Diamond & Diamond Review - a Heartfelt Letter From One of Our Clients

A client of ours was unfortunately involved in a vehicle accident and faced critical injuries. In addition to working tirelessly with the family to receive the compensation they deserves, the team went the extra mile and arranged transportation when needed, Occupational Therapy, Physio Therapy, Social Worker, assistance with personal care, equipment such as wheelchair, walker, cane and many other needs.

The team at Diamond & Diamond would like to thank Maya for the heartfelt letter and positive review: 

"Based on my family’s personal experience, Diamond and Diamond is an absolutely superb personal injury law firm that I would recommend in a heartbeat. My mom suffered a very unfortunate and critical injury as a result of a vehicle accident. My husband, being a quick thinker contacted Diamond and Diamond and Isaac Zisckind met with us in the hospital that same day. From the first minute that we met Isaac we felt comfortable and we knew we were in good hands. He was professional, knowledgeable and had honestly shared his opinion about our scenario. He answered all of our many questions (what are our options, possible scenarios, length of time involved, what to expect, payments and fees just to name some) competently which resulted in us retaining his services.

Within next few days, while we were consumed by taking care of our mom who was in an acute care hospital, Isaac communicated with us about all professional services that mom will need in order to support her recovery. Once mom was transferred to the rehabilitation hospital, Isaac has arranged for our own case manager which supported mom in meeting any of her daily needs. After an extended stay in the rehab hospital (four months) mom was discharged home. As much as the return home was a happy time, it was clear that she will need a large amount of support. Once again, Isaac and the team were there to support the high needs that mom had and had arranged multiple supports such as transportation, Occupational Therapy, Physio Therapy, Social Worker, assistance with personal care, equipment such as wheelchair, walker, cane and many other needs that we have identified.

Slowly, with the support of all the skilled professionals mom has recovered to her optimal best. Mom would never have a full functionality on the right side of her body; however, with the appropriate help and quick actions on the behalf of the Isaac and the team, mom is still capable to lead a partially normal life. The settlement that was reached shortly after one year mark has definitely aided in supporting mom’s future and ensuring that she can access resources that she will require.

In the final stages of the settlement, we have had a pleasure of working with Zev Bergman as well. Zev has only confirmed what we already knew-that Diamond and Diamond has the consumer’s best interest in mind. He was meticulously detailed, supportive, and honest and we are very grateful for his work.

Special Thank You to Nastassia Ivanova- Director of Accident Benefits. In addition to Isaac, Nastassia was one of our main contacts in the Diamond and Diamond team. We are very grateful for her passion, kindness and thoughtfulness. Nastassia’s friendly personality, efficiency, timely responses and compassion has been greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten.

I really need to note that the whole team was extremely professional, responsive and timely in their communications. They took care of the whole legal aspect of this very serious situation, enabling us to care for mom and offer her large amount of support she needed without worrying about insurance or any other external stressors. Isaac and the team always offered honest advice, provided ongoing update on mom’s case, responded to our enquiries right away, and made us feel that our need matters.

I can definitely say that Diamond and Diamond has left a long lasting positive impression on our lives and we are very grateful for a highly skilled staff that have made positive impact on mom’s well-being.

Thank you for everything that you did for my mom!"



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