Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Huntsville

Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Huntsville

Huntsville is the biggest town in Ontario’s Muskoka Region. It is a popular destination for tourists, which offers easy access to the Algonquin Provincial Park and the many lakes that are located in the hills near the town.

Most of the time people have a great time enjoying what the area has to offer. But, inevitably, a few of them have accidents and suffer some sort of injury. As do people who live in Huntsville permanently.

If that does happen it is usually possible to secure compensation for your injuries. Money that can be used to help you to get better faster and recover financially.

The only problem is that the claims process can prove to be tricky and complicated. This is why you need apersonal injury lawyer by your side.

You get better results when you find a personal injury lawyer who can guide you through the claims process in the town of Huntsville.

Advantages of Getting a Personal Injury Lawyer

It is always a good idea to seek expert legal advice when you’re dealing with any of the following scenarios:

Of course, you need to hire the right personal injury lawyer for the job. One that has plenty of experience of dealing with your kind of claim. Someone you can trust and easily communicate with.

When you find the right person:

  • You can take advantage of their connections to find you expert witnesses to build a stronger case with
  • You get help in collecting evidence to back your personal injury claim
  • You can let them use their knowledge of the local law enforcement and justice processes to ensure your case progresses as fast as possible
  • You will have somebody who will handle the paperwork and submit the relevant forms to ensure that the claims process moves forward smoothly
  • Have someone who will represent you in dealing with insurance companies

We pride ourselves on doing all of the above and more for our clients. To find out more about how we can help you to fight your personal injury case, just click here and read our helpful guide.

Criteria for Picking the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

However, as you said above you do need to make sure that you hire the right lawyer for the job. Here are some of the things you should think about before contracting someone to fight your case:

  • The right type of experience – this is at the top of the list for a reason. It is vital that you hire an injury lawyer that has plenty of experience. Ideally, you want someone who handles injury claims every week. Lawyers who do that are not only familiar with the relevant laws, they also know how those rules are interpreted and applied in practice. They are fully aware of the tricks insurance companies get up to when trying to avoid paying out a lot of money. Armed with this in-depth knowledge they can navigate a way through all of that and secure you a good deal.
  • Credentials – before hiring any type of lawyer you should always double-check their credentials. You need to hire a lawyer that is a member of Ontario’s Law Society of Upper Canada.
  • Easy to communicate with– personal injury cases tend to take a while to resolve. It is just the way the system works. Therefore, the relationship you are going to have with your lawyer is likely to be a fairly long one. So, you need to hire someone that you feel comfortable with. A lawyer that explains things in terms that you understand, is a good listener and answers your questions in full.
  • A lawyer that has a strong team behind them – even the simplest injury compensation case requires a lot of time and effort to resolve satisfactorily. So, it is important to hire someone who has a strong team behind them. Make sure there is another lawyer available to step in should yours fall ill and that they have good support personnel, such as legal assistants, working alongside them.

When you first talk to a lawyer ask them about all of the above and be sure to discuss the following with him or her:

  • Their legal expertise – ask for examples of recent cases they have worked on so you can make sure their experience is relevant and get an idea of the kinds of outcomes they have secured in the past.
  • What your options are– you need to understand who you could sue for compensation and things like whether you should bring your case immediately or wait longer so the extent of your injuries is fully known. A decent personal injury lawyer will lay all of the options our for you.
  • Possible outcomes – when deciding which approach to take it is important to understand and consider what the possible outcomes are for each option. Effective personal injury lawyers have the experience to be able to work out what is likely to happen in each situation and explain things to you in terms that are easy to understand.

Know your rights if you get hurt in Huntsville. Consult with a personal injury lawyer from Diamond & Diamond Law today.

Why Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer from Diamond & Diamond

We are based in Ontario and are familiar with local claims and court processes, including those of Huntsville

We have extensive experience, especially when it comes to taking on personal injury cases in Canada

We will work under contingency, so you only have to pay us if we recover money for your case

We will come to you, even if you’re at home or in the hospital

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 “Personal injury cases can take time to be resolved, so make sure your personal injury lawyer can easily be reached for updates.”

FAQs on Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Huntsville

I’m not sure who is at fault for my injury, should I still get a personal injury lawyer?

Even if you are not sure who is at fault, you can still consult a personal injury lawyer. They will be able to use their experience to quickly assess the situation and advice you about what to do next. It is not uncommon for people not to be 100% certain about what happened during an accident. So, do not worry too much. Usually, the physical evidence will make it clear what happened and who is to blame.

How soon should I call a personal injury lawyer after my accident?

It is best to call a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. They will be able to quickly assess your situation and advice you about how to proceed. Including how to gather and preserve evidence that may help your case. They will also advise you about who you are obliged to talk to and how to make sure that you do not inadvertently end up taking the blame when you should not be doing so.

Can a personal injury lawyer help when it comes to getting the proper medical treatment for my injury?

If you need treatment you should seek medical help immediately. At a later stage, once your emergency medical care needs have been attended to, your injury lawyer may be able to help you to get good ongoing medical care. They build up strong connections with healthcare providers in an area. So, will be able to direct you towards those who are likely to offer the treatment you need. Plus, of course, you will be able to use some of the compensation you receive with their help to pay for ongoing medical support.

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Our client was involved in a head on collision that broke both of her legs. Our car accident lawyers obtained a $1.25 million settlement from the insurance company.


$1.3 Million

Neck Fracture

A 21-year-old male was injured as a passenger in a motor vehicle accident. As a result he received a fractured neck. Our accident lawyers were able to settle the case prior to trial for $1.3 million.


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