• Tuesday, 12 March 2024
How To Identify and Protect Yourself From Ponzi Schemes
Ponzi schemes and other types of fraud have become more prevalent in recent years. According to recent statistics, fraud has emerged as the most common crime in Canada, impacting at least 2.5 million people in 2019 alone. The number highlights the importance of raising awareness and implementing protective measures against these schemes.  Understanding the mechanics…
  • Tuesday, 12 March 2024
Your Legal Rights in Investment Fraud Cases
The landscape of investment opportunities is expanding rapidly. This growth brings with it an increased risk of encountering fraudulent schemes.  Investment fraud is a pervasive issue that promises high returns with little to no risk. However, it ultimately leads to significant financial loss and emotional distress. Its impact on individuals includes the loss of life…
  • Tuesday, 12 March 2024
The Most Common Crypto Fraud Schemes and How To Deal With Them
Since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009, crypto has seen a steady rise in following. It has expanded from a niche asset class to the mainstream, with multiple global exchanges and DeFi protocols carrying billions within their platforms. This includes holdings within hot wallets or as TVL (Total Value Locked) within DeFi. Moreover, with the successful debut…
  • Tuesday, 12 March 2024
Construction Fraud in Canada: Signs, Prevention, & Legal Actions
Construction fraud impacts individuals and businesses within the industry. It encompasses various deceptive practices, from billing for unperformed work to using substandard materials, significantly affecting construction projects’ financial and structural integrity.  Annually, more than $4.7 trillion is lost worldwide to occupational fraud, highlighting the immense scale of the problem across all sectors, including construction. Specifically,…
  • Tuesday, 12 March 2024
Understanding Credit Card Phishing and How To Stay Safe
Fewer and fewer people transact with cash nowadays. Most use an online payment app, debit card, or credit card. The increased use of credit cards online and offline comes with higher incidents of credit card fraud in Canada. According to a 2023 study, about a quarter (21 percent) of Canadians have been victims of credit…
  • Tuesday, 12 March 2024
Mortgage Fraud in Canada: Legal Implications and Remedies
Fraudulent activities have long been a significant challenge in Canada’s mortgage sector. Moreover, virtual solutions in real estate processes have made it easier to happen. Due to the amount of information in the cloud, fraudsters can easily access data.  Similarly, the challenging mortgage market and ongoing economic headwinds contribute to the rise in mortgage fraud.…
  • Tuesday, 05 March 2024
Legal Remedies for Victims of Real Estate Fraud in Canada
Owning a property is a significant part of the Canadian dream. Sadly, fraud cases have increased as real estate values surged over the past five years, especially in Canada’s major cities.  For instance, criminals may impersonate homeowners to sell their properties and keep the proceeds they unlawfully obtained. In 2023, mortgage and title fraudsters, posing…
  • Tuesday, 05 March 2024
A Quick Guide to Fraud Over $5,000 Cases in Canada
Fraud is a serious crime involving the deception of individuals into giving up their money or property through misrepresentation or outright lies. It can include phone scams targeting older Canadians or fraudulent investment schemes that trick people out of their life savings. Suppose you are facing fraud over $5,000 charges. It is crucial to have…
  • Monday, 29 January 2024
Maximizing Bank Mortgage Loans in Real Estate Transactions
Canada’s average new mortgage loan size dropped to $338,522 in 2023, down by 8.16 percent from the second quarter of 2022, says Statista. This numerical dynamic of mortgage loans is central to decisions related to real estate transactions, but it’s only one of the many aspects you should know, including legal frameworks. Whether you’re an…
  • Wednesday, 03 January 2024
Slip and Fall Season is Among Us: How to Protect Yourself, and Limit Your Personal Liability
As winter unfolds, blanketing our surroundings in frost and creating slippery conditions, the heightened potential for slip and fall accidents becomes a significant concern. Icy sidewalks, snow-covered paths, and slick floors pose risks for pedestrians, while property owners grapple with the challenge of minimizing liability.   Self-Protection Tips:   Footwear: Whether you’re a seasoned winter…

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