Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Cornwall

Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Cornwall

Whether by forces of humans or nature, some incidents can create an ambiance of fear and clamor. More often than not, it compels people to face the terror of damages and even death. Personal injuries affect a person’s physiological, emotional, and psychological aspects. The scratches, burns, and bruises on the body are some visible examples of injuries. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and hallucinations can also take place. 

Accidents, scuffles, and batteries are the usual content of news programs. But, it is so common that sometimes it no longer agitates you. Apparently, some victims do not file charges simply because they don’t know what to do. In fact, they get overwhelmed with the legal processes and the uncertain future. 

Personal injury covers a broad range of incidents. But it’s more appropriately used to refer to a lawyer or lawsuit. With that in mind, this article will help you better understand personal injury. It will also include the job of a personal injury attorney and the cases he handles. Also, it will give you tips to figure out when you should seek assistance from an injury attorney. 

What Constitutes A Personal Injury in Cornwall?

Personal injury vastly differs from an injury to property. It refers to the legal term for physical, emotional, and psychological injuries. These injuries arise from intentional or reckless behavior covered by strict liability. Personal injury laws apply to any injury caused by a person or entity to another person. The following are some instances subject to personal injury laws. 

Intentional Injurious Acts

These are harmful acts done on purpose without any justification. It often includes aggression or violence. It includes punching the face of another person or pushing someone down the stairs. Trespass to land and causing emotional distress are also included.

Defective Products

It involves dangerous products. These products were manufactured improperly or had defects. A personal injury lawyer in Cornwall will investigate the operations or manufacturing process. Product specifications will also be checked. In this case, the law does not need wrongful behavior. It already presumes the defendant’s responsibility. It means that the victim got his injuries from the defective product. It is also referred to as strict liability. 

Physical, Mental or Reputational Injury

It refers to an incident that can cause physical and emotional damages to a person. It can also lead to the destruction of his reputation. Defamation, scuffle, and humiliation are some examples.

Compensable Damage

It refers to the damage that a person may not recover or claim. For example, you crossed the street when the walk sign appeared. Yet, a vehicle went through the red light. With no other choice left, you had to dive to the ground, so you would not be hit. Fortunately, you were fine except for minor abrasions and scratches on your arm. Other than that, you walked away from the scene without any serious injuries. With that, you might not be able to recover despite the driver’s wrongful behavior. 


It refers to everyday or ordinary situations. If appropriate practices were observed, injuries would have been avoided. The law determines if the person who caused the injury was negligent. It means that the injury happened because the defendant was simply careless. Medical malpractice is an example. 


It applies to special circumstances. In certain incidents, it may involve police and firefighters rushing to emergencies. The law will determine if the defendant became reckless during the incident. In other words, he acted in utter disregard for the victim’s safety. For example, a massive fire broke out somewhere. The firefighters had to rush and rescue. As the motorists heard the fire truck’s siren, they gave way immediately. Yet, the fire truck suddenly lost its control due to overspeeding. It hit several vehicles and injured the passengers. 

Common Causes of a Personal Injury Case

The list below shows common personal injury causes that can give you a right to recover with the help of a lawyer in Cornwall, Ontario.

Auto accidents

Auto or car accidents comprise the majority of personal injury cases. It’s usually caused by someone who is not following traffic rules. It can also be due to a lack of care while driving. Your injuries from a car accident can hold the defendant responsible. Meanwhile, drivers can compensate you through insurers if it happens in “no-fault” states. Even so, these exceptions will not apply if it leads to serious injury. 

Slip and Fall 

Slip-and-fall accidents are another type of common personal injury claim. Property owners must keep their premises safe to prevent injuring other people. Even so, not all injuries will lead to the owner’s liability. The duties of the owners may vary depending on the place where the accident took place. Sometimes the victims can’t prove the owners’ guilt due to a lack of witnesses and evidence. With that, you must seek help from a personal injury lawyer in Cornwall.

Dog Bites

Pet owner responsibility laws may vary depending on the state or country. In most incidents, owners are responsible for injuries caused by their pets. There are cases where the pet owner is liable for injuries even if his/her pet has not shown aggression before. But in other places, owners are only responsible once there is enough evidence to determine their pets’ aggressiveness. 

Battery and Assault

Intentional torts do not focus on negligence or carelessness that leads to accidents. It seeks to know if a person injures someone else on purpose. Intentional injurious acts include aggression and deliberate act. These can involve a criminal case against the defendant. Physical attacks may lead to criminal charges. Also, the victim can file in civil court to receive compensation for injuries. 

Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

Brain and spinal cord injuries are one of the most devastating injuries. The expenses and the psycho-social impact can affect a person’s life. It may lead to paralysis and even death. Even if the victim survives, chances are he may not be able to go back to work or pursue his passion anymore. Hence, the victim is entitled to medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

Defamation of Character by Libel or Slander

Defamation by libel or slander is an injury to a person’s reputation. False statements or accusations are some examples. The burden of proof depends on who the plaintiff is and where the statement was made or heard. Generally, a person must prove that the defendant’s untrue statement caused him harm. For example, the victim lost his job because of the defendant’s false statement. Meanwhile, celebrities and political figures must prove “actual malice.” They must prove that the statement was made deliberately or carelessly. 

Infliction of Emotional Distress

It is a common-law tort also referred to as tort of courage. A victim is entitled to compensation for an individual’s extreme and outrageous behavior. The law considers the following: 

  • a pattern of conduct
  • defendant’s awareness of victim’s vulnerability
  • position of power
  • racial epithets
  • fiduciary duty

The victim must prove that the defendant caused emotional distress beyond the bounds of decency. It can be done through speech or action. For example, the victim lost his child somewhere. For years, he did not stop looking until he accepted the idea that he might not find the child anymore. Years later, the child was found somewhere. Apparently, the defendant knew the whereabouts of the child. But, he hid the information from the parents. The victim can hold the defendant liable, whether it was deliberate or inadvertent. 

How Can A Cornwall Personal Injury Lawyer Help You?

While you are still recovering, you may not be able to file a claim or press charges against the defendant. With that, you must seek help from a personal injury lawyer in this overwhelming process. 

They Can Assist in the Investigation of Claims.

A Cornwall personal injury lawyer is brilliant in finance and personal injury lawsuits. He can help you determine the claims you are entitled to. He has a focus on your injury and the resources you need to win your case.

They Can Assist in Gathering Evidence.

While you are still in the recovery process, the last thing you want is to replay the incident in your mind. You may have to do it to figure out what happened and what to do next. A personal injury lawyer in Cornwall can help you. He will visit the accident area and gather evidence for your case. He will be the one to deal with the police and insurance companies on your behalf. So, you can focus on our recovery.

They Can Assist in Negotiating With Insurance Companies.

Cornwall personal injury lawyers are skilled at negotiation with the insurance companies involved. They can help you estimate a reasonable settlement offer. They have the expertise to ensure adequate compensation or bring it to trial. They will also help you avoid something that might jeopardize your claim. 

They Can Assist in Sending Demand Letters.

Demand letters serve as launching points for negotiations. You need to inform the liable party of the legal action you are taking. These letters are especially important when offers do not seem to be justifiable. Hence, your injury lawyer will send demand letters on your behalf. 

They Can Help in Preparing Pleadings.

A personal injury lawyer will get a copy of the accident report. He will compile all the evidence to build a reasonable case against the defendant. He will also work to get the compensation that you deserve. If the insurance company does not make an acceptable offer, he will go to court. The idea may seem daunting or overwhelming, but he is experienced and prepared to fight for you.

They Can Assist in Conducting Discovery.

With regards to evidence, he may discover things or people that may be the key to winning your case and getting your compensation. 

They Can Help You Get Faster Compensation.

You don’t have to wait for your full recovery to seek compensation with a personal injury lawyer. He will file personal injury claims on your behalf. He has a broad range of experience with similar cases. Hence, he can avoid setbacks and help you get your compensation immediately.

They Can Assist in Representing Clients at Trial.

To get the compensation that you deserve, you may need a personal injury lawyer who will fight for you all the way. If negotiations don’t turn out well, he will bring it to trial and represent you in legal proceedings. 

Types of Compensation in a Personal Injury Case

Special Compensatory Damages

These compensate for monetary expenses on an injury.

General Compensatory Damages

These require the defendant to repay the victim for the intangible losses. 

Wrongful Death Damages

These are also referred to as survival claims. These pertain to the victim’s medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, and lost income.  

Punitive Damages

These are additions to actual damages. These are punishments, especially when the defendant’s behavior is harmful. 

Collecting Damages

It is the victim’s entitlement to receive compensation after negotiation or the court’s decision. 


It is important to have a personal injury lawyer by your side if you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else. Whether you sustained an injury in Cornwall or want to seek compensation for your case, Diamond & Diamond’s personal injury lawyers can assist you. Call 1-800-567-HURT today!

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Pro Tip

Your personal injury lawyer needs to have all the information they need. It is essential that you are truthful as they need to review the facts of your case before moving ahead with your claims.

Get In Touch With a Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Cornwall

If you’ve sustained an injury in Cornwall, Diamond & Diamond personal injury lawyers can help you seek compensation. If you wish to know more about our injury law services, we may set up a free consultation. Get in touch with us today.

FAQs on Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Cornwall

Is it necessary to hire a lawyer for my personal injury case?

Yes. While you are still recovering, you may not be able to file a claim against the defendant immediately. Hiring a lawyer can help you in the legal proceedings and negotiations.

What is a fair settlement for personal injury damages?

As a rule of thumb, the compensation you seek should be 75% or 100% higher than the amount you think will gratify you. For example, if you think your worth is $5000, you should ask for $8,750-$10,000. In Canada, it has a cap of $370,000. In Alberta, the highest compensation for soft tissue injury is about $5,000.

How can I prove my pain and suffering in a personal injury case?

You must present medical records, expert testimony, pictures of injuries, and psychiatric documents to prove your pain and suffering in a personal injury case.

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