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Personal injury law allows injured individuals to file a civil lawsuit in court and get legal claims for all losses due to the accident or other injuries. It will enable the injured person to be financially compensated after they’ve suffered from another person’s intentional or negligent action. Lawyers may focus on different areas, making it difficult for victims to find the right lawyer to represent them for a particular kind of case.

Personal injury law also protects individuals from injuries that may result from another person’s or party’s intentional act, malpractice, or negligence. It may include:

  • A person’s property (vehicle or home) damaged by another person’s car
  • A child injured due to an insufficiently designed car seat
  • An injured driver and/ or passenger/s due to another’s failure to obey the traffic law and signs

Understanding Personal Injury Cases in Cobourg

There are different situations where personal injury law is helpful:


Personal injury law is helpful in situations where someone acts recklessly and negligently, harming another person. Examples may include medical malpractice, slip and fall accidents, car accidents, and other kinds of cases. It would help if you consulted a personal injury lawyer in Cobourg for more.

Intentional Acts

Personal injury law is helpful in situations where a defendant’s conduct harms another person. Examples of this may include battery, assault, and other forms of intentional acts.

Defective Products

Individuals harmed by using defective products can also file a product liability claim against the manufacturer. It may include pharmaceutical or medical devices, consumer products, vehicle components and parts, and other unreasonably dangerous and defective products.


Personal injury law applies when one person’s defamatory statement harms another individual.

Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

You have the civil right to seek legal compensation from the responsible party if you get injured due to their negligence. There are different classifications of personal injury cases, ranging from defective products to dog bites. Here’s a list of the cases that a Cobourg lawyer can help you with:

Car and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor accidents are one of the causes of personal injury cases. Typically, it occurs when a driver is not following the law or neglecting the proper precautions while driving a motor vehicle. If you or a relative gets hurt because of a negligent driver, you can talk to a lawyer to hold that person legally and financially responsible.

Slip and Falls

Establishments should make their premises safe and secure to avoid slip and fall accidents. If they can’t do that and you get injured due to a hazard they neglected or caused, you can file a compensation claim.

Brain Injury

Brain injuries may refer to one of the most overwhelming and catastrophic injuries you can get from a work-related accident, motorcycle accident, and car accident. In addition, the damaging aspects of this injury can be challenging because it’s difficult to find a doctor to diagnose a brain injury.

Work-Related Injuries

When someone suffers from work-related injuries, they can’t file a claim against their employer. Instead, they can file a claim under the Workers’ Compensation Act. It requires employers to provide benefits to an injured worker, including a lump-sum payment and medical treatment. Both will compensate for their injuries. Each state has its workers’ compensation guidelines with different restrictions. Talk to a lawyer.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful deaths refer to deaths that occur due to another individual’s intentional or negligent action. Then, a child, surviving spouse, or another relative file for a personal injury claim to be beneficiaries of the deceased’s estate. Wrongful death also allows you to file a claim for damages different from those available when an individual suffers from non-fatal injuries.

Animal and Dog Bites

Dog owners are financially liable for bites and other injuries caused by their pets. However, the law differs from state to state. Often, the state may have imposed a strict liability rule where the owner is responsible for dog bite damages even if their pets have never shown a propensity to bite and aggression. In other states, a “one bite” rule exists where owners only become responsible for personal injury damage once there’s a sign their pets are prone to biting and aggression.

Long-Term Disability

Your emotional anguish and physical pain associated with a long-term disability are some of the most crucial factors to consider. Unfortunately, the disability itself isn’t the only thing that the victim has to consider. It could mean that they can’t work for a while or the rest of their life.

Birth Injuries

Birth injuries may lead to fetal distress, breech delivery, and delayed cesarean sections. Medical practitioners could have avoided these with the right medical care. Proper planning and monitoring can help minimize the risks of birth injuries, but if it has already occurred and negatively affected your child, you can file a lawsuit. Injuries to the brain cells from the lack of oxygen, torn facial nerves from forceps, brain swelling, Erb’s palsy, cerebral palsy, collar bone fractures, bleeding in the brain, seizures, stillbirths, mental retardation, skull fractures, and Autism are some of the expected results of birth injuries.


Types of Damages in a Personal Injury Claim

If you’ve suffered from property damage, an injury, or other kinds of loss, you can file for compensation from the parties who contributed or caused these losses. Lawyers call these “damages.” It’s also classified into punitive and compensatory damages.

Compensatory damages have a broad scope, but they’re broken down into special or general damages. It seeks to compensate or reimburse an injured party for the losses that they have suffered. It’s also applicable in all injury cases, including slip and fall claims, medical malpractice, or auto accidents. It can also be helpful in wrongful death claims, but the damages available in these cases aren’t found elsewhere. Hence, they’re often unique.

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of compensation available to a plaintiff.

Special Compensatory Damages

Special damages compensate for monetary expenses incurred due to an injury. Often, they’re unique to the victim and significantly differ from one party to another. You can file for special damages to compensate for lost income or medical expenses due to the accident that caused your injury.

It can also cover any loss or expense related to your injury. It doesn’t limit the amount an injured party can claim or the kind of claims you can make. You can claim for:

  • Costs associated with altered plans or canceled trips
  • Household expenses
  • Costs of future medical care
  • Medical bills
  • Loss of future earnings, and
  • Loss of earnings

General Compensatory Damages

General damages pay the injured party for non-monetary damages incurred due to an injury. Lawyers call them general damages because they address the suffering due to an injury. You’re expected to have at least some general damages, including:

  • Loss of companionship or consortium
  • Mental distress
  • Pain and suffering

Punitive damages are only helpful in a few cases. It does not apply to the kind of injury you got but helps punish the responsible party for certain types of negligent and reckless behavior. Both punitive and compensatory damages are helpful to the plaintiff or injured party.

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FAQs About Personal Injury Lawyer in Cobourg

How long do personal injury claims last?

Most cases will take a year to five years. Often, the length of your claim differs based on the insurance company’s willingness to be reasonable, your patience to wait for a better outcome, the court schedule, the number of damages, and the complexity of your case.

What are the usual documents that I can use as evidence for my claim?

You need to preserve, collect, and identify evidence to best prepare for your claim. It may include:

  • Physical Evidence

It can include a lot of items, depending on your claim. For example, bloodied or torn clothes can support your injury. Insurance documents and receipts are also substantial evidence. Add the receipts to the evidence collection if you had to buy a ramp, a wheelchair, or crutches to help you move after your injury.

  • Photographs

Photographs are essential in documenting the accident scene and your injuries. Most mobile phones have digital cameras that you can use to gather evidence. When taking photos, keep these tricks in mind:

  • Return to the scene at around the same time as your accident to replicate the surrounding conditions.
  • Make sure the date and time are on the printed photos or digital file.
  • Take videos where applicable.
  • Take several photos from different locations and angles.
  • Take photos of your injuries and the accident scene.

  • Personal Narrative

Take note of everything you remember about the incident. Use your words, and don’t leave anything out. Your descriptions of the injury can help your attorney determine what the exact circumstances are. It can also help you recall details at a later time.

  • Witness Statements

You should make a list of witnesses and get their contact information so that your attorney can talk to them about what happened. When you return to the scene, look for people who saw or could have witnessed everything. Others may also know of similar accidents that have occurred before yours. Get their information for safekeeping.

  • Medical Records

Medical records document your discharge instructions, laboratory results, diagnosis reports, receipts, and bills. You and your attorney have the right to access and obtain copies of your medical records. Make sure to ask for a copy immediately and add them to your evidence collection.

  • Police Reports

Not all personal injury cases would have been recorded in police reports. If applicable, they’re an essential piece of evidence that can help build your case. It may often be inadmissible in court, but they’re helpful in settlement negotiations. You can ask for a copy of a police report by calling the local police department.

Do I need a lawyer when pursuing my personal injury case?

You’re not required by law to hire a lawyer for your personal injury claim. If you want to, you can do the paperwork and represent yourself in court. Most victims attempt to handle the claims themselves, with varying success. However, you’d still have to use your energy and time to learn the basics of the justice system. You’ll always face the risk of making a mistake that will end your claim without getting any compensation. While you can go through your claim without a lawyer, hiring one always leads to better terms and settlement negotiations, among other benefits.

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