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Winter Driving with Jeremy Diamond

Winter Driving with Jeremy Diamond


Q. Why is winter driving different than driving the rest of the year?

A. In the winter the indeterminate weather makes our road unpredictable.  They are wet, cold and slippery.  Sometimes it will appear as though the road is clear and then you hit black ice.  The roads in the winter are certainly unpredictable, but our driving does not need to be.

Q. What are some good safety tips for driving in the winter?

A.  There are easy maintenance things you can do.  First, get your winter tires on, they make a big difference.  Second, make sure your windshield wiper fluid is topped off.  Third, ensure that your car is generally well maintained with oil changes, brake checks etc. Four, clean your car of entirely.  Flying snow and debris can cause major safety issues on the road.

Q. What is a myth about winter driving?

A. My biggest pet peeve is that people think you don’t need winter tires until it snows, that’s nonsense.  Winter tires should be used when the temperature begins to drop.  The cold affects the traction of your tires.  Anything less than approximately 5 degrees Celsius triggers means time for winter tires.


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