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Defensive Driving: Is it Important?

Driving is a skill that we all once dreamt of wanting to learn. It’s an achievement and sign of independence that we all work towards at some point; however, as we gradually get older, we learn to understand its responsibility. 

In the world we live in today, we need to be conscious of everyone around us; that includes the time we’re driving. Responsible driving includes being aware of what’s happening around us to reduce the chances of being involved in an accident. If we’ve ever caught ourselves thinking, “What is defensive driving?” this conscious awareness is just that. It’s when we practice road safety and actively make ourselves aware of any potential hazards. 

In this article, we’ll learn more about defensive driving and why it’s essential. We’ll also look at other points to consider when taking this step.

Defensive Driving Saves Lives

No accident is intentional; it’s critical to know of any safety measures you can take to protect yourself, your passengers, the vehicles involved, and the other driver, even if they’re at fault. Defensive driving opens a gateway to potentially saving any life involved in the accident. In addition, with the right measures in place, we can reduce the chances of experiencing possible traumatic injuries associated with body parts, like the shoulders

Defensive Driving Reduces the Risks of Accidents

When it comes to the benefits associated with defensive driving, we’ve found the following:

  • When we drive at a slower speed, we can remain aware of our surroundings more clearly, which can prevent accidents from happening. 
  • Being aware of your surroundings allows you the chance to stay alert while driving. 
  • When practicing defensive driving, we can spot potential hazards and areas that can threaten any vehicles involved. 
  • Potholes and any road damage can be easily identified, allowing us to drive accordingly

Defensive Driving Keeps Your Distance

It’s crucial to ensure that we keep a reasonable distance between vehicles ahead of us. Should the driver decide to suddenly apply brakes while driving, maintaining a reasonable distance helps us react accordingly. This can include slowing down, stopping or changing lanes, and avoiding driving into the vehicle ahead. 

More signs, painted markings, and street lights mean more danger for you and those around you. Keep safe through defensive driving, and contact Diamond & Diamond Lawyers in case a car accident happens.

Defensive Driving Prevents Common Problems Following the Accident

When it comes to the importance of defensive driving, besides considering vehicle and personal damage to any property and belongings, defensive driving can help prevent physical, mental, financial and emotional trauma. 

We can experience physical trauma from any injuries incurred from the accident. Even if we aren’t at fault, per se, we could still have some financial expenses to deal with, such as insurance. In any deaths from the accident, we could risk experiencing some emotional and mental trauma like guilt, fear, and emotional distress, which can impact anyone’s daily life. We also need to consider the inconvenience of possibly missing work to attend to the case or make visits to the doctor. 

Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer About Defensive Driving

Realistically speaking, no one can guarantee that they’ll avoid an accident, even if their defensive driving skills are commendable. In the case of being involved in an accident, the best any defensive driver can do is reduce the chances of incurring any severe damages. 

Should you find yourself injured in an accident caused by an aggressive driver, get in touch with a personal injury lawyer from Diamond & Diamond.

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Pro Tip

Adapt your driving to road and weather conditions.

Defensive Driving FAQs

Can I take a defensive driving course on my smartphone?

Yes, some sites allow interested drivers to register on their course sites and take the course from any computer and mobile device with an internet connection.

How long will it take me to finish a defensive driving course?

Each state offers different time periods to take a defensive driving course. For an accurate answer, contact the institution’s help center for more information regarding course durations.

Is it guaranteed that I’ll have a driver’s license once I finish a defensive driving course?

No, a driver’s license allows individuals that are of legal age to drive on roads. It’s illegal to be driving a vehicle without a driver’s license. A defensive driving course, however, is by choice.

What are the most important things to consider in defensive driving?

There are many things to consider if you want to be a defensive driver. Some important points about defensive driving include staying focused, remaining alert at all times, paying attention to other drivers, being aware of road conditions, and obeying traffic laws, signs, road markings, & signals.

Are defensive driving courses required by law in Ontario?

No. By law, you are not required to take training in defensive driving in order to obtain your driver’s license. However, there are many advantages in learning defensive driving in general. This is why it is highly recommended that you register for a ministry approved driving course.

Can defensive driving reduce my auto insurance premiums?

It all depends on your insurance provider. Sometimes, insurance companies will provide a discount for those who complete an approved defensive driving course. Drivers may also be able to reduce the number of points they have on their licenses by taking a defensive driving, accident prevention, or other course.

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