Employment Practice Areas

Diamond & Diamond Lawyers handle extensive employment needs for employees as well as employers who are addressing current conflicts. In addition to managing ongoing employment disputes, our team is known for creating policies, strategies, and programs to minimize employment risks and challenges into the future. This can be instrumental as part of a risk mitigation program and helps to save our clients time and money into the future.

Employment Law

Whether it is developing a program to minimize employment law considerations in the future, or addressing an existing ongoing employment dispute, Diamond & Diamond has earned a reputation across Ontario for helping clients with their comprehensive concerns and needs.

Workplace Issues

An employee who is being negatively affected by workplace issues might have grounds to pursue recovery under the law. Diamond & Diamond gives a personalized approach to representation to each one of our clients. Whenever a workplace issue presents legal concerns, we believe that the employee deserves our utmost attention and all of our resources to resolve the issue as effectively as possible.

Constructive Dismissal and Wrongful Termination

When you are illegally terminated or constructively dismissed from your position, most employees do not realize the avenues they have available to them for recovery of compensation. We give your case confidential consideration and help advise you about all of the different aspects of what you might anticipate down the road.

Human Rights

Ontario has very clear laws about the human rights protections available to employees. When these human rights are violated in the workplace, the employer can be held accountable. We are known for pursuing all possible avenues for resolution including arbitration and mediation, while also representing our clients' best interests with regards to litigation.

Non-competition Agreements

Any existing agreements in restraint of trade such as those prohibiting competition and beyond, must be evaluated carefully by our lawyers. We have an eye for detail and a deep understanding of what can and cannot be included in these critical documents. A protective strategy to address existing policies or to develop new ones with your best interests in mind is what you can expect when working with your dedicated team at Diamond & Diamond.

Free consults and contingency fee arrangements apply to all personal injury cases only and to select wrongful dismissal cases, but do not apply to other types of commercial and civil litigation.