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High-Speed Accident Lawyers

Speeding is a significant factor in traffic deaths and injuries all over the world. It contributed to approximately 26% of all traffic fatalities, killing 9,478 people in 2019 in the United States. Because it takes the driver longer to slow down the vehicle and avoid a collision if he or she is speeding, it increases the risk of losing control over the car and getting into accidents. 

Affecting both the risk of a road crash and the severity of the injuries, it’s no wonder speed limits are set and enforced in many countries. In Canada, speed limit signs are posted on all roads specifying the maximum speed allowed. The minimum limit is 60 km/h and the maximum limit is 100 km/h on most Canadian highways.

Although driving at or under the speed limit reduced the number of non-fatal crashes to 2%, high-speed car accidents still happen. Many drivers fail to follow the rules, causing devastating consequences to almost everyone around them. 

Of course, no one expects and wants to get into a  car accident. But, it wouldn’t hurt to prepare  yourself for the unexpected. If you or a loved one get into a high-speed car accident, you can take steps, such as taking legal action and getting a high-speed accident lawyer. 

This article will discuss the different injuries resulting from high-speed crashes. We’ll also talk about how Canada high-speed lawyers can help if you or someone you know is involved in one. 

Did you know that speeding contributed to 25.3% of fatal motor vehicle accidents in 2020?

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Injuries Sustained from High-Speed Accidents

Injuries caused by speeding can vary in severity. However, high-speed collisions tend to be more catastrophic, resulting in the most life-threatening injuries. 

Note that emergencies of any type can happen on the road, which may require a sudden stop. For motorists exceeding the speed limit, controlling and stopping the vehicle can be more challenging and dangerous. Since the impact of a high speed is more forceful, it can result in more significant injury.  

Being aware of the risks associated with operating the vehicle over the posted speed limit may help drivers be more careful and keep their speed down. 

Below are some of the common physical injuries sustained from high-speed accidents. 

  • Brain and Head Injuries: Depending on the direction of impact, a crash may cause your body to come to a sudden standstill or move to and fro with great force. Such movements may twist your neck and head, resulting in whiplash or moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). 
  • Fractures: Any bone in the body can break in a crash. In a collision, you may bend or twist your limbs in unnatural ways and be thrown out of the car, where your body may come into contact with external objects with tremendous force. These incidents can lead to multiple fractures, which may require surgery or leave you incapacitated for a long time. 
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: As your body stretches unnaturally during a collision, the muscles, ligaments and tendons can be damaged, resulting in sprains, strains or contusions. These soft tissue injuries are often overlooked, but they can get worse if left undiagnosed and untreated.
  • Internal Organ Damage: The forceful impact of a crash can thrust the stomach, intestines and other internal organs. These organs may get bruised, ruptured or torn. Such injuries may result in internal bleeding and can be deadly if they are left untreated. 
  • Delayed Pain: Your body experiences a sudden surge of endorphins and adrenaline during a collision. As a result, it may go into a state of shock and will hide any injuries following an accident. The symptoms may take days, weeks or even months to appear. However, regardless of whether you feel any pain or otherwise after an accident,  it’s best to seek medical attention as soon as possible. 

Besides the physical injuries you may sustain, high-speed accidents may also cause emotional distress and property damage. Suppose you or a loved one seriously get injured in a high-speed car accident. In that case, you may seek financial compensation with the help of a high-speed accident lawyer. 

Knowing About High-Speed Accident Lawyers

The damage  caused by high-speed accidents can cause financial stress. If you are the victim, you may be entitled to receive monetary compensation. However, if you caused the accident because you were perhaps negligent and drove over the speed limit, then criminal and/or civil charges can be brought against you. 

Whatever the case, you would need a high-speed accident lawyer to investigate the situation and protect your rights. Thus, it’s always an excellent move to talk about your car accident with a personal injury lawyer. This way, you’d be able to determine if you have a claim and whether you should pursue litigation for any damage you sustained from the crash. 

More specifically, a high-speed accident lawyer can help you with the following: 

File an insurance claim

After the accident, you’ll have to file an insurance claim. Typically, the insurer of the driver-at-fault is responsible for the costs of your medical treatment if you sustain any injuries and any other damage, such as to the vehicle. A high-speed accident lawyer can give you sound legal advice about a potential insurance claim. 

Negotiate Settlement

Before reaching a settlement, negotiations will involve offers and counteroffers. In most cases, insurance companies will try to pay you less by questioning the extent of your injuries. But, high-speed accident lawyers can negotiate aggressively on your behalf. They will use the evidence they gathered to support the value of your case. 

Pursue a lawsuit

Suppose negotiations don’t work and you don’t get the maximum compensation you deserve. In that case, a high-speed accident lawyer can take your case to court. A judge or jury will decide how much money you will receive for the injuries you sustained. 

Provide you with legal representation

There may be instances where it is not clear who is at fault for the underlying accident. In such a case, a high-speed accident lawyer can represent you and properly craft your argument. 

Seeking Legal Action with Canada High-Speed Accident Lawyers

Seeking legal action is essential after being involved in any car accident. However, many people don’t know what to do when they are in an actual situation. Remember that taking the right step can help you get the best possible outcome. 

Here are the things you should do if a high-speed accident happens to you or your loved one.

Ensure Safety

You need to stop the car. Note that you may be subject to criminal prosecution if you don’t stop and your vehicle is involved in an accident. Check to see if anyone is injured. If so, don’t move the victim and make sure to call 911. Get out of your car only if it is safe to do so. 

Call the Police

Report the accident to the police only if:

  • Anyone is injured
  • The total damage to the vehicles involved exceeds $2,000
  • You suspect that any of the other drivers are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

But if no one is injured and the total damage to all the vehicles is less than $2,000, make sure to call a Collision Reporting Centre within 24 hours at 416-745-3301. They are designed to assist motorists in reporting motor vehicle accidents. 

Document the Details

If possible, take pictures of the scene, the positions of the cars, and any damage. Moreover, don’t forget to get the information of the other parties involved, such as full names, addresses, contact numbers, driver’s license numbers, license plate details, and insurance information. 

Additionally, record the date, time and location of the accident. Note that you’ll need proper documentation for law enforcement and insurance purposes.

Inform Your Insurance Company

If you have insurance coverage, make sure to inform your insurance company and submit a report within seven days. But ideally, contact them within 24 hours. It’s important for you to know your policy and your insurance company’s procedures so that you can inform them accordingly after you are involved in an accident. 

Talk To a Canada High-Speed Accident Lawyer

Not everyone needs to file a lawsuit after getting involved in a car accident. But, it’s always a good idea to call a high-speed accident lawyer as soon as possible. They can help you choose the best legal path for your case. Plus, they know what evidence to gather that will help you with your insurance claim. With an experienced lawyer by your side, you can make a more informed and sound decision.

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Impacts of High-Speed Accidents

Physical Injuries 

High-speed accidents can result in more severe physical injuries because of the tremendous impact. These physical injuries can incapacitate the person for months or cause permanent disabilities like amputations, paralysis or a traumatic brain injury. 

Emotional Injuries

High-speed accidents can also cause severe emotional distress. People may experience depression, anxiety, anger, insomnia, loss of appetite, frustration and helplessness. Some may find it hard or impossible to drive or ride in a vehicle for years. 

Property Damage

More significant property damage is also likely to result from high-speed accidents. On average, the cost per vehicle can go around $4,600.


Waiting too long to file a claim could bar your ability to ever recover compensation. Visit DiamondLaw.ca now to get more information.

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Getting involved in a car accident can be traumatic. Besides the physical injuries you may sustain, you can also feel scared and emotionally vulnerable. There are a lot of things you need to deal with, ranging from medical to financial issues. You need an experienced personal injury lawyer from Diamond Law to protect your legal rights and interests and receive the necessary compensation in such difficult times. Contact us here today to discuss your case.

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