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Toronto Professional Regulations Lawyers

At Diamond & Diamond, we represent professionals in front of disciplinary tribunals and governing bodies when an allegation has been raised against them. Although we are able to represent all professionals, our law firm has extensive experience and particular interest in representing attorneys, pharmacists, engineers and dentists.

Full-Service Representation for Those Facing Professional Reputation Claims

From the initial complaint all the way through the investigation stage of the case and through a contested hearing in front of the disciplinary tribunal, we understand how to navigate the system and protect your overall rights.

When your professional reputation and licence are on the line, it is essential to have a team of experienced and skilled lawyers to minimize the damage, ensure that you can continue to earn a living, and move on from this unfortunate incident with your reputation intact.

Our law firm regularly assists with defense on regulatory matters before multiple professional bodies in Ontario, including the Law Society of Ontario, the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, the Real Estate Council of Ontario, the College of Nurses of Ontario and the Ontario College of Pharmacists.

A Comprehensive Understanding of All Professional Reputation and Licensing Issues

Each professional disciplinary body has specific procedures that they must follow when a complaint or allegation has been lodged against a professional. In addition to the damage to your character and professional reputation, your ability to continue practicing in the field is on the line when a charge has been levied against you.

When you work with a lawyer to understand how these cases and issues affect one another, you’ll feel better about how you choose to proceed. An experienced lawyer can make a world of difference in empowering you to feel confident about your professional licensing or accreditation issues.

The details and deadlines of your professional licensing body are important to comply with, and when you engage a lawyer as soon as you have been accused, you greatly increase your chances of protecting your career and your reputation. Your lawyer will look for all opportunities to avoid further consequences and escalation of the allegations against you. A prompt response can reduce the risk of losing your ability to practice in your chosen field as well as other associated repercussions.

You must also understand any applicable criminal consequences that might apply in addition to the professional regulations that could impede your ability to earn a living. We take your case very seriously from the moment that you contact us and you know that you are in good hands. We have a strong background and reputation in the area for pre-trial resolution and litigation and our efforts in this manner including litigation often resolve proceedings without any sanctions for the regulatory body or formal disciplinary action. We have successfully defended people from many different walks of life and in various professions including lawyers, dentists, paralegals, nurses, real estate agents and pharmacists.


Who investigates a professional’s misconduct?

For every profession there are different agencies that will investigate misconduct linked to the professional in question. Some examples of agencies are CPA (Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada), CACB (Canadian Architectural Certification Board), Alberta Dental Association and College, etc.

Can a regulation agency suspend my license if I am convicted of a crime?

This depends on the nature of the crime. A professional regulation agency can suspend or revoke your license if the crime you are convicted of is directly linked to your profession. For example, you are practicing your profession, and you injured your client. If the client sues you and you get convicted, then your profession’s regulation agency can suspend or revoke your license.

What crimes can get my license suspended or revoked?

Some of the crimes that may be a cause for your license suspension include professional misconduct and negligence, billing and payment, fraud allegations, and sexual allegations. These are also crimes that are considered in one regulating agency and not for the others. Basically, the crime to be considered still depends on your profession.

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