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It may be small, but Guelph is a beautiful city full of well-preserved limestone buildings, museums, galleries, parks, and trails. It has a vibrant and varied culture and a reputation for being one of the best cities in Canada to live in.

But even in a city as tranquil as Guelph, accidents can still happen. Often, when you least expect them to. It is all too easy for you or one of your loved ones to be injured.

Should that happen, it’s best to have a personal injury lawyer you can consult. They understand the law and the legal system which greatly increases your chances of securing the compensation you or your family members are likely to be entitled to.

Diamond & Diamond Law’s personal injury lawyers serve the Ontario area. We also happen to be set up to represent clients in Guelph.

Guelph Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Guelph Personal Injury Cases We Handle

The Diamond & Diamond team has extensive experience when it comes to personal injury claims. Over the decades we have worked on hundreds of different cases, including injuries that occurred as a result of:

We are here to help you to sue for compensation for:

  • Birth injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Joint injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Paralysis

We also deal with wrongful death cases. It does not matter how serious your case is, we can advise you and help you to secure the compensation that you and your family need to get your life back to normal.

When Should You Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you suffered a minor injury in Guelph, it may still be wise to consult with a personal injury lawyer. You never know if your injury could turn out to be more serious than you first thought. This is particularly the case with whiplash and joint or nerve injuries, which may or may not heal completely.

If your injury is more serious, you need to prioritize seeking medical assistance first. Once it’s safe for you to do so, you can seek out a personal injury lawyer to discuss making a claim.

 However, if you can do so, it can be helpful for you to make a note of what you remember about the accident. Having notes to refer to can help your lawyer to build a strong case and reduces the chances of important evidence being inadvertently lost.

Why Hire A Lawyer For Your Guelph Personal Injury Claim

Why Hire A Lawyer For Your Guelph Personal Injury Claim

You may be tempted to try to make a claim yourself. Potentially, you can do this. But it is rarely wise to do so. Often, the claims process gets tricky, especially if it is your first time going through the process.

It is hard for someone who is not familiar with the way things work to prepare a strong case. You can easily end up missing something important and lose your case or end up with less compensation than you are entitled to. Plus, the process and preparing a personal injury claim is both time-consuming and stressful. More so if you do not really know what you are doing.

A personal injury lawyer from Diamond & Diamond will provide you with the guidance and legal assistance you need. Importantly, hey know how to handle insurance companies who often make the process more challenging.

The sooner you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to handle your case, the sooner you can focus on your recovery and get your life back on track.

If you or your loved ones get hurt in Guelph, consult with a personal injury lawyer from Diamond & Diamond immediately.

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“The insurance company may contact you after your accident, but just to make sure, always consult with a personal injury lawyer before you sign any document.”

FAQs on Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Guelph

Should I agree to provide a recorded statement to the insurance company?

It is best not to agree to provide a recorded statement to an insurance company. At least not before you have spoken to a lawyer, who can advise you about whether this is a good idea. If they believe it is, they will guide you about how to handle things so that you can explain what happened without falling into the trap of inadvertently taking the blame.

What do I do if I’m in a car wreck but I’m not a citizen of Canada?

If you are involved in a car wreck while visiting Canada, follow the country’s rules about dealing with vehicle accidents. Familiarize yourself with those rules before driving.  It is also a good idea to speak to a local lawyer after the accident. Just make sure that you do so quicky. That way you can still comply with the requirement to notify the hire car company and your travel insurance provider.

What does a waiver of liability mean?

A waiver of liability is when someone signs a document that states that should something go wrong the other person or business will not be held responsible and pursued for damages. They are often used by firms that provide people with the chance to experience potentially dangerous activities such as skiing or white-water rafting. If you have signed one and have an accident you will need the assistance of a lawyer to stand any chance of securing compensation. Even then, it can be difficult to sue successfully under those circumstances.

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