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  • Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Ontario Considers Increasing the Car Accident Collision Reporting Threshold

As costs around us keep on increasing, the provincial government of Ontario is looking at raising the threshold for auto collision reporting to keep up with inflation and rising costs of auto repairs. This applies to fender-benders and rear-enders where no personal injuries occurred.

Currently, if you have been involved in a minor car accident, the threshold for reporting damages to the Ontario Provincial Police or a authorized provincial collision reporting centre is currently set at $1,000. However, The Toronto Staris reporting that the threshold could be increased to $2,000.

According to the Transportation Minister, Steven Del Duca, “It’s important for us to constantly try to update to make sure we are keeping pace with what’s in the marketplace.”

Despite an increase in threshold, the Toronto police don’t expect to see a decrease in reporting. According to Constable Clint Stibbe of the Traffic Division, “A lot of times insurance companies will ask for a report to be filed anyway.”

Regardless of if you’re in a fender bender or a more serious car accident injury, it’s important to take the correct steps to report yourself. Reporting an accident to the police provides you with additional protections in the event of possible long-term injury.

Sandra Zisckind, Diamond and Diamond Personal Injury Lawyers, recommends taking the following steps if you have been involved in a car accident:

  1. Call for emergency assistance (even for fender benders or rear-ends).
  2. Only provide a description of the accident to the police officer on-site and not other drivers or witnesses involved.
  3. Also, read over the police report for accuracy.
  4. Collect as much information from all parties involved including: names, contact information, and vehicle license plate numbers.
  5. Document everything including photos from the car accident scene.

While the immediate aftermath of a car accident is likely to feel confusing and chaotic, victims should take a number of steps following the accident to make sure any future claims and legal issues can be dealt with properly.

Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair, Provincial Commander, Traffic Safety and Operational Support issued a press release stating that “A fatal road crash happens in a split second, but its consequences are far reaching and last for months, years and for some surviving family members, the rest of their lives.” 

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident, call the name you know and trust. Jeremy Diamond, Sandra Zisckind and the team at Diamond & Diamond Personal Injury Lawyers will work tirelessly to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Call us for a free consultation at 1-800-567-HURT (4878) or visit us here.

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