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Experienced lawyers in Toronto may serve multiple purposes for assisting you with a variety of different tasks. Identifying a law firm such as Diamond & Diamond that has experience with serving as a notary or a commissioner can assist you with numerous different projects.

A variety of different types of paperwork and legal issues warrant a person who has been approved to serve in the capacity of notary or commissioner. Our Toronto notary & commissioner experience has been developed over the course of serving numerous clients over many years.

When you visit our firm, we focus on building a long relationship with you, but we’re also here to help you with your short term needs for a notary and commissioner in Toronto. We recognize that you need to ensure your paperwork is completed properly and without problems. We are proud to serve in this capacity when you need help quickly. Having the legal insight and a review process in place from the right lawyer can alert you to any risks you might not have seen on your own.

A Notary and Commissioner Team Toronto Trusts

A commissioner for taking affidavits, for example, is an individual who can legally administer a declaration or affirmation or an oath. Any individual who is 18 years old can apply to be appointed a commissioner for taking affidavits. However, it is strongly recommended that you identify a firm that has legal experience as well and can provide you with further information about the legal issues surrounding your concerns for seeking a notary public or a commissioner.

What a Notary Public Does in Canada?

A notary public is an individual who is legally entitled to:

  • Take affidavits
  • Attest declarations
  • Administer oaths
  • Witness signatures
  • Confirm identities
  • Commission statutory declarations
  • Execute, draw, pass, attest or issue deeds and contracts, mercantile transactions and commercial instruments.

In most jurisdictions across the globe, private individuals may become a notary by applying or taking examinations. After they have been appointed to serve as a notary public, such an individual can then perform some but not every of the above-noted tasks. A lawyer does not maintain automatic power of notary public unless he or she is appointed, however, the lawyers at Diamond & Diamond Lawyer LLP have extensive experience serving in these roles.

What Does a Commissioner of Oaths in Toronto Do?

Have you recently been informed that you’ll need the services of a commissioner of oaths? If so, it’s imperative that you find someone who has broad experience serving in this field so that you know you’re in good hands. Most Toronto residents find this request on a piece of paperwork or in a legal action. It’s more than about finding someone who can handle these concerns quickly- you want a legal team that knows the most common uses for a commissioner of oath and can help you with all your legal needs in this manner.

A commissioner or commissioner of oaths can be referred to as an individual who is appointed by the nature of particular offices they hold or by their profession. A commissioner of oaths has the legal authority to:

  • Witness signatures
  • Commission and administer oaths
  • Attest affidavits and statutory declarations

Lawyers who are admitted to practice law by The Law Society have the power by virtue of their profession to witness, administer and commission oaths, statutory declarations and affidavits.

Many people who are in need of these services are often looking for someone who has extensive experience in the field and who can help them relatively quickly. At Diamond & Diamond Lawyers LLP, we provide personalized service to those individuals who need assistance with materials requiring a notary public or a commission.

Some of the most common documents that our firm can assist with include:

  • Acknowledgements
  • Real estate documents
  • Statutory declarations
  • Sworn solemn declarations
  • Affidavits
  • Immigration and passport documents

Identifying the legal team that you can trust with these critical issues to give you help immediately and to provide you a personalized focus and a detail oriented approach can be extremely important to the crafting of these materials.

Make sure you identify a legal team who has a track record of serving individuals throughout Toronto with an individualized focus and a care and concern for your unique needs. Our law firm has a broad range of experience in a number of different legal fields and brings a careful eye to the evaluation of all necessary materials.

We know that you have a choice when it comes to who reviews, drafts, and signs your legal documents. We rely on the many years of experience we have serving clients throughout Toronto to inform our process.

Dedicated Notary & Commissioner Help | Notary Services

The reason we have earned a reputation in Toronto is because of the personalized service Diamond & Diamond brings to the table with each legal issue and client. We know that it can be unnerving to manage a legal concern. It can also be confusing to figure out the necessary steps for filling out paperwork requiring either a Toronto notary or commissioner. We can help you more fully understand your rights and responsibilities when you find yourself in this situation so that you can approach the issue with a more comprehensive overview of your duties.

At Diamond & Diamond, you know you can trust the years of experience presented by our Toronto notary & commissioner lawyers. For more information, call us today at 1-888-INFO LAW or 1-888-463-6529 or contact us here.

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