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Five Tips For Reporting A Work-Related Injury

Accidents happen all the time, and anywhere and injuries sustained by victims may range from minor to major ones. Most accidents are caused by hazards that are not attended to immediately. These accidents may happen while walking down a street, cooking food, or even while at work.

Work-related injuries and accidents are common. If you are involved in a work-related accident, here is a list of tips to help you get through a work-related injury.

Report the Work-Related Injury to Your Supervisor

When an injury at work happens, it should not be overlooked. If you’re the victim and the injuries are not critical, then you should report it to your employer as soon as possible. However, if the injuries sustained by the victim are prominent, then you, as a witness, should have the initiative to report them to your immediate supervisor. 

The incident must be reported to your direct supervisor so that he can cascade the case to the employer. The employer is given up to 72 hours to submit an employer report of injury form when they become aware of the injury or illness. 

This is essential since the sooner the supervisor becomes knowledgeable of the incident, the faster it will be to process the employee’s benefits and services will be awarded to him/her.

File a Written Accident Report

You should talk to your employer and ask him/ her to accompany you to file a written accident report through the human resources department. This is important so that there will be a written report about the accident. It is essential that you have your copy of the report and that it is an official copy. 

The report should indicate all the vital information linked to the injury, like time, date, type of injuries incurred, location of the injury, and causes of the injury. 

Once you have filed a report, you must follow your company’s protocol in filing workers’ compensation claims. You should not miss any information or documentation so that you would receive the compensation you deserve. 

Document the Workplace Injury

Always keep a thorough record of everything that is about your injury. This includes conversations with your doctor, company executives, and other information that may help your case. Even if these things are not legal requirements, it will be essential to determine the injury’s cost so that you won’t incur unnecessary debts. 

When it comes to work-related injuries, make sure your rights are protected with the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer from Diamond & Diamond Law.

Report The Facts of the Work-Related Injury Including Important Details

When filing your report, just stick to the facts regarding what happened. Don’t speculate, but include as many relevant details as possible. You must focus on these questions so that all information about the injury will be covered:

Details will help your employer, the insurance company, and, if needed, your worker compensation lawyer investigates everything that has taken place.

Follow Up

An unfortunately common tactic insurance companies and employers use to get out of paying a workers’ compensation claim is to drag the process out. So give your employer a few weeks, and if you haven’t heard anything from them, speak with your supervisor and human resources personnel.

If you have any problems with your employer, don’t worry. The experienced workers’ compensation lawyer at Diamond & Diamond can help you get through this.


Be on the lookout for danger because a single workplace accident can leave a big impact on employee morale.

Five Tips For Reporting A Work-Related Injury FAQs

What are my rights if I get hurt at work?

You have a lot of legal rights if you get hurt at work. Some of these are:

  • Right to file a claim for your injury
  • Right to see a doctor and to pursue medical treatment
  • If you get permanent injuries, you have the right to some type of disability compensation
  • You have the right to be represented by a lawyer when filing a claim. 

What should an employer do if a work-related injury is reported?

The first thing that an employer should do is check whether other people have been injured. This way, the accident report will be more accurate, and the processing of the employees’ claims will be easier. The employer should also assist all the affected employees in filling out forms and submitting the documents to the authorities.

Can I still report a work-related injury that wasn’t detected initially, e.g., only made clear after a week?

Depending on the state, the reporting of work-related injury may be made within 1-3 years from the accident. If it is only a week after the accident, you can still get compensation for your injury. Note that you should have proper documentation to make your claim stronger. 

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