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How to Win Disability Benefits for Chronic fatigue Syndrome

Perhaps one of the most commonly misunderstood conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome can be life-changing, and a condition that makes it impossible to get through the day. Working is even more challenging for some people. That’s why securing help from a long term disability attorney is sometimes necessary. It can help you to get the financial help you need when you just cannot manage to work a traditional job.

Symptoms That Accompany Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

One of the key components to applying for chronic fatigue syndrome disability is having the recognized symptoms of the condition. These may include:

  • Fatigue often debilitating fatigue that is uncontrollable
  • Loss of concentration or memory
  • Headaches
  • Extreme exhaustion that lasts over 24 hours
  • Unexplained joint or muscle pain
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Sleep that doesn’t improve your mental clarity – you still feel tired

If you have these or other types of symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, it’s necessary to seek medical care. You may need medications or other changes to your lifestyle to help you to manage your condition. Sometimes, even with treatment, it’s hard to actually feel well enough to work.

Tests That Help You to Know You Have the Condition

For diagnosis, individuals will likely experience several tests, including sleep disorder testing, to determine why you are not sleeping well. This may be due to conditions such as sleep apnea, insomnia, or restless leg syndrome. Many people also have other medical problems, such as underactive thyroid, diabetes, and anemia. Blood work can provide more insight into what may be happening in this situation.

Some people have other medical conditions that can cause more serious, life-changing complications. This includes lung or heart impairments. This may make it harder for you to exercise or do any physical labor. Testing your heart and lungs for functionality, such as through a stress test, is also common. Others suffer from mental health issues that complicate their health. Bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression are some of these. Working with a counselor may help address these underlying conditions.

Consult a Long Term Disability Or Personal Injury Lawyer

Because disability claims for this type of condition can be very difficult to obtain, men and women with it need to focus on working with a long term disability attorney who can provide guidance and support. At Diamond & Diamond Lawyers, we can answer all of your questions about disability claims related to this syndrome or other underlying medical conditions that may help you receive financial support.

We will help you to have the proper medical documentation showing your doctor has ruled out any other underlying medical condition and that it is likely to last for a long period of time and makes you unable to work. You will likely need to show that you are unable to do normal work, such as the work you have done prior. You also need to have well-documented evidence of your condition. Our team can help you to get that and much more to support you in this process!

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10 Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Disability

Do you have these symptoms that may help you qualify for disability claims?

#1: Unexplained fatigue that makes it hard to get through a workday

#2: Sleep disorders such as restless legs syndrome or obstructive sleep apnea

#3: Anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, or other mental health complications

#4: Six months or more of unexplained, unrelenting fatigue not otherwise explained

#5: Difficulty with memory and concentration

#6: Painful, sore throat and enlarged lymph nodes

#7: Unexplained muscle pain or joint pain

#8: Inability to wake up from sleep without significant pain and discomfort

#9: Extreme exhaustion from even mild work

#10: Doctor-diagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome


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Chronic fatigue Syndrome FAQ 

When you meet with Diamond & Diamond Lawyers, we’ll help answer all of your questions regarding filing for disability claims. Here are some common questions many of our clients have.

#1: Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a Disability in Canada?

Long term disability benefits may be available to you for chronic fatigue syndrome through the Canada Pension Plan. You must have paid into the system for the previous six years and paid payroll taxes to qualify. Additionally, you’ll need to have an official diagnosis of the condition with both severe and prolonged effects that make it impossible for you to work.

#2: What Can a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Disability Lawyer Do?

When you work with a personal injury lawyer or long term disability lawyer, you will get one-on-one help for your claim. This means learning as much as possible about your condition, the proper diagnosis, and the long term impact it is likely to have on your health. A key component of this will be to establish why you are unable to work. Working with our attorneys, it is more likely that you will receive this type of approval if you meet the requirements.

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