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The home-buying and selling process in real estate can be exciting and stressful. Depending on the circumstances, you can spend weeks or even months finding the right seller and buyer. Add up to that the back-and-forth discussions before closing the deal.  

Note that every real estate transaction may vary in terms of timeline and other factors. But in whatever situation you’re in, having a real estate lawyer on your side is an advantage. Besides negotiating the best deal for you, they can represent you in every stage of the home-buying and selling process. 

Read on to learn how a real estate lawyer can make a big difference in your real estate transaction. 

An Overview of Buying or Selling Real Estate in Red Deer

Red Deer ranked 12th as one of the best areas to live in Canada. With its diverse and resilient workforce, it has a consistently low unemployment rate of 4.9%. This thriving community offers affordable housing at an average price of $348,386. It’s no wonder it becomes an ideal landing place for first-time homebuyers.    

The city’s real estate activity is doing better than usual despite the pandemic. Because of rock-bottom interest rates, buying real estate in Red Deer gets more attractive. But high sales levels and limited inventory result in soaring property prices. So, though it’s a great time to sell, getting a dream home within your budget can be tricky. 

But whether you’re buying or selling a home, getting expert advice is always a good idea. One expert who can play a crucial role in the home-buying and selling process is a real estate lawyer. 

Unfortunately, many home buyers and sellers forgo lawyer’s services to lessen the cost of real estate transactions. 

While most people don’t need a lawyer in home-buying and selling, hiring one can be essential in several situations. In most cases, a real estate lawyer would be helpful in: 

  • Purchase Contract: The contract is the most critical document during the purchase and sale of a home. It involves several contingencies that can complicate the agreement. A real estate lawyer will review and ensure all elements in the contract and other documents are in order.  
  • Closing: The closing process in real estate can be lengthy. It can include various issues like mistakes in records, unrecorded claims and title defects. This is why title insurance is required in most situations. A real estate lawyer will ensure that all final documentation is valid and transactions are completed correctly.  
  • Exclusive representation: An ordinary real estate transaction doesn’t require a lawyer, except in states where it is mandated. But home buying and selling in Canada can involve many third parties, such as brokers, surveyors and mortgage lenders. A real estate lawyer can represent you at every step of the real estate transaction and look out for your legal interests.   

How Can a Real Estate Lawyer From Diamond and Diamond Help You

As much as possible, every home buyer and seller would want to have the best real estate experience. But the entire process can get more complex and unpredictable without legal assistance. Some unforeseen issues can arise at any time, and having a real estate lawyer by your side will give you confidence and peace of mind.   

As experts of the law, real estate lawyers can help protect you and your interest. But read on below to understand better the benefits of hiring a lawyer for your real estate transaction: 

Real Estate Property Documentation Preparation

Buying and selling real estate involves different types of legal documents, depending on the types of property and transaction. But a real estate lawyer is equipped to draft and review each of them. They can negotiate the terms on your behalf. With a real estate lawyer, you can be certain that the contract has provisions that protect your interests.    

Closing Transaction Services

The passing of property title from the seller to the buyer happens in the closing transaction. But before that, there are closing documents that need to be reviewed and authorized. A real estate owner will ensure that the owner has the legal right to sell the property. They will conduct a title search to ensure no title issues could delay the closing. They will also take care of all closing documents, including disbursements of all fees associated with the transaction. 

Contract Negotiations

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you must obtain the best financial deal from the terms and conditions of the contract. However, the negotiation process can be tedious. You can lean on a real estate lawyer to get the best deal. They will make sure of the authenticity of the legal documents involved. With a real estate lawyer, you can be assured that you’re not getting into any unseen legal traps. 

Real Estate Litigation Issues

Some legal issues may arise during the real estate transaction. The home may have illegal addition or serious hidden problems the seller did not disclose. Or perhaps, there may be an issue on the contract or a chain of title judgement. When transactions put you in an unpleasant legal situation, a real estate lawyer can represent and defend you in court. They can negotiate settlements and file appeals on your behalf when necessary. 

Financial Services

In addition to legal services, a real estate lawyer can also prepare and negotiate financial documents related to the real estate transaction. They can handle the transfer of funds for the purchase. A real estate lawyer can also assist in satisfying every kind of loan arrangement. If you’re having a financial difficulty that leads to the foreclosure of a property, they can give you strategic counsel. 

Real Estate Advisors

Finding someone knowledgeable yet unbiased about real estate issues can be challenging. But a real estate lawyer can give you objective advice on a real estate matter, whether you’re purchasing or selling a property. With their legal guidance, you’d be able to make better-informed choices in a real estate transaction.     

Real Estate Services Offered in Red Deer 

Buying and selling a home involves numerous legal and financial considerations. Although working with a real estate lawyer won’t guarantee a problem-free transaction, you can rest assured that your rights are protected every step of the way. Every concern will be dealt with appropriately.     

With our Red Deer real estate lawyers, you can get expert advice and process purchases or sales in the following areas: 

  • Residential Property
  • Condominium Units
  • Recreational Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Land Development
  • Private Sales and Purchases

Qualities to Look for in Real Estate Lawyers


In dealing with real estate matters, you need a lawyer who is knowledgeable about real estate law. Note that the law can vary in different cities, so make sure the real estate lawyer you hire is well-informed in local ordinances and requirements. They must be licensed to practice law and have significant experience practicing in the local area. 


Real estate doesn’t operate on a usual ‘9 to 5’ work schedule. Transactions are likely to happen during off-hours or weekends. See that the real estate lawyer you hire is a dedicated professional who implements responsive legal services. As much as possible, choose someone who practices real estate law on a full-time basis. 


The real estate lawyer should provide you with honest and accurate information about the transaction. They must protect your interest without hiding the truth from you. The counsel of a real estate lawyer should help you make a more informed decision. 


Being able to convey knowledge to a client upfront is an essential quality of a real estate lawyer. Ensure that you hire a real estate lawyer who can express information and updates in simple language. 

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