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Corporate Lawyers in Toronto

The real world entrepreneurial experience and insight provided by the team at Diamond & Diamond Lawyers LLP gives you the peace of mind that someone is working hard on your behalf, when you establish or are in the trenches of managing the day to day business.

A comprehensive view of potential legal exposure is necessary to identify whether or not your venture is viable over the long term.

Identifying a lawyer who can handle these important legal issues as soon as possible with a tough yet practical approach to your representation is important.

There are many different risks associated with owning a business. Having a legal team that has extensive experience in corporate law and who is dedicated to exploring risk mitigation strategies can help your corporation or small business minimize the potential for legal claims and maximize your business potential.

The knowledgeable corporate law team at Diamond & Diamond Lawyers LLP can help protect and build your intellectual property, support your overall business strategy, and provide practical legal advice to a variety of corporate issues.

Finding the Right Toronto Team for Corporate Law

You need a legal team that knows how to represent startups, corporations and small businesses in a broad range of legal matters. We have experience in representing companies and professionals in areas of trademarks, copyrights, incorporations, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, construction law, real estate developments and planning, real estate investments and information technology.

There are a number of core business interests that should be reviewed by a knowledgeable corporate lawyer in Toronto including the raising of capital, commercial mortgages, and commercialization, protection of assets and goodwill.

Case Study


2667010 Ontario Limited v. Sadozai Investment Group

Court File No:



This matter arose from a contentious partnership disagreement in the real estate sector. The partners created a corporation in order to operate a real estate brokerage. They executed some documents, but did not execute a shareholders agreement. The brokerage began to operate with each director bearing equal expenses and all assets split 50/50. A few months into the operation of the brokerage, each partner was dissatisfied with the way the brokerage was run. They decided to go their separate ways. One partner decided that he was not happy with the 50/50 split and asserted that he was owed more because he brought in more business.


After lengthy litigation that included an injunction and an interim motion, the Court heard the Application and decided that absent any evidence of an agreement to the contrary, each director was entitled to 50 per cent of the assets of the corporation upon dissolution. The Respondent was successful.

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Business Formation and Structuring Knowledge from the Outset

As soon as you decide start a business in Toronto, you need the legal advice provided by an experienced legal team that can guide from the outset. Our business lawyers in Toronto help you to determine the right business structure for the purpose of your organization, as well as any relevant divisions and how these affect your liability, financial matters, efficiency, and tax concerns.

One such aspect of forming a new business may also involve owner agreements. These are clear legal documents that help to articulate various people’s roles in the organization.

Whether you are carrying on business as a corporation or a partnership, you should consider a shareholder’s or partnership agreement to handle possible issues now and in the future, including transfer of ownership interests, financing requirements, voting and management rights.

Business Purchase and Sale Help

When deciding to sell or purchase a business, legal advice should be provided by an experienced Toronto corporate law team, including understanding of issues such as:

  • Negotiating offers and letters of intent.
  • Reporting and providing appropriate legal opinions.
  • Preparing all the necessary documents, bylaws and resolutions.
  • Helping in Due diligence in evaluating whether potential deals make the most sense for your company.
  • Structuring the transaction, whether it is shares or assets.
  • Closing the deal efficiently ensuring that you get what you bargained for.

Some other corporations may also benefit from more sustained attention, giving you a more comprehensive legal presence within your management team so that you can identify problems quickly and come up with solutions to address them. There are many different corporate matters that can be addressed by the legal team at Diamond & Diamond Lawyers LLP because we offer a variety of services in many areas of law, your corporation can benefit from our various experts in different fields. Having a law firm like Diamond and Diamond will cover you for all aspects of your legal needs without having to shop around for different opinions.

The team has extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes to figure out opportunities to mitigate risk and enhanced profits and legal protection.

These include planning acquisition strategies, cash incentive and equity agreements, distribution, , corporate restructurings, business formation, director and officer’s liability, board and committees’ structures and procedures, customer and outsourcing agreements, corporate record maintenance, director’s and officer’s insurance, private financings, management buyouts, management succession and executive compensation, business plans and procurement bids, business contracts, regulatory compliance requirements, and shareholder relations and disputes.

You need an experienced and multi-disciplinary corporate law firm in Toronto when you are concerned about protecting your business now and well into the future. An experienced legal team can give you a great deal of insight about the best way to manage your assets and to structure the necessary agreements to give you the opportunity to make critical decisions if problems arise.

The right legal team can make a big difference on the management of your company and help you to avoid costly and extensive legal disputes down the line. You need a legal team that has a broad range of experience in the field of corporate law and who is dedicated to help and protect you for many years to come.

Contact the Corporate Law team at Diamond and Diamond by calling us at 1-888-INFO-LAW1-888-463-6529 or visit one of our location here.

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