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Playoff Fever Could Lead to More Injuries at Toronto’s Jurassic Park

Personal Injury firm, Diamond and Diamond, received calls reporting incidents during NBA finals

In all the hype of The Toronto Raptors making their first NBA finals, a Toronto personal injury firm says fans should be extra diligent about their safety.

Tonight’s Game 5, set to take place on home turf, could mean a championship trophy for the team.

 Jeremy Diamond, Senior Partner at Diamond and Diamond Lawyers, says his firm has had reports of injuries in and around Jurassic Park after a win.

“My brother in law Isaac and I are huge Raptors fans and have been season ticket holders for the past six years,” said Diamond. “As such, it’s disappointing to hear reports from my staff that some have been injured during these well-intentioned celebrations.”

Four partners enjoying the game. From left to right: Jeremy Diamond, Zev Bergman, Corey Sax and Isaac Zisckind

Safety tips as provided by Diamond and Diamond:

  1. Drink alcohol within moderation. Excessive intoxication can lead to violence and irrational decision making.
  2. Do not climb onto cars or poles. These are both considered private property and you could be personally liable.
  3. Wear bright clothing at night to avoid the possibility of a collision with a motor vehicle.
  4. Stay alert and stay close to a companion. Bring a backup battery charger in case you get lost.
  5. If you see violent or destructive activity taking place report it. As a bystander you have a responsibility to help mitigate damage.
  6. Just like while driving, keep a safe distance between you and those around you.
  7. Do not engage with someone who is excessively intoxicated on both a physical or verbal level as their behaviour can be unpredictable.
  8. Avoid throwing any sort of projectile in any direction. The consequences from even a small object can be deadly.

“Split second decisions made during mob mentality can have far-reaching implications on your life,” said Diamond. “You could be personally liable for injuries, financially bankrupt yourself or end up in jail. Let’s all aim to keep the spirit of sports one that is free from tragedy.” 

Go Raps!


Jeremy Diamond and Isaac Zisckind 


I got injured after getting hit by a baseball while watching a game inside the stadium — can I sue?

If you get hit by a game ball while watching a sporting event inside a stadium, you can sue. But you would need to prove that the owners, players, or officials were not following the safety standards that are laid out by the rules. For example, the safety net was damaged, not up or was not of the recommended height. In other words, you would have to prove negligence.

Can I file for compensation if I get hurt while celebrating with other fans inside the stadium?

It is possible to file for compensation if you get hurt while celebrating with other fans inside the stadium. You would need to prove that the person or people who caused your injury were acting negligently. But this is hard to do. Plus, most private individuals do not have insurance or adequate assets to pay should you win. If you can prove that the stadium owner’s negligence was a contributing factor to your getting hurt, you can sue them instead.

Are sports bars held liable when sports fans’ celebrations turn rowdy inside their premises?

It is sometimes possible for a sports bar to be held liable when fans who are watching the game are hurt during rowdy celebrations. Under the occupier´s act, bar owners are required to take reasonable steps to monitor what is going on in their establishment. If they see that there is a danger someone can get hurt, they are expected to act to mitigate that danger.

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