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Speed, Racing & Stunt driving

If you are interested in stunt driving or racing in Canada, it is important to recognize the potential consequences and how this could end up leading you to call a catastrophic injury lawyer. This is a dangerous activity and can lead to life-changing accidents in which you could be found liable.

If you are hurt in a speed racing accident and it was caused by someone else, this information should be shared with a speed racing injury lawyer to discuss your next steps. If you’re feeling the pressure of mounting medical bills and other expenses you need to be clear about your rights and the next steps involved. The sooner that you can consult with an injury lawyer, the easier it will be for you to move forward with your life.

Unfortunately, far too many people are hurt in speed racing and stunt driving accidents in Canada and might need to consult with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer sooner rather than later to protect their rights. If this is you, schedule a consultation today to learn more about fighting for compensation.

Ontario Law on Speeding, Racing and Stunt Driving

Per Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act, no one can drive a motor vehicle on a highway in a race or a contest while carrying out a stunt or as a result of a bet or a wager. Unfortunately, some people ignore these rules and end up hurting others in the process. This could lead to the filing of a personal injury lawsuit by a victim who is seriously injured.

Under Ontario What Activities Are Considered Stunt Driving?

Although there are some activities that would be annoying to another driver, this does not always cross the line into stunt driving behavior.

A victim in a vehicle accident should be mindful of any activities that could be classified as stunt driving so as to bring this up in the personal injury case. The following activities can be classified as stunt driving:

  • Putting a person inside the trunk of a vehicle.
  • Burn outs or doughnuts.
  • Jumping ahead and then turning left before traffic restarts at an intersection.
  • Driving faster than 50km/h.
  • Driving while not seated on the driver seat.
  • Driving as close as possible to a bicycle, car, motorcycle or pedestrian.
  • Popping wheelies or doing stoppies.
  • Operating a motor vehicle with no due care and consideration for others on the road or endangering somebody by intentionally preventing them from passing, stopping, or slowing down.

Penalties for Stunt Driving Under Ontario Law

There are serious consequences associated with stunt driving under Ontario law as explained in the above mentioned activities. For drivers who are caught and convicted of stunt driving or racing offences, this can lead to a 7-day administrative driving suspension, a 7-day car impound and a requirement to pay impound charges. For those drivers who are convicted of stunt driving or racing offences, they will be responsible for paying a fine between $2,000 to $10,000.

Facing more serious driver’s license suspensions of up to 10 years and imprisonment of up to 6 months. Other considerations that could apply in your case include payment of victim fine surcharges, payment of impound charges, costs of reinstatement or reissuance of a license, increased car insurance rates or inconvenience associated with not having a driver’s license.

How Stunt Driving and Racing Can Endanger Others

The high speeds attained by a vehicle engaged in stunt driving and racing can make it difficult for another driver to react in time to avoid passing cars or nearby people or property close by. As a result of these high speeds, obstacles could cause the car to rollover instead of stopping dead on its tracks, thereby causing additional risks to other people, vehicles and property. Maneuvers in stunt driving could go wrong, leading to car accidents, injuries or property damage and injuries caused by car racing accidents are often catastrophic.
Broken bones, fractures, internal bleeding, and chronic pain can all be common injuries from a stunt racing accident. The high speeds obtained during stunt driving or speed racing can cause significant force when one vehicle crashes into another car, a bike, or a motorcycle.
Stunt driving or racing is no fun if somebody gets hurt. If you get injured because of a car racing or speeding incident, make sure you get the right legal advice by consulting with Diamond & Diamond Law.

Call Diamond & Diamond Now to Handle Your Stunt Driving Accident

If you have been the victim in a stunt driving accident, you likely need compensation to help pay for your medical treatments and related expenses. Diamond & Diamond’s team of lawyers are all driven to build a strong case for personal injury claims. You can visit any of our locations in Ontario or call our 1-800 number. You can also drop us a message through our website’s online contact form and get a free case evaluation when you’ve been hurt in a stunt driving accident.
Our lawyers take your case seriously from the beginning and work with you to design a strategy for your injury claim.
“Teen participation in car racing is alarmingly high, so if you have teenage kids, make sure they’re aware of the dangers posed by stunt driving to drivers and to others.”

FAQs on Speeding, Racing and Stunt Driving

Is stunt driving considered a criminal offence in Canada?

Stunt driving is a serious matter but is not classified as a criminal offence, whereas dangerous and impaired driving are both classified as offences under the criminal code of Canada. Instead, the allegation of stunt driving falls under the regulations of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.

Is road rage considered stunt driving in Ontario?

Road rage is definitely unfortunate and can increase the chances of being hurt in an accident. Stunt driving involves more than just speeding as it can also include instances of road rage or actual stunts.

Does stunt driving affect my car insurance?

Being accused or charged with any traffic related offence, and especially in the event that the behaviors caused serious injuries to another person, you need to schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. A dedicated personal injury lawyer can support you with all aspects of your personal injury claim and help you to recover the compensation you need to move on with your life.

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