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When you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Toronto and someone else’s negligence or recklessness was the cause of your injuries, you have the right to file a motorcycle accident claim. This is true whether or not you were in a vehicle and injured by a negligent motorcycle rider, or whether you were the motorcycle rider who was struck or otherwise involved in an accident because a car driver was not paying attention, was under the influence, or otherwise reckless.

If the victims pays the price in a Toronto motorcycle accident, the law allows him or her to file an insurance claim and potentially a legal claim.

File a Motorcycle Accident Legal Claim

Now While any motor vehicle accident has the potential to lead to serious injuries, motorcyclists face a much higher risk of being critically injured or killed in a crash. Unfortunately, across Ontario, motorcyclists account for a disproportionate amount of catastrophic injuries sustained on roads and highways throughout the region.

This means that anyone who is injured in a motorcycle crash is much more likely to suffer from extensive pain and suffering issues, and higher medical costs than a person injured in a car accident. That is why our motorcycle accident lawyers in Toronto work so hard on behalf of the clients who have sustained these life changing injuries. Hiring a personal injury lawyer from Diamond & Diamond is crucial for motorcycle accident victims who need to fight for their rights and the compensation the need to cover their loss of income, medical bills, and other expenses. The right Toronto motorcycle accident lawyers are essential for success.

If you have recently been injured in a motorcycle accident, our Toronto motorcycle accident lawyers will start by evaluating your claim. One of the biggest reasons why you need to consult with an experienced injury law firm is because you may not be aware of your rights, and critical mistakes made early in the process could cost you your ability to recover compensation.

For example, waiting too long and allowing your case to fall outside the statute of limitations could bar you from ever filing a claim. This is why hiring a personal injury lawyer from Diamond & Diamond will help you to review your claim immediately after it happens. Furthermore, a victim in a motorcycle accident has many different things to worry about. Struggling to get through the day without pain, taking extensive medications, and considering other treatment options like physical therapy or surgery, and not being able to return to work are just a few of the ways that a typical Toronto motorcycle accident impacts a victim.

You Don’t Pay Unless We Win

Our Motorcycle injury lawyers work on a no-fee basis, meaning that we only recover fees in your case if we are successful with recovering the compensation you need to move on with your life. With so many different things to worry about in the wake of an accident, you cannot afford to wait to file a claim.

Scheduling a consultation with our Toronto motorcycle accident lawyers does not obligate you to file a legal claim, but it can give you an overview of what to expect should you choose to move forward with legal action.

Some of the most common types of accidents associated with motorcyclists across Toronto include drunk driving, distracted driving, reckless driving, aggressive driving, and drowsy driving. No matter what type of accident you have been in, knowing your rights and being able to share your concerns and relevant evidence with Toronto motorcycle accident lawyers can make a difference on the outcome of your case.

Did you know that speeding contributes to 25.3% of fatal motor vehicle accidents?

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Award Winning Motorcycle Injury Lawyers Who Care

Scheduling a consultation now while the details of the incident are still fresh in your mind can go a long way towards giving your attorney, your Toronto motorcycle accident attorney, the opportunity to review your information and start preparing a claim. No one expects to find themselves involved in a serious accident, but unfortunately, motorcyclists across Toronto experience this on a regular basis. If someone was not paying attention and caused you to sustain serious injuries or has even affected your ability to continue working as an employee, you need to have your case evaluated by someone who cares. Our personal injury lawyers have a track record of representing motorcyclists across Toronto when serious accidents impair their ability to get through the day without severe pain.

Trusted Help After an Accident

If you or someone you know has recently been injured in an accident like this, you cannot afford to wait to get help from an injury attorney. We have representation across Ontario, including: Toronto, Barrie, Sault Ste. Marie, Hamilton, London, Sudbury, Orangeville, Ottawa, Timmins, Mississauga, Kitchener, Peterborough, Thunder Bay and Windsor.  Our Toronto motorcycle accident lawyers care about your injuries.

It is not difficult to see why motorcycle accidents can often lead to catastrophic injuries for victims since the majority of motorcycles lack standard safety features associated with automobiles like seat belts and airbags. Motorcyclists are inherently exposed to greater dangers than car drivers. The helmet may be the only type of safety gear that can help prevent catastrophic injuries.

Furthermore, since motorcycles are much smaller than the majority of cars on the road, it can be more difficult for driver’s to see them. When another driver is at fault, however, the motorcyclist may have a substantial personal injury claim that should be handled by a knowledgeable Toronto personal injury lawyer.

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Important Things to Keep in Mind in the Event of a Motorcycle accident

It is not hard to see why motorcycle accidents often lead to serious injuries for victims. Because most motorcycles lack the standard safety features of automobiles, such as airbags and seatbelts, motorcyclists tend to be far more exposed to potential dangers than car drivers. In many cases, the only thing standing between a motorcyclist and a catastrophic injury is his helmet. Furthermore, motorcycles are much smaller than most cars on the road, meaning that other drivers are more likely to fail to notice a nearby motorcycle. This issue of visibility often comes up in accidents involving cars that have changed lanes or have turned into a motorcycle’s path without properly checking any blind spots beforehand.

Contrary to popular belief, most motorcycle accidents are not caused by the behaviour of the motorcyclist, but by the other driver. Because motorcycles differ substantially from cars in their ability to brake, accelerate, or maneuver quickly, a negligent car driver presents a potentially fatal threat to motorcyclists on Ontario’s roads. A vehicle that turns into the path of a motorcycle or cuts off a motorcycle gives that motorcyclist very little time to react. While these situations may only lead to a minor fender bender accident if only two cars were involved, when a motorcycle is involved then the potential for serious injuries increases substantially.

While all Ontario drivers are required to carry auto insurance that includes no-fault accident benefits, obtaining these benefits is not always easy. Many insurance companies are notorious in trying to withhold payouts by arguing that the injuries suffered are less severe than claimed by the driver or by trying to underestimate the cost of expenses. The best way to make sure an insurance company pays out on a claim is by hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer who understands the tactics many insurance companies use. Furthermore, other issues of liability may also be at stake. If the other driver is at fault, then the injured motorcyclist has a right to seek further compensation from that driver. Finally, liability claims are not limited to those who were present at the crash site. The motorcycle and helmet manufacturers could also be held liable for compensating the victim if a defect is discovered in their products. Helmets, for example, can often be compromised during the manufacturing process if the latches and straps are not properly fitted. Because motorcyclists rely so heavily on their helmets to keep them safe, these seemingly small defects could end up having catastrophic results during an accident.

FAQ Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Toronto

Do I need a lawyer if I have been in a motorcycle accident?

It’s a good idea to consult with a personal injury attorney after any type of vehicle accident to ensure that you are not facing any liabilities and that you are being properly compensated for the accident.

How much will it cost to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer?

Many personal injury attorneys work on a commission based fee structure where they collect a percentage of the judgement or settlement as payment, allowing the client to pay nothing out of pocket.

How long will my motorcycle accident case take to be resolved?

Although some cases can take extended periods, most motorcycle accident cases are wrapped up quickly within 30 to 90 days.

Need a Lawyer?

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