Toronto Civil and Commercial Litigation Lawyers
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Toronto Civil and Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Toronto Civil and Commercial Litigation Lawyers

At Diamond & Diamond, we rely on our track record of extensive experience, helping clients with civil and commercial litigation. Whether you want to sue someone else or are already being sued, our experienced litigators at Diamond & Diamond can help.

Getting Help Immediately to Prevent or Respond to Disputes

It may make the difference in your success as far as how soon you can retain an experienced legal team.

Understanding Commercial and Civil Litigation

Civil and commercial litigation refers to any legal dispute that is happening between two or more parties whether businesses or individuals. Some of the most common issues include mortgage enforcement, debt collection, shareholder and partnership disputes, contract disputes, construction disputes, real estate litigation, defamation and professional negligence.

civil lawyers ontarioThe overall approach of our experienced Toronto civil and corporate commercial litigation lawyers at Diamond & Diamond is to resolve these matters quickly and cost effectively using an approach tailored to the litigation, business and personal needs of the client. We pride ourselves on taking a practical and holistic approach to litigation by getting to know our clients and understanding their needs, which often go above and beyond the legal issue in dispute.

We are also prepared to litigate your case where necessary. Our team relies on significant courtroom and trial experience and our senior litigator has more than 25 years of navigating complex cases in a courtroom. We also have extensive experience in preventing litigation, when we are retained early on in a dispute.

civil litigation lawyers If you believe that a dispute is just unfolding, it can be a big mistake to assume you can correct it on your own. When brought in to your case sooner rather than later, we can help you take control of the situation as opposed to simply responding to a dispute that has already started.

Our strategy is developed not just on the relevant laws, but also on a number of other factors that affect the client. We also make every effort to inform our clients about what they can anticipate in terms of working with us. We do not use the traditional method of hourly billing that many law firms in Toronto use. This method of billing is often confusing for the client in addition to seeming unfair, uncertain or expensive.

Case Study


2667010 Ontario Limited v. Sadozai Investment Group

Court File No:



This matter arose from a contentious partnership disagreement in the real estate sector. The partners created a corporation in order to operate a real estate brokerage. They executed some documents, but did not execute a shareholders agreement. The brokerage began to operate with each director bearing equal expenses and all assets split 50/50. A few months into the operation of the brokerage, each partner was dissatisfied with the way the brokerage was run. They decided to go their separate ways. One partner decided that he was not happy with the 50/50 split and asserted that he was owed more because he brought in more business.


After lengthy litigation that included an injunction and an interim motion, the Court heard the Application and decided that absent any evidence of an agreement to the contrary, each director was entitled to 50 per cent of the assets of the corporation upon dissolution. The Respondent was successful.

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Fee Structure

Our flat block fee or flat fee options are provided to our clients at every stage of a legal proceeding. In other instances, including allegations of professional negligence, we consider offering a contingency fee arrangement. In all of these situations, you’ll understand what to expect and how to best proceed to protect your underlying best interests. Unfortunately, commercial and cooperate litigation issues can unfold very quickly and can present a broad range of problems for every party involved in the dispute.

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When you retain legal representation as soon as possible, you will not only have the best possible chance of resolving these issues outside of court, but it is also helpful to have the services of a law firm that is experienced and comfortable litigating in the courtroom, should that become necessary. Schedule a consultation with the experienced corporate litigators at Diamond & Diamond today if you have an legal dispute anywhere in Ontario.

FAQ Toronto Civil and Commercial Litigation Lawyers

What do civil litigation lawyers do?

Civil litigation lawyers typically represent their clients in trials, arbitrations, hearings, and mediations. They handled cases that usually involve mortgage enforcement, debt collection, shareholder and partnership disputes, contract disputes, construction disputes, real estate litigation, defamation, and professional negligence. At Diamond & Diamond Law, our approach is to resolve these cases quickly and cost-effectively using a method tailored to our clients’ business or personal needs.

What are the three most common types of civil cases?

The three most common types of civil cases are contract disputes, torts, and class action cases. Others that are also considered typical include property disputes or complaints against a city or municipality. Some lawyers may specialize in a specific type of civil case or possess expertise in civil cases in general.

How long does a civil lawsuit take in Ontario?

Barring any settlement, a civil lawsuit in Ontario could take anywhere between one to two years. It bears noting that it is often hard to estimate how long a civil suit could take because there are so many variables to be considered in any given case. Still, some experienced lawyers can provide you a rough estimate based on previous similar cases they’ve handled before.

What is the difference between a criminal and civil trial?

In civil cases, most other disputes are resolved through some sort of recovery. A criminal case is filed by the government and is led by a prosecuting lawyer. Also, a civil case is filed by a private party, typically an individual or corporation, against another individual or corporation.

Is mediation covered under litigation law?

In some cases, yes. Two parties decide to settle things out of court, but the court must still approve the decisions and record them legally. Usually, a third party acts as mediator – such as a lawyer or certified mediator.

What is defamation?

Defamation occurs when something is said or written about someone which is untrue and damages their reputation. In certain cases, it may be possible to bring legal action against those responsible for defamatory statements or comments.

Free Consultation

Free consults and contingency fee arrangements apply to all personal injury cases only and to select wrongful dismissal cases, but do not apply to other types of commercial and civil litigation.

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