Car Accident Lawyer in Ajax

Car Accident Lawyer in Ajax

Ajax, Ontario, is well-known for the Ajax Ice Waves and the Ajax Skating Club. While the former is the city’s scuba club, the latter is their synchronized skating team. However, these are not the only notable things about Ajax.

Locals and tourists prefer the city because its crime rate is 38% less than the national average. However, despite being a generally peaceful locality, Ajax’s car accident statistics are worrisome. 

In 1997, Sweden launched the Vision Zero program to reduce car accident injuries and fatalities to zero. In 2015, different Canadian municipalities adopted the program, with Ottawa, Vancouver, and Toronto being the first cities to implement the policy. 

Four years later, the Durham region, which consists of Ajax, created its own action plan seeking to reduce accidents by 10% by 2023. Last year’s reports revealed that although car collisions and other car accident cases decreased by 50%, the injury rates remained the same. On top of that, their red light program yielded around 2,283 charges filed against violators. 

If you or a loved one were involved in an accident in Ajax, Ontario, it’s time to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer.

The Significance of Car Accident Lawyer in Ajax

Victims often  underestimate what a car accident lawyer can do for them if they were involved in a car accident. They think hiring a lawyer would only cost them money. While that may be true, they can help you with different aspects of your case.

They can help sort your claims from the insurance company. They can also gather evidence to help you establish short-term or long-term disability, entitling you to receive disability and accident benefits. 

Here are some specific ways wherein a personal injury lawyer can offer assistance.

5 Ways Personal Injury Lawyer in Ajax Can Help

Hiring a personal injury lawyer offers a plethora of benefits. Regardless of whether you’re the victim or the at-fault party, they can provide legal assistance, especially during litigation. They can build your case, find pieces of evidence to quash the other party’s allegations, or amicably settle the dispute on your behalf. 

Here are some more specific ways of how a personal injury lawyer can serve clients like you. 

Assist with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies make money from their clients. They have highly-trained insurance adjusters who are skilled in negotiating insurance settlements. They will do everything in their power to minimize what their company will pay you. In most cases, they will go as far as invalidating or denying a claim, which can cause emotional and financial stress to the victim. 

Don’t let this happen to you, especially if you have a valid claim arising from a severe injury. Without the help of a seasoned lawyer, you will find it challenging to fight for your interests in an insurance claim. If they don’t deny your claim, the most they are usually willing to provide is a small portion of your original claim. The insurance adjuster working on your case may inadvertently comment or draft a statement affecting your eligibility to recover the proper compensation. 

If you have a lawyer, these are the things they can do for you. 

  • Negotiate on your behalf 
  • Take care of the nitty-gritty of your claims 
  • Prepare a verbal or written statement crafted to your advantage 
  • Represent you as you fight for full compensation

Prove Liability for Injuries

If you’re involved in a car accident, it might be easy for you to point out who is at fault. However, that’s not the case for people who weren’t involved or didn’t witness the accident. You have to gather evidence to prove that the other party was guilty of negligence. Apart from that, you also have to prove that you’re not guilty of contributory negligence. Otherwise, the court can reduce the amount of damages you receive. 

A personal injury lawyer can prove the other party’s liability by gathering and presenting irrefutable evidence. They’re knowledgeable on the rules of evidence, so they segregate those admissible from those that are not.

It’s common for parties in a case to shift blame, so proving liability could be tedious. Your lawyer can do the following for you: 

  • Consult medical experts to establish the seriousness and extent of your injuries
  • Reconstruct the scene of the collision to help visualize the event 
  • Secure a copy of the accident report 
  • Retrieve all your medical records
  • Interview witnesses 

Prepare Proper Documents           

Aside from proving liability, another challenging part of most car accident cases is ensuring that you receive compensation that is equivalent to the extent of your injury. Insurance firms are skilled at persuading injury victims  to accept lowball offers for settlements. They will do everything they can to pay you as little as possible despite your devastating injuries.

Lawyers who have handled different car accident claims in the past are aware of these practices. They also know the true value of their client’s claim. This is why they never accept settlements that are lower than the full extent of their client’s losses. They will ensure that you get the compensation you deserve, including past and future losses. These include the following: 

  • Compensation for one’s pain and suffering
  • Future wages 
  • Lost income

File a Personal Injury Case If Needed 

If you or a loved one can’t agree to the settlement offer of the insurance company or the other party, the wisest decision would be to file a personal injury case. You need a lawyer with broad experience to advise and guide you through the process. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, you’ll receive the right amount of compensation. 

Most of the time, the possibility of a lawsuit frightens insurance adjusters and they will usually offer a settlement that is equitable.

When you can already claim what’s rightfully yours, the contingency fee that your lawyer receives is more than justified. 

The Best Time to Hire Car Accident Lawyers in Ajax

The best time to hire a car accident lawyer in Ajax is when you or your loved one are involved in an accident. You might be confused about the subsequent courses of action and the person that can best guide you is a seasoned and reputable lawyer. Your lawyer can also make sure that the insurance company or the at-fault party is liable for your medical bills.

You should also seriously consider hiring experienced lawyers for long-term disability cases, such as brain injuries, bone fractures, back injuries, and similar issues. They can offer legal advice for your disability claims and even represent you throughout your legal battle. 

If you’re looking for Ajax personal injury lawyers, get in touch with the lawyers at Diamond and Diamond Lawyers Firm. 

Types of Car Accident Injuries 

Soft Tissue Injuries

This injures the body’s connective tissues, such as tendons, ligaments, and muscles and is the most common type of injury suffered by victims of car accidents. 

An example of a soft tissue injury is  whiplash, whereby the ligaments and muscles on the neck are overly stretched due to the sudden neck and head movement in a collision.

Scrapes and Cuts

In a car accident, anything inside the car can become projectiles and cut or scrape your body. Airbags deployed during a collision can also cause scratches and cuts. Fortunately, these injuries are generally not too serious and only require minor stitches.

Head Injuries

Head injuries can be minor or severe. The car’s sudden halting or changing of direction can cause heads of people inside the vehicle to move in unnatural and impulsive ways. The results of these movements are neck and back sprains and muscle strains. 

The head can also be injured in this case. It could be bruised or cut when hit against the steering wheel or the side windows. The tearing and bruising of blood vessels and brain tissue can lead to a severe head injury.

Chest Injuries

These injuries can range from painful chest bruises to internal injuries and broken ribs.

Arm and Leg Injuries

It’s common to suffer injuries to the arms and legs when your vehicle sustains a side impact. You can also injure your arms and legs if they hit the dashboard or the car seats.


Being a car accident victim isn’t just physically and emotionally draining. It can even be more difficult if it leaves you with a long-term disability. Know your rights. Call Diamond Law now.

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“If your loved one was involved in a traumatic car accident due to someone else’s fault, it is best to consult an experienced car accident lawyer.”

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