for their…
  • Sunday, 06 April 2014
Recall Havoc
With all the news on the GM recall we are getting panicked and frantic calls. So let me be clear and explain. Just because your car was subject to a recall and you were involved in an accident it doesn’t mean that you have a case against GM or any other car manufacturer. In order…
  • Sunday, 30 March 2014
Why You Need More Insurance
Sun Media Yes you heard it here first people, I am a personal injury lawyer encouraging you to spend more money on insurance. Now that you have recovered from your shock I will tell you why you need more insurance. Most people in Ontario have 1 million in coverage. Sounds like a lot right? It’s…
  • Saturday, 22 March 2014
Facebook and Personal Injury Law
Many of you are aware of such social networking sites such as ‘Facebook’ or ‘Myspace’ on the Internet. Such sites allow users to post information on the web about their personal life including pictures, blogs, messages and even updates on day-to-day activities. Although these sites may seem private and fun to you, they can have…
  • Saturday, 22 March 2014
Sun Media We have been shooting testimonials for our new Diamond and Diamond commercials and one of the things that Stephanie Zwicker Slavens, my top-notch lawyer, pointed out quite astutely was stories do not resonate immediately. What she meant is that working for insurance companies for 13 years, she did not see clients until at least…
  • Saturday, 15 March 2014
More Changes to Auto Insurance Law
Sun Media Yes, the government is proposing changing the auto insurance law again. Don’t be shocked, but those changes will benefit insurance companies again Now that you are over the initial shock, I will tell you how this will affect you. I know most of you do not care about the changes and will kick…
  • Sunday, 09 March 2014
Front Line Support Workers
Sun Media The unsung heroes are often the most overlooked. We were reminded of this during the tragedy of 9/11. After that harrowing time we were reminded of all the people in our world whose occupation is simply to help their fellow man. After several weeks of horrific car crashes and devastating falls I realized…

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