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Do you believe that your accident was caused by another person’s reckless behavior? Was another driver texting and driving? Falling asleep behind the wheel? Or under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident?  

Or were your slip and fall injuries tied to a situation in which a property owner or manager knew about the risk but didn’t take action or should have known about the risk and failed to take the action necessary to protect you and other victims?

What if you were injured on the job? Workplace accidents are also protected under provincial laws that can empower you to file a personal injury claim in certain situations. If you were injured in the home of the National Gallery of Canada, get help today.  

Get Help from a Trusted Ottawa Professional  

The only way to be sure of your rights is to contact Diamond & Diamond Personal Injury Lawyers as soon as possible to talk about the benefits of initiating a case. Ottawa personal injury lawyers are here to help you if you or someone you love had sustained an injury in an unfortunate accident.  

personal injury lawyer ottawaWhether it was a workplace incident, a slip and fall or a motor vehicle accident, you have rights and you should not count on the insurance company or any person outside of Ottawa personal injury lawyers to walk you through the overview of your case and to inform you about your rights.  

With offices located in Ottawa and across the Ontario region, Diamond & Diamond Personal Injury Lawyers focus on slip and fall injuries, car accidents, concussions and brain injuries, wrongful death cases, dog bites and animal bites, and work related injuries.

The cost of an accident can be catastrophic once you consider the many ways you and your family have been impacted. Many accident victims don’t even realize the implications until they sit down with our Ottawa personal injury lawyers to determine the potential for a claim. Even if you’re not yet sure whether you’re going to file an injury claim, it’s a good idea to be well-informed about your options in advance. Talking things through with a law firm who understands your position can clarify key issues for you.  

A Reputation in Ottawa When You Need it Most  

Our personal injury lawyers take each case seriously and work hard to advocate for the best outcomes for our clients. Being involved in a personal injury accident can have a significant impact on your life and it may be difficult for you to imagine how you’ll even be able to move forward with the major injuries you’ve sustained.  

Trying to handle a case like this in your own increases your chances of mistakes. For example, you may not realize that you need to file a claim in a timely fashion or you may not understand the common traps that many victims fall into with the insurance companies.  

Consulting with our Ottawa personal injury lawyers at the outset of your case however, will give you a good overview of what to expect when you file a personal injury claim and can help you navigate this complex process with ease. Immediately after a personal injury accident, your primary focus should be on your own ability to recover. Many accident victims struggling with problems like spinal injuries or traumatic brain injuries or whiplash may struggle to get through even one single day without significant pain.  

The Long-Term Costs of an Accident  

Costly medical treatment, prescription medications that impact their ability to work and physical rehabilitation can all shape your life and your family’s life for many years to come.  

Recognizing this, provincial laws protect you if you’ve been injured in a workplace accident, a motor vehicle accident or a slip and fall incident. When someone else is responsible for the injuries you’ve sustained, you are eligible to file a legal claim to recover the compensation you need to move on with your life.  

ottawa personal injury lawyerOur personal injury lawyers in Ottawa have handled complex cases including legal action against the ride sharing company Uber X and the shooting on the York University campus. Furthermore, we have been advocates for mandatory helmet use for bicycle riders.  

Handling thousands of cases every single year including bus accidents, bicycle accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, ATV accidents, hit and run accidents, and more. We work day in and day out to ensure that our clients are getting the compensation they deserve.  

We are not afraid to fight for the compensation you need to put this incident behind you. We know that your focus needs to be on your recovery and your treatment and not the legal aspect of your case so we take this over to manage a comprehensive and compelling strategy to assist you with recovering maximum compensation.  

No victim should have to find themselves in the position of needing to fight so aggressively for their own rights and our Ottawa personal injury lawyers have a track record of handling thousands of cases like yours with successful results.  

Our reputation and our experience has been earned as a result of helping numerous people in situations like this so do not hesitate to take action. We offer a ‘no fee no obligation’ consultation available immediately.   



How do I find a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa?

The personal injury lawyers in our Ottawa office will be glad to help you with your claim.

What do personal injury lawyers in ottawa do?

We handle every aspect of your claim for compensation from reviewing the facts with you to achieving a negotiated settlement or an award after trial.

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We are here 24/7 to address your case. You can speak with a lawyer to request a consultation.


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$1.6 Million

Car Accident

An elderly woman was struck exiting her vehicle resulting in serious leg injuries. Our team was able to obtain a settlement for $1.6 million from the insurance companies.


$1.25 Million

Head on Collision

Our client was involved in a head on collision that broke both of her legs. Our car accident lawyers obtained a $1.25 million settlement from the insurance company.


$1.3 Million

Neck Fracture

A 21-year-old male was injured as a passenger in a motor vehicle accident. As a result he received a fractured neck. Our accident lawyers were able to settle the case prior to trial for $1.3 million.


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