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Avoid Accidents Using These Safe Driving Tips for Spring


It could be more than merely a coincidence that daylight saving time when most Canadian communities set their clocks one hour ahead usually results in up to a 20 percent increase in accidents on the road. The reason could have as much to do with spring weather and road conditions as it does with tired drivers adjusting to the loss of an hour of sleep on the day after the clocks get reset. Here are six tips to keep you and others safe when driving this spring.

Winter potholes create spring driving hazards

Winter freezing and thawing wreaks havoc with road surfaces. Last spring, road crews from the city of Toronto repaired more than 110,000 potholes between January and March. Potholes not only cause damage to your vehicle, but hitting one can cause a driver to lose control and crash into another vehicle or roadside object. Avoid the danger by keeping a lookout for potholes and avoiding roads where you know they exist.

Watch out for road repair and construction crews

Spring weather provides the ideal opportunity for municipalities to begin or resume road improvement projects, including roving crews repairing winter damage. Reducing your speed and being vigilant for workers or construction vehicles when travelling in a work zone can help you to avoid sudden stops or abrupt lane changes that could put you at risk of colliding with other cars or trucks.

Winter sand makes for hazardous road conditions in the spring

The sand and salt mixtures used to melt winter ice and snow and improve traction makes for slippery conditions in the spring. Stopping distances increase when you attempt to make a sudden stop on a sandy road surface, so avoid panic stops by leaving extra distance between your vehicle and other vehicles ahead of you.

Spring is here, but winter might not be over

A mild, sunny day can turn into a cold and blustery night with wet conditions and freezing temperatures. If your car is equipped with winter tires, don’t be in a hurry to replace them at the first sign of spring weather. Adjust your vehicle’s speed to the road and weather conditions existing at the time.

Keep a lookout for other people using the roads

Milder weathers encourage people to dust off the bicycle they put into storage in the fall and take to the roads. Spring is a great time to use a bicycle to commute to work or to get some exercise.

Drivers must keep in mind Ontario law requires that motor vehicles share the roads with bicycle riders. Yield the right-of-way to cyclists at intersections and when turning across lanes designated for bicycle use.

Watch out for children and pedestrians

More daylight in the afternoon and evening thanks to daylight saving time means more children playing on sidewalks and in the street. Be prepared to stop when you see children even if they are not playing in the road because you never know when a child will dart into the street after a ball.

Better weather also brings out more pedestrians and joggers. Many people use earplugs to listen to music while walking or running, so they may not hear your vehicle approaching. Reduce the speed of your vehicle and be prepared to stop or yield to runners and pedestrians.

Ontario personal injury lawyer

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