TransLink/South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Data Breach

In December 2020, TransLink disclosed a data security incident affecting the personal information of its employees and possibly others. This privacy class action has been brought on behalf of all persons whose personal information was impacted or compromised as a result for the data security incident. If you have any questions or to receive updates on this class action, complete and submit the online form on this page.


About the Class Action / Mass Tort and Compensation

The Translink Data Breach, which was disclosed in December of 2020, resulted in the loss, theft or compromise of highly sensitive personal information of TransLink’s employees and its other stakeholders including, but not limited to, their extremely sensitive and highly valuable banking information.

TransLink’s actions and omissions and its breaches of duty were carried out knowingly or recklessly. It is purported in the Notice of Civil Claim that TransLink knew or ought to have known that it possessed a significant volume of highly valuable personal information on the residents of British Columbia and that, as a result, it was the subject of a heightened risk of cyberattacks. It, accordingly, knew or ought to have known that, consistent with its legal obligations, it was required to implemented enhanced security measures appropriate to the sensitivity of the personal information in its custody or under its control. TransLink failed to exercise the diligence required of it in the circumstances, disregarding its legal obligations , and violated the purported Class Membersreasonable expectation of privacy.


Notice of Civil Claim

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On Thursday, December 3, 2020, Global News reported that, following reports of significant suspicious network activityacross major parts of Translinks computer systems, it had confirmed that Translink had experienced a cybersecurity attack.

According to Global News, a letter allegedly communicated to Translink by threat actors stated that Translinks network had been compromised, its computers and servers were locked, and its private data had been downloaded by unauthorized third parties.

Following Global Newsreport on the incident, Translink acknowledged the data breach, further confirming that various parts and components of Translinks computer systems had been taken offline. Those included major Translink systems including employee payroll operations, customer payment systems and various other customer service platforms and features.

Although TransLink declined to confirm the timing or scope of the incident, Global News quoted anonymous “internal sourcesas confirming that the data breach was carried out on the evening of Monday, November 30· 2020. Global News’ sources also confirmed that the incident “is believed to have started with a successful phishing email,and that it resulted in the breach of Translinks “entire database.”

A class action is a lawsuit which provides a method for a large group of people with common claims to come together to advance one claim on behalf of the group. Class actions are more efficient and cost-effective and allow for groups of people with common claims to gain access to the legal system and seek justice on their behalves.




Class actions are typically handled on a contingency fee basis. This means that the class counsel are only paid if the class action is successful at trial or settled. In the event that it is successful, class counsel fees may be paid by the Defendants owners and operators or out of either the settlement or judgment proceeds, as approved by the court.





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