Diamond and Diamond expand to be ‘one-stop-shop’

The Diamond and Diamond Law Firm has its eyes on a massive expansion: full-service. The law firm that originally began with only a personal injury practice will now be offering a number of other services, including real estate and family law. In order to handle the additional services Diamond and Diamond will be bringing on more lawyers. They expect to increase from the current roster of 18 lawyer’s to 21 over the next few months. Eventually reaching 25 by the start of next year.

Diamond and Diamond has been expanding at a rapid rate in general. They are now opening their 13th office in Vancouver and feel that going full-service is the next logical step.

Managing Partner Sandra Zisckind states that “It just sort of made sense to go in this direction, where we could service everybody and sort of do everything in house, which was always our goal.”

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Free consults and contingency fee arrangements apply to all personal injury cases only and to select wrongful dismissal cases, but do not apply to other types of commercial and civil litigation.