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Unfortunately, brain injuries can be some of the most catastrophic and overwhelming injuries sustained in a car accidentmotorcycle accident, or work related incident. The difficulty and damaging aspects of a brain injury can also be extremely challenging because it is difficult for a doctor to diagnose a brain injury. Our Toronto brain injury lawyers take each case seriously.

In recent years, brain injuries have become the subject of greater focus and attention in the medical community due to their life altering implications. Unlike injuries to tissue and bone that can heal over the course of time, brain injuries can have a severe impact on a victim’s day to day life. They can also cause major changes in the person’s personality.

Sometimes, a brain injury can be difficult to spot because it can take days or weeks to manifest. This means that most victims who sustain a brain injury in a vehicle accident many not even realize it until it has already affected them significantly. This can make it challenging to treat the brain injury effectively.

Due to the nature of the body’s most complex organ, the diagnosis from a physician can also be imprecise. As a result of each of these complications, it is crucial to have the dedicated representation of brain injury lawyers in Ontario like Diamond & Diamond brain injury attorneys, who understand the complicated aspects of a brain injury claim.

Brain Injury Symptoms and Causes

Symptoms and types of brain injuries can vary broadly, which is part of what makes it so hard to diagnose them. Since the brain is a highly complex and important organ, the damage to it can lead to severe and unpredictable problems. A brain injury for patients in similar car accidents can have different types of impacts on the victims, and Toronto brain injury lawyers know this and evaluate each case individually.

Some of the most common brain injuries include cerebral contusions, swelling, skull fractures, concussions, and hemorrhages. The severity of these injuries will vary for each individual, and the symptoms may be mild, like headaches and dizziness or can range all the way up to severe impacts like memory loss, speech problems, paralysis, and insomnia.

Anyone who has been involved in a vehicle accident of any type or an on the job injury in which they may have hit their head should monitor their condition closely and report concerns to their physician immediately.

Handling Brain Injuries Post-Accident

Brain injuries should never be taken lightly because they can have such a significant impact on an injured victim. Our Toronto brain injury lawyers work hard to understand the full scope of your brain injury in order to fight for the compensation you need to recover. Some people who sustain a traumatic brain injury may never be able to fully recover from their injuries, but Toronto personal injury lawyers can work hard on your behalf to recover the compensation to make it possible to receive the medical care you need.

Anything like experiencing a slight migraine after an accident or any trauma to the head could be an indicator of a serious problem developing. A brain injury can be caused by many different types of accidents, including slip and fall, physical assault, or motor vehicle crashes. Although a brain injury can be linked to fractured skull injury, it is not always necessary for the skull to be critically damaged in order for the brain to suffer harm.

It is crucial for a victim accident and his or her family members to monitor changes in condition and pain that doesn’t subside and report it to a physician immediately. Even if these symptoms appear relatively minor at the outset, they could be indicative of a much more serious injury.

Handling Brain Injuries Effectively

Gathering relevant information and evidence associated with your brain injury claim as soon as possible after it happens are some of the best things you can do to protect yourself. Having details like information from witnesses, pictures, and filing a police report are some of the steps that you should take after a serious injury.

Our Toronto personal injury lawyers have a track record of helping people who find themselves in a situation of coping with their new life after a brain injury. You must take a brain injury seriously. Our Toronto personal injury lawyers understand the many different ways that this can affect your life. Calculating medical bills can be challenging because of the broad range in nature of a brain injury diagnosis. The expertise of Toronto brain injury lawyers who have a reputation of representing victims of this nature is extremely important.

In certain situations, friends or family may have a loved one who has sustained a brain injury that renders him or her unable to communicate. In these situations, reaching out to an attorney on the loved one’s behalf is critical for the victim to recover the necessary compensation that will support long term care expenses and other medical bills. Our Toronto brain injury lawyers know there are many ways an accident can change your life and we fight hard with that in mind.

Lawyers You Can Count On

Our Toronto brain injury lawyers know what it’s like to face a brain injury and we work hard to represent each case individually. We have a no obligation consultation and do not collect a fee unless we are successful in your case. This allows you to focus on what is most important, such as getting treatment and recovering while knowing that someone is advocating for your rights throughout the duration of the case.

Important Things to Know if You’ve Suffered a Brain Injury

Because the brain is such an important and complex organ, any damage to it can result in often unpredictable and severe problems. Some of the most common brain injuries include skull fractures, concussions, cerebral contusions, hemorrhages, and swelling. The seriousness of these injuries will vary for each individual, and symptoms can likewise range from the mild, such as headaches and dizziness, to more serious problems, such as speech problems, insomnia, memory loss, and paralysis. Even if symptoms appear mild at first, they should not be taken lightly. Experiencing something like slight migraines after an accident or trauma to the head could be an indicator of a more serious problem that is not yet apparent.
A brain injury can be caused by a vast array of accidents, such as motor vehicle crashes, slip and fall accidents, or physical assault. While some brain injuries may be associated with a fractured skull injury, it is not always necessary for the skull to be severely damaged in order for the brain to suffer harm. In fact, a bump to the head may cause a closed head injury, such as brain swelling, that could become fatal if not treated quickly. Because the symptoms of a brain injury sometimes take months to manifest themselves, it is extremely important for victims of accidents, even accidents that seem relatively minor at first, to do everything possible to accurately document what happened at the scene of the incident. This includes taking pictures, gathering information from witnesses, and filing a police report.
Brain injuries need to be taken extremely seriously as they can have a devastating impact on a person’s quality of life. A person who has suffered a traumatic brain injury should contact a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in how brain injury cases typically work. Because medical diagnoses can be difficult with certain types of brain injuries, calculating potential medical bills can also be hard. As such, the expertise of a personal injury lawyer is invaluable when seeking compensation for a brain injury. In some cases, family or friends may have a loved one who suffered a brain injury that left him or her unable to communicate. In these cases, reaching out to a lawyer on the loved one’s behalf is necessary in order for the victim to receive compensation and to cover costly medical and long-term care expenses.

FAQ About Brain Injury

What are the different types of brain injuries?

Brain injuries come in different forms and usually leads to unpredictable and severe problems. The two main types of brain injury are: Traumatic Brain Injury and Anoxic and Hypoxic Brain Injury. Traumatic brain injury is usually caused by physical impact on the head and brain while anoxic and hypoxic brain injury are caused by lack of oxygen channeled to the brain.

What is the most common brain injury?

The most common types of brain injury include: skull fractures, concussions, cerebral contusions, hemorrhages, and swelling. Different types of brain damage come with different degree of seriousness and symptom intensity.

What is the average payout for head injury?

Head injury can have a serious toll on an individual’s quality of life and therefore the injured individual should be compensated. The average payout for head injury usually varies over time and depends on various factors. Nonetheless, the common payouts that cover immediate medical treatment is usually under $10, 000. In severe head injury cases, the compensation amount can pass $1 million.


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