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Being disabled is not easy. The world is still primarily designed for able-bodied people to be able to navigate. As a result, disabled people face many additional challenges. There is help available. For example, making a successful disability claim will provide you with funds you can use to cover your living costs. Our team of disability lawyers have the experience you need to successfully navigate the various government, insurance, and employee disability claims systems.

This is the case, whether you are a first-time claimant or someone who has had their claim denied or downgraded. We have spent years helping people to secure the funds they need and are entitled to.

We fully understand how the claims procedure works and how to successfully navigate the various systems. Our team understands that this is a very stressful time for you. So, we work hard to take the pressure off. We take on all of the administrative work, gather the evidence, and pull everything together in a form that gives your claim the best chance of being successful.

Whether you are struggling to submit your claim or have received a denial letter from Service Canada or your disability insurance company, we are here to help. All you need to do is to get in touch.

Long Term Disability Lawyers Toronto

Making a disability claim is a complex and time-consuming process. It is not an easy task for a healthy person to tackle. If you are sick, in pain, or already struggling to fulfill your responsibilities because some things take you longer to do, the last thing you need is even more stress. 

We are acutely aware of this. So, when you hire Diamond & Diamond Law to handle your long-term disability claim we take care of everything. Our team won´t be constantly ringing you to ask you questions. We do our best to gather all of the information we need from you at the start. So that we can leave you in peace while we take care of all of the form-filling and administrative work. As well as chase people up to get the records and medical information we need to reinforce your case.

However, we will be in touch periodically to keep you up to date with the progress of your claim.

What Is A Disability Claim?

Our experienced long-term disability lawyers in Toronto will start the process by working out if you meet the criteria to be able to make a claim. We don´t believe in giving people false hope or taking their money knowing that the chances of their application being successful are slim, at best.

If you are suffering from a physical or mental disability that means you cannot work you are highly likely to qualify for disability payments. In Canada, there are several potential routes you can follow to make a claim. 

You may be covered by your employer, an insurance policy or be able to seek help from the government. We are familiar with and fully understand all of the potential claims avenues. So, regardless of which path you will need to follow to secure the income you need, we will be able to assist you.

My Disability Is Denied What Should I Do?

If your disability claim has been denied you should immediately make arrangements to speak to an experienced disability lawyer. They will explain the best way for you to make sure that your application is reconsidered. Where necessary, they will work with you to strengthen your claim, to reduce the chances of it being rejected a second time.

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Can A Disability Lawyer Speed Up a Case?

It is possible for a disability lawyer to speed up a case. But, only up to a point. They can quickly assess your case and come up with a strategy to improve the chances of it being approved. That way your application or appeal can be submitted faster. That alone can save you several weeks of waiting time.

Paperwork errors can hold things up, while the assessor asks for additional information. Or worse, rejects your claim leaving you having to go through the appeal process. An experienced disability lawyer is aware of the most common mistakes people make. So we will be able to help you to avoid them, so your claim is less likely to be delayed. Unfortunately, it is not possible for a Toronto disability lawyer to push an application up the list and get it processed faster.

How to Find a Disability Lawyer or Attorney

It is very important that you hire the right lawyer or attorney for the job. The disability claims system is difficult to navigate. There is an awful lot that can go wrong. You only need to fill out the forms incorrectly, for your claim to be denied. Or, fail to provide all of the evidence the assessor needs to be able to say yes to your application. 

So, when looking for a disability lawyer in Toronto, and the surrounding area, you need to look for one that has the right experience. Ideally, that means one that has previously dealt with claims that relate to the condition that you are suffering from. They will have a full understanding of the impact your illness or condition has on your ability to work, earn, and live your life. That in-depth knowledge is what they will use to counter the reasons given for denying your claim.

FAQ’s – 

Are Disability Lawyers Worth It?

Usually, disability lawyers are worth it. They understand how the legal system works so know the fastest way to navigate there way through and secure a good level of compensation. Just as importantly they are familiar with and able to interpret the medical evidence and use it to build a strong case.

Can I Change Lawyers During a Disability Claim?

It is possible to change lawyers during a disability claim. You need to notify them in writing and settle your account. Then, ask for your file to be sent to your new lawyer. At Diamond Law, when necessary, we are able to take on cases that are already in progress.

Can You Make a Disability Claim for a Mental Disability?

If you have a mental disability, it is possible to make a disability claim. Governments maintain lists of conditions that are covered. Usually, each case is individually assessed. Claims can be declined. Employing experienced professionals, like Diamond Law to help you with your application can help it to be successful.

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