Mass Transit Injury Lawyers

Mass Transit Injury Lawyers

If you have recently been hurt in a serious accident in public transit, you need a mass transit injuries lawyer who can guide you through the process of getting the support that you need. Public transit injuries can significantly change your life and alter the course of your future. It is up to you to schedule a consultation with a mass transit injury lawyer who can support you from beginning to end and help you answer important questions about this process.

In Ontario and especially in Toronto, many different people depend on the Toronto Transit Commission when going to different places. Meeting via TTC is typically a safe means of travel whether you are on a subway, train, streetcar or bus. But TTC accidents still occur when you least expect them and they often lead to injuries for passengers and even other drivers and pedestrians. If you or your loved ones recently got hurt in a mass transit accident it is always wise to consult with a personal injury lawyer.

Ontario Law and Mass Transit Injuries

Per Ontario’s Revised and Current Insurance Act, passengers riding in streetcars or buses can’t file accident benefit claims versus the mass transit companies, except when there has been an actual collision with another car or object.

The purpose of this law is to discourage accident benefit claims made against public transit companies if a passenger gets hurt by a sudden movement, falls or sustains injuries due to the stop of a streetcar or a bus where no actual collision has occurred. If your case applies for the above example of initiating a personal injury claim, you can start this process by coordinating with a mass transit injury lawyer to guide you through what to expect.

When it comes to the recovery of compensation, you need a lawyer who has been there before and who has helped other clients with this.

Recovery of Compensation for Mass Transit Accident Victims

Your life can be forever changed in a matter of a few moments in a mass transit injury accident. You can file for compensation in several different scenarios. The first of these is when a mass transit vehicle collides with another car or object due to some party’s negligence, such as the driver or another vehicle operator.

You can also file an injury claim when a mass transit vehicle collides with another object or car because of the transit driver’s negligence in operating that bus or streetcar. Depending on the specifics of your accident, more than one party may be found liable. The public transit driver, the driver of the other car and owners of transit vehicles, for example, can all be found liable in these types of personal injury claims.

No one should have to suffer with the long-term consequences of an accident on mass transit, but it can and does happen. Since you might be stuck with significant medical bills as a result, you need to know how to proceed with the help of an attorney who has guided other people through this difficult circumstance before. That’s where Diamond & Diamond comes in to help explain to you when you can file a claim for mass transit accident injuries.

Causes of Mass Transit Accidents

There are many different causes of mass transit accidents and a thorough investigation of the accident scene might be necessary to determine whether or not you have grounds to file a legal claim. A proper investigation should be handled by a mass transit injury lawyer who knows the lay of the land and can assist with public transit injury claims.

Some of the most common causes of mass transit accidents include driver related factors like the driver’s own negligence, driver impairment, driving while intoxicated, driving while on drugs, poor road conditions, or poor weather conditions.

When you believe that negligence or improper maintenance or training has caused serious injuries for you, you need to share this information with a trusted personal injury lawyer to get the input and support you need to move forward with a claim. Our Ontario mass transit lawyers are here to help and answer your questions right away as we have helped other victims through this unfortunate experience.

Injuries from Mass Transit Accidents

Injuries from Mass Transit Accidents

The injuries you sustain might be numerous and can even be catastrophic. Catastrophic injuries are those that will last a long time and can lead to permanent disability. It can be shocking for an accident victim that they will never be able to live their life the same after a mass transit accident and therefore, it becomes extremely important to retain a mass transit injury lawyer who can support in the filing of your personal injury claim.

Although any kind of injuries can occur due to a mass transit accident, some of the most common are whiplash and other soft tissue injuries, spinal cord injuries when the accident involves high impact crashes, and brain injuries if the transit vehicle rolls over or falls from a significant height.

Know how you can recover compensation if you get injured because of a mass transit accident. Call Diamond & Diamond today to consult with a mass transit injury lawyer.


The bottom line is that if you have sustained an injury in a preventable accident, the support of a dedicated personal injury lawyer can go a long way towards helping you get back on track.

Diamond & Diamond has lawyers with extensive experience in handling personal injury cases including mass transit injuries. Visit any of our offices across Toronto, fill out our online contact form at the website or call our 1-800 number for a free consultation anytime any day.


If you get hurt in a mass transit accident, your first  priority is seeking medical attention, and then make sure to document everything, keep medical records and receipts of all medical bills.

FAQs on Mass Transit Injury Lawyers

What damages can I recover from a mass transit injury claim?

Expenses that are related to the injuries you have sustained, such as past and future medical expenses, lost wages and more can all be associated with recovery in an injury claim. The specifics of your case should be discussed with your mass transit injury lawyer.

What proof do I need for a mass transit injury claim?

You will want a copy of the accident report, any pictures or videos taken at the scene of the accident and contact details for any parties associated with the accident so that you can present them to your lawyer.

Is there a limitation period for a mass transit injury claim?

The limitation period for filing an injury claim is usually two years from the date of the accident depending on the circumstances. There are certain notice provisions to be aware of and it is always in your best interests to retain a mass transit injury lawyer as soon as possible after you have sustained an injury in order to get the support and understanding of the timelines and rights and responsibilities of accident victims.

For further questions, schedule a consultation today with a lawyer.       

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