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Injuries Don’t Just Happen: Common Injuries and Ways to Avoid Them


Injuries place a financial strain on the nation’s health care system. More than 3,000,000 residents throughout Canada suffer serious injuries each year at a cost of almost $20 billion. Injuries are the third leading cause of death in Ontario behind cancer and heart disease with 16 people dying each day in the province because of an injury they suffered. Sadly, many, if not most, injuries are preventable provided people make decisions that minimize rather than increase the risk of injury.

Leading causes of injuries

According to studies, two of the leading causes of unintentional injuries are falls and transportation incidents. Transportation accidents result in almost 300,000 visits to emergency rooms each year with more than 28,000 victims requiring hospitalization. Roadway accidents caused the deaths of 2,620 people.

More than a million emergency room visits and 128,389 hospitalizations resulted from falls during the one-year period for which statistics were compiled. Anyone can become the victim of a fall, but children younger than 6 years of age and adults over 65 seem to be at the highest risk of being the victim of a fall and requiring hospitalization due to their injuries.

Injuries from falls and how to prevent them

Almost 50 percent of the falls experienced by older adults occur in and around the home with stairs and bathrooms being the most dangerous places. In addition to unsafe conditions existing within their home, there are physical factors influencing the high incidence of falls by seniors including:

  • Impaired balance
  • Diminished vision
  • Loss or impairment of hearing
  • Diminished bone and muscle strength

Among the precautions homeowners can take to minimize the risk of an older adult falling and suffering a serious injury are the following:

  • Use rubber mats in tubs and showers
  • Install safety bars near the toilet and in the tub area
  • Eliminate floor clutter, such as wires, toys, and other items, to prevent tripping
  • Use non-skid backings on area rugs and floor mats
  • Clean up spills and dry wet floors before allowing anyone to walk on them
  • Install non-skid surfaces on stairs
  • Provide sufficient lighting in stairways
  • Install handrails wherever there are stairs

Homeowners can also reduce the risk of someone falling by removing ice and snow from sidewalks and driveways. During spring and summer months, eliminate tripping hazards by picking up children’s toys, lawn tools and other items that could cause a person to fall.

Children love to run and climb, so it is essential for adults to be aware of the environment in which their children will be playing. Beds, furniture and stairs provide opportunities for young children to suffer an injury in a fall. Playgrounds, whether they are located in someone’s backyard or at a public park, present opportunities for children to fall, so an adult should always be supervising them.

Driving and preventable injuries

Two of the leading causes of driving-related fatalities on Ontario roads last year were motorists whose ability to operate their vehicles were impaired by the use of drugs or alcohol and inattentive drivers. Operating a vehicle while impaired is a criminal offence throughout Canada with the potential for suspension of a person’s driving privileges and other penalties imposed on conviction.

Drivers must focus their attention on the road and maintaining safe control over their vehicles, but this can be impossible when they are distracted by what is going on around them, including:

  • Talking or texting on a cellphone
  • Engaging in conversations with passengers
  • Correcting unruly children
  • Programing or reviewing GPS devices
  • Adjusting the radio

Motorists can avoid accidents and injuries caused by inattentive driving by only using cellphones when the vehicle is safely parked, limiting conversations and programing GPS devices before setting out.

Ontario lawyers ready to help when injuries happen

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