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Have You Suffered Serious Complications From the Implantation of Transvaginal Mesh During Surgery?

Mesh erosion can cause several symptoms including severe pain, pelvic prolapse, sexual dysfunction, incontinence and further surgeries. If you or a loved one has been a victim, please call us immediately at 1-800-567-HURT (4878) or use the form below for a free consultation:

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Women suffering from pelvic prolapse may have visited their doctor to learn more about their options and have been referred to transvaginal mesh surgery.

Unfortunately, a product and surgery that was designed to help women, has become the focus of an increasing number of reports, as well as transvaginal mesh lawsuits filed by patients who have been significantly injured after having the surgery to receive this material. Women were frequently told that it would be an easy and a quick fix when they were suffering from incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse. This piece of flesh was implanted, to help support pelvic organs. Sadly, however, many of them were serious complications associated with the scenario can arise after surgery and lead to significant pain and be very difficult to fix.

Does Transvaginal Mesh Cause Serious Side Effects?

According to the FDA, in the United States, approximately 4,000 complaints were received regarding death, injury or malfunction associated with transvaginal mesh surgeries that were performed between 2005 and 2010. Leaving the agency to conclude that complications from these implants are not rare.

As of 2015, a total of 70,000 women had already taken action to file transvaginal mesh lawsuits, after suffering a variety of serious injuries from the product. Some of the most serious complications involve erosion, wherein the mesh erodes through the vaginal wall. This can require multiple surgeries in order to fix and there is no guarantee that any fix at all can be made.

This process involves the wearing down of the mesh through a woman’s soft internal tissue. This can lead to exposure. Also referred to as protrusion or extrusion and can be extremely painful. This means that the flesh may be visible externally and can lead to recurrent infections and painful sexual intercourse.

A recent review indicated that more than 3,700 participants, in 40 separate trials of the surgical procedures for pelvic organ prolapse, identify the 10% vaginal mesh erosion rate. The complication rate for a similar bladder sling however, is closer to 4%. The only solution for those suffering from erosion, is removal of the mesh, but this is not always possible.

Another common issue associated with this situation, is known as organ perforation. This is defined as the perforation of the wall of any hollow organ in the body. As mesh erodes through any internal tissue, it can perforate organs, like the bowel, the urethra, the bladder or the rectum. It can even lead to perforation that occurs during the surgery. Significant and severe cases of organ perforation, mainly to difficulty breathing and infection and surgery is almost always required.

Have You Suffered Serious Complications From the Implantation of Transvaginal Mesh During Surgery? Contact us Immediately

Research into Problems with Transvaginal Mesh

In one 2011 research study, comparing one Transvaginal Mesh procedures and colporrhaphy procedures. Swedish researchers identified 389 separate women with pelvic organ prolapse. 200 of them went through transvaginal mesh surgery and 189 underwent colporrhaphy. All of the women had similar diagnosis prior to the surgery. Complication rates were much higher for those individuals in the transvaginal mesh group.

Some of the more serious side effects for vaginal mesh implants include; vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge, urinary retention, vaginal scarring, nerve damage, general or groin pain, autoimmune problems, vaginal shortening and neuromuscular problems. A rising number of women have filed lawsuits in Canada, regarding their concerns about transvaginal mesh lawsuits.

More than 8,000 vaginal mesh lawsuits are already pending in Federal Court in the United States, arguing that the manufacturer should have known about these dangers or knew about them and failed to warn physicians and patients about their severity. If you or someone you know has been affected, you need help from a personal injury lawyer.

Have You Suffered Serious Complications From the Implantation of Transvaginal Mesh During Surgery? Contact us Immediately

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

Many women who have undergone this surgery and have begun to experience painful side effects may have grounds to pursue a lawsuit against the manufacturer. Unfortunately, many of the key concerns associated with TVM did not emerge until thousands of women started to share their experience. A growing number of patients and doctors have since shared serious concerns about these surgeries.

One of the most devastating effects of this is that the pain for victims does not end with the surgery itself. Many patients have reported difficulty adjusting to daily life after the surgery. The only option to fix the painful issues associated with a transvaginal mesh implant were multiple revision surgeries attempting to manage symptoms. In the United States alone, there are tens of thousands of lawsuits facing the manufacturers and marketers of TVM. At the federal level in the U.S., there are 49,000 lawsuits against seven separate manufacturers that have been consolidated. Those facing the most lawsuits are makers Ethicon and American Medical Systems, although other popular defendants include C.R. Bart, Cook Medical, Neomedic, Boston Scientific, and Coloplast.

Patients in these lawsuits may be entitled to recover compensation for their injuries, their pain, and the costs associated with multiple revision surgeries. A class action lawsuit may be the most appropriate step for a victim.

Patients report that they should have been properly informed of the risks of the surgery prior to getting the procedure completed. The currently-filed lawsuits argue that the manufacturer should have known about the dangers or did know and failed to disclose appropriate warnings to doctors and patients, thereby putting patients at risk. If you or someone you know falls into this category, getting legal help is strongly recommended.

Have You Suffered Serious Complications From the Implantation of Transvaginal Mesh During Surgery? Contact us Immediately


Our transvaginal mesh lawyers are now speaking with and meeting with patients who have experienced painful side effects after a transvaginal mesh surgery. In order to determine whether or not your case meets the grounds to move forward, it is strongly recommended that you meet with an experienced attorney as soon as possible to learn more about your rights. If you recently had transvaginal mesh surgery and have begun to experience unexplained side effects or if you have already started the process of multiple revision surgeries, you may be able to pursue a lawsuit with the help of experienced lawyers. Don’t wait to get the help you need.

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