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Have You or a Loved One Used the Prescription Drug Benicar?

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Millions of people around the world struggle with high blood pressure issues. It is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions today, and therefore the prescription drug marketplace has also evolved to create a range of medicines to treat this diagnosis. One of those medications is Benicar. This medication, along with several others like this, can be used to reduce the risk of other catastrophic cardiovascular issues. Although there are advantages with these kinds of medications, there are a number of problematic side effects that patients should be aware of.

Benicar’s Side Effects

Perhaps most troubling about the rising number of concerns about Benicar is that the side effects can mimic other medical conditions, like Celiac disease. One of the most serious conditions linked to usage of Benicar is sprue-like enteropathy. This condition mimics many of the side effects of Celiac disease, meaning that patients may not realize the full extent of their risks or know where to turn if they start experiencing problems while taking Benicar. No patient expects that a medication will significantly harm their health, but a growing number of Benicar-taking patients are coming forward with legal claims after they have suffered. If you were not informed of the risks of taking Benicar and you have been diagnosed with severe gastrointestinal problems, you need a lawyer’s help.

In the event that you or someone you know has recently sustained devastating life-altering side effects as a result of taking the medication Benicar, you may be entitled to consult with an experienced defective drug lawyer as soon as possible.

Benicar has been linked to severe gastrointestinal issues and many of the individuals who have suffered in this way have moved forward with lawsuits against the drug’s manufacturer. Manufacturer Daiichi Sankyo had more than one billion dollars spent promoting Benicar and Benicar Hct. Our law firm is currently helping patients who have suffered devastating side effects as a result of taking Benicar. If you or someone you know may have grounds for a claim, contact us today to learn more. Patients in the U.S. and Canada may have been injured by Benicar.

Have You or a Loved One Used the Prescription Drug Benicar? Contact us Immediately

Can Benicar Cause Gastrointestinal Problems?

When Benicar hit the market, it was marketed heavily. One of the primary sources of the advertising was that the drug was better than others in its class when compared on grounds of effectiveness and safety. However, one of the most common problems associated with using this type of drug, also referred to as an angiotensin receptor blocker, is that it has been linked to causing severe intestinal problems such as sprue-like enteropathy.

Side effects and symptoms of this condition include significant weight loss and chronic and severe diarrhea. People who take Benicar may suffer from another condition known as villous atrophy. This disorder causes texture loss in the intestinal lining and makes it more difficult for a patient to absorb nutrients.

Sister medications Azor, Tribenzor, and Benicar HCT may all cause gastrointestinal issues. This has prompted many to file lawsuits against the drug maker.

Have You or a Loved One Used the Prescription Drug Benicar? Contact us Immediately

Benicar’s Usage, Safety Concerns, and Medical Studies

The medication was released on the market in 2002. The United States FDA issued a warning in 2013 that Benicar may be linked to sprue-like enteropathy. Those individuals who had already suffered this devastating side effect and condition began to file Benicar lawsuits shortly thereafter.

These symptoms may be like celiac disease and a growing number of lawsuits have begun to emerge since 2013. The lawsuits allege that the manufacturer knew that the drugs were unreasonably dangerous to consumers as well as defective and that the company took efforts to minimize the dangers of Benicar and therefore risk the lives of consumers who are taking the drugs. Doctors and consumers were not warned about these devastating risks and therefore suffered the impact of the outcome.

More than 1,700 claims have already been filed in the United States by people who have taken Benicar and have suffered gastrointestinal issues such as sprue-like enteropathy as a result of taking the medication. Blood pressure medications other than Benicar may have been prescribed in these patient’s situations if the doctors or the patients were aware of the dangers associated with it. Benicar is a popular blood pressure medication that blocks angiotensin receptors, inhibiting this hormone action forces blood vessels to become dilated.

Often misdiagnosed as celiac disease, the similar condition of sprue-like enteropathy can cause a patient to actually starve to death. A recent Mayo Clinic study identified that sprue-like enteropathy was connected to use of Benicar. 22 patients who were using Benicar were included in a study. While they took the medication, it was discovered they suffered severe gastrointestinal issues. Immediately after discontinuing Benicar, all 22 of the patients in that study had significant weight gain and relief from their gastrointestinal symptoms.

Have You or a Loved One Used the Prescription Drug Benicar? Contact us Immediately

Lawsuits Involving Benicar

In the past several years and particularly in light of the medical studies linking Benicar to villous atrophy and sprue-like enteropathy, more patients are being diagnosed with these issues and proceeding to file lawsuits against the manufacturer. These Benicar lawsuits argue that the manufacturer either knew about these dangerous issues and failed to warn patients or that they should have known about these concerns.

With this knowledge, doctors and patients may have made different decisions regarding their blood pressure condition. In addition to the current drug lawsuits associated with gastrointestinal issues, there are also legal claims in the U.S. which argue that illegal kickbacks were provided to doctors.

Have You or a Loved One Used the Prescription Drug Benicar? Contact us Immediately


Our law firm is now helping patients who may have suffered after taking Benicar. If you began to have unexplained digestive issues after beginning a Benicar regimen, or if you have already been diagnosed with sprue-like enteropathy, you need to consult with our lawyers today. We may be able to help you file a legal claim and hold the manufacturer responsible. Contact your doctor to learn more about the risks of Benicar and consult with a lawyer if you believe you may have grounds for a legal claim as an injured patient.

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