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Lasik surgery can be a wonderful procedure to help you correct small vision impairments and eliminate the need for glasses every day. Before you undergo the procedure, you should be aware of every lasik eye surgery risk. After lasik eye surgery, problems can arise and a percentage of patients may find that those issues are due to lasik eye surgery complication.

If you’ve had a lasik surgery gone bad, Diamond & Diamond can assess your case to help you determine whether there was medical malpractice involved. Sometimes complications are unavoidable and not covered under a malpractice suit. However, in instances where a physician should have foreseen complications during the screening process, or they made mistakes during the surgery itself, you are legally entitled to damages.

At Diamond & Diamond, our staff is experienced in all facets of medical malpractice. We recognize the difficulty in determining malpractice in a lasik lawsuit. That’s why we offer our clients a full assessment of their case and probable outcomes to make sure that they understand the process.

If your vision is permanently impaired due to a botched eye surgery, we believe it’s your right to pursue all avenues to make certain that you’re adequately compensated for damages.

Lasik Eye Surgery Complications

Lasik is an acronym that stands for laser assisted in situ keratomileusis. In non medical terms, lasik surgery is a process that was developed in the 1990s to reshape the cornea and improve vision. The procedure uses a laser and is considered an elective surgery. Because it is a newer procedure, there is limited data on the success rate of the surgery itself. It has improved greatly since it was first invented, but we know that there are many complications that can arise from the procedure.

Lasik is a common and popular procedure because it promises more convenience for the millions of people who have to wear corrective lenses. That doesn’t mean that the surgery is always successful. Some data suggests that up to 40% of people who elect to have the procedure have some type of after lasik eye surgery problems.

Here are a few of the known lasik problems that you might experience:

  • Dry Eyes. This is one of the most commonly reported side effects of lasik surgery. During the recovery time, patients should expect to experience dry eyes. This symptom usually lasts about 6 months and is a result of the tear ducts not producing as much. This is a normal part of the healing process. However, a high percentage of patients find that this is a permanent condition due to damage from the procedure. Dry eyes can be treated with drops but it can impair vision and be an uncomfortable condition to live with.
  • Lasik Blindness. It’s very uncommon to have a laser eye surgery result in permanent blindness, but it does happen. Vision loss so severe to be registered as complete blindness happens in about 1% of cases and might be attributed to the healing process or some aspect of the surgery itself.
  • Worsening Vision. In some cases, the procedure can actually damage your vision, rather than improving it.
  • Night Blindness. Halos, double vision, and other issues that cause diminished vision at night are common directly after surgery. This should be a temporary condition but some patients have problems with vision in dim lighting permanently after the procedure. This may limit your ability to drive at night and otherwise impact your life.
  • Irritation and Inflammation. Some people have chronic irritation in their eyes after the surgery. This is often a side effect of inflammation which can be uncomfortable and, for some patients, results in headaches. This is a more moderate side effect but it impacts about 10% of people who’ve had the surgery.

Lasik Gone Wrong — Determining Malpractice

Lasik eye surgery might result in a number of complications but those issues do not necessarily determine that there has been malpractice. If you’re experiencing any of these complications and feel that your care was compromised, it’s important that you contact an attorney to review your case as soon as possible. Here are some of the things that you’ll look for in determining whether the physician might be at fault.

Legally, a physician can only be deemed guilty of malpractice if they have not provided the proper standard of care for the patient. This might include negligence during a surgery, due to their diagnosis or screening process, or due to a therapy that should not have been recommended based on your tests and examinations. In the case of lasik surgery, the surgeon is most often guilty of malpractice due to their screening process, rather than the procedure itself.

Lasik success is largely determined during your screening. If the surgeon missed indications that the surgery would not work optimally for your condition, they may be found guilty of malpractice. In very rare cases, a surgeon may make a mistake during the actual procedure which compromises your vision or recovery.

Lasik Malpractice Services

At Diamond & Diamond, we pride ourselves on working for the best interest of our clients. We realize that this special area of law can be confusing to navigate. We also realize that damaged vision can impact your quality of life and your ability to provide for your family. We believe that the physicians you trust to care for your health should be held to the highest standard and that you’re entitled to compensation when they make mistakes that negatively impact you.

At Diamond & Diamond, we offer full consultation to discuss your specific case. We provide an unbiased eye to assess whether your injury is a result of malpractice. If we determine that you do have cause to go forward, we fight for you to receive the full compensation allowed under the law. Our firm is dedicated to keeping an open line of communication with clients so that you understand the possible outcomes and each step of the process.


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