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Catastrophic Factors Involved in Road Accidents | Diamond & Diamond Lawyers

We are frequently called upon to help people who have been involved in road traffic accidents in the Ontario area. Over the years, this work has enabled us to build up an in-depth picture of the factors that lead to road accidents. Some of which are more prevalent in this region than elsewhere in Canada.

Below, we explain what those risks are, and briefly talk about what you can do to mitigate them. Our aim with this article is to reduce the chances of your needing our services because you have had a road traffic accident.

Catastrophic Factors Involved in Road Accidents

Ontario has the biggest population of any province in Canada. In a normal year, the province welcomes tens of millions of tourists. Toronto alone, played host to 26 million visitors, in 2019.

Understandably, there is a lot of traffic on the roads. Something that heightens the risk of accidents happening.  

Plus, the province has several 400-series highways running through it. Every day, around 400,000 vehicles use those densely packed, high-speed roads. Creating another high-risk factor that drivers in the province need to be aware of.

So, Ontario takes its traffic laws extremely seriously. Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act was introduced in 1923 and has been regularly updated. As driving habits, vehicle uses, and highways have evolved so has the province´s traffic act. There is no doubt that if every driver were to follow the rules laid out in that legislation all road users would be a lot safer.

Accidents can’t be predicted. However, following our safe driving tips will help to reduce the risk. As will understanding the common causes of these accidents and taking steps to adapt the way you drive.

Common Causes of Fatal Road Accidents in Ontario

Sadly, in 2019, 304 people lost their lives on Ontario´s roads. Thousands more were injured, many seriously. Here are details of the leading causes behind those accidents:

Speeding – Drivers driving too fast is the number one cause of accidents on Ontario´s roads. Including, those involving deaths. Simply sticking to the speed limit is not enough to keep yourself and your passengers safe. Too many drivers are not adjusting their speed sufficiently to take account of road conditions. For example, many of them ignore the effects of inclement weather and drive too close to the vehicle in front even when the road is wet. Paying more attention to your speed and maybe taking an advanced driver training course will help you to avoid having an accident because you are going too fast.

Driver distraction – These days there is a lot to distract drivers. People have gotten into the habit of eating and drinking while driving. Or, answering their phone instead of leaving it to ring. Even the beautiful scenery can be distracting. Being aware of these risks and modifying your habits if needed will keep you safer on the roads.

Drunk driving – The number of accidents involving someone Driving Under the Influence (DUI) has fallen in the area. Ontario has one of the lowest levels nationally. However, driving while under the influence of drugs is on the increase. We all know we should not drive after taking drugs or drinking. But, few of us think about the effect prescribed medications can have on our ability to drive. If you have had a drink or taken something it is wise not to get behind the wheel.

Driver fatigue – We are all leading busier lives, so many of us are getting behind the wheel when we are too tired to be able to drive safely. The area gets a lot of tourists, who tend to do this a lot. Instead of resting up after a long flight, some of them get in a car and drive long distances to reach their accommodation.

Reaching catastrophic levels when combined with other factors:

When the above bad driving habits are combined with other factors the effect is catastrophic. Every year, Ontario experiences storms, snow, and ice. If someone is tired, under the influence, distracted or driving too fast in those conditions they are likely to have an accident.

It is possible to mitigate this risk, by actively avoiding driving during bad weather. Weather forecasts are now fairly accurate, even a few days out. So, it is possible to plan ahead a bit. To, for example, go grocery shopping a day or two earlier to avoid driving when snow is forecast.

Seek advice from a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer on What to Do in Road Accidents

However, should you still end up in a traffic accident, don’t worry, we are here to help. We can advise you about what to do immediately afterwards. Explain how to gather evidence and make sure that you have a good understanding of the traffic laws that apply in this situation.

We will guide you through the insurance claims process. If you wish to do so you can also speak to one of our personal injury lawyers. They will help you to navigate what can be a tricky situation and prepare a case that will secure you the compensation you need.

Our personal injury lawyers will take much of the stress of claiming off of your shoulders. Freeing you up to focus the majority of your energy on getting better.

You can read more about our car accident-related services, here.

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“Road accidents sometimes can’t be avoided, but some preparation and knowing what to do when they do happen can go a long way.”

FAQ’s on Road Accidents in Ontario

How can a personal injury lawyer help me avoid road accidents?

A personal injury lawyer can help you to avoid road accidents by warning you of the main hazards. Over the years, they have built up a good understanding of why traffic accidents happen and how the risk can be reduced. Following their advice will help you to avoid being involved in one.

If I get hurt in a road accident in Ontario, how do I go about filing for compensation?

If you get hurt in a road accident in Ontario, you can file for compensation by initially contacting your insurance company. This must be done within 7 days. They will ask you for details of the other driver involved, so you will need to have that information to hand. It is also wise to contact a legal firm like Diamond & Diamond. They will make sure your claim goes smoothly.

What are my rights as a road accident victim?

As a road accident victim, you have the right to be fully compensated for the damages you have suffered. That includes the cost of repairing your vehicle and expenses accrued as a result of not being able to drive it. If you have been injured in the accident, a good personal injury lawyer will help you to claim compensation.

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