Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

Unfortunately, semi truck accidents can cause significant injuries or even fatalities for victims in other vehicles. Millions of trucks transport goods from Canada to the United States and back on a regular basis. Unfortunately, not all of these truck drivers or trucks are safe on the road. This means that any other passengers, driver, cyclist or motorcyclist could become significantly injured in a truck accident. A semi truck accident lawyer should be retained as soon as possible after you have sustained an injury.

You might be eligible to recover compensation that could be critical for helping you put the pieces of your life back together and to move on with the treatment that you need. In Canada, there are more than a thousand trucks on average present per kilometer on every major highway every day. In Ontario, that daily average is easily more than double than the national average. On Ontario’s highway 401 alone that number goes up to more than 10,000 and in Toronto it’s more than 40,000 per day.

When you find yourself seriously injured in a trucking accident, it’s up to you to take the necessary steps to protect your future. You could be entitled to compensation that will help you to pay your medical bills and other expenses that you have incurred due to being critically injured.

Why Semi Trucks Pose Higher Risks on the Road

Because of their sheer size and weight, semi truck accidents are more likely to occur because semi trucks are less easy to control, especially when accidents occur or when maintenance has not been properly maintained. These trucks are more likely to cause significant damage especially to other people, cars and property because they are bigger and heavier. These consequences can be even more serious when the truck is carrying hazardous material.

When a driver is not paying attention or when a truck load has not been properly secured, this carries serious consequences for anyone involved in an accident with that truck. Since smaller vehicles can be completely destroyed by such a crash, it is often the case that surviving accident victims have lifelong repercussions such as disabilities or paralysis because of it.

In these cases, determining liability is very important because it allows victims to put the pieces of their life back together so that they can move on from such an unfortunate chapter. Sadly, for many truck accident victims, life will never be the same again. This is why the law allows these victims to file claims to support their recovery. While semi truck regulations and vehicles have generally gotten safer over the years, it is still the case that plenty of people will suffer devastating injuries and problems due to another party’s negligence on the road.

Types of Semi Truck Accidents

There are many different types of semi truck accidents and all of them can have devastating consequences for an injured party. Some of the most common include:

  • Rear end collisions which occur because semi truck drivers have less visibility in terms of the rear view.
  • Cargo shifting or tipping over when a load has not been properly secured to the truck or has been unevenly distributed to balance the weight. This could lead to cargo shifting inside the container and leaving the semi truck uncontrollable.
  • Sudden turns that could be problematic because trucks are heavy and big and must slow down when making turns.
  • Override and underride accidents which occur when a semi truck runs over a smaller car or when a smaller car crashes into or under the semi truck’s trailer.
  • Rollover accidents. These can occur when a semi truck rolls to its side as a result of speeding on sharp bends or curves collisions or mechanical or brake failure.
  • Skidding. Improper braking can lead to a semi truck accident from skidding. The tractor of the semi truck could slide or skid, hitting people, property or cars.

The core aspect of whether or not you should file a personal injury claim is whether or not another party’s reckless or negligent behavior caused the accident. If you can show that this person or another entity was responsible for your injuries, then you might be able to get the financial support required to ensure your top level of care and best potential to recover as much as you can from this accident. A personal injury lawyer can be an important part of that process.

Other Causes of Semi Truck Accidents

One of the most important things that an attorney can do immediately after a semi truck accident is to determine potentially liable parties. It can be shocking to realize that multiple parties could be responsible for your injuries. Some of the other causes of semi truck accidents include:

  • Mechanical failure or improperly maintained semi trucks.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Tired drivers or those drivers who have not obtained enough training or supervision.
  • Drivers who fail to observe traffic rules, such as those who are engaged in reckless driving, changing lanes abruptly or over speeding.

These are not the only causes of accidents, however, so discuss your concerns with your injury law firm.


Semi-truck accidents can cause devastating injuries. If you or your loved one got hurt in a semi-truck accident, you need a personal injury lawyer who can help you file for compensation.

Injuries Caused by Semi Truck Accidents

Many truck accident victims have extensive injuries that are very expensive to treat and can even lead to lifelong pain. Some examples can include brain injury, spinal cord injury, soft tissue injuries and long term disability problems.

Protect Your Rights by Getting a Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

You cannot count on the insurance company or the other party involved in the accident to protect your rights if you are hurt in a semi truck accident. Diamond & Diamond has proven experience and expertise when it comes to handling semi truck accidents.

We have a background in tackling difficult truck accidents including semi truck crashes and specialize in personal injury cases with a successful track record of winning these cases. You can contact us today to schedule a consultation through our 1-800 number, use our online contact form to tell us more about your case, or get a free consultation when you call our office.

More than one party may be liable when it comes to semi-truck accidents. Depending on the facts, the truck driver, the truck company, the truck/truck parts manufacturer, or the cargo loader could be held liable.


FAQs for Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

In terms of liability are semi truck drivers held to a higher standard compared to other drivers?

Semi truck drivers are held to a standard because of the size and weight of the vehicles they drive. They are also required to obtain separate licensure, meaning that they should uphold the rules of the road.

Is it okay if I hire an ordinary lawyer to handle my semi truck accident case?

Only an experienced personal injury lawyer should handle your semi truck accident case. This is because your injuries may be severe and could impact you for many years to come. It is recommended that you schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable semi truck accident lawyer who will take your case seriously.

Can I still sue if the party responsible for the semi truck accident is from America?

This can make for a complicated personal injury case but does not mean that you are excluded from recovering compensation as a result of your injuries.

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