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Soft Tissue Injury Lawyers

Injuries to tendons, muscles and ligaments are referred to as "Soft Tissue Injury." Soft tissue injuries are a common occurrence among the victims of car accidents, bicycle crash and slip and fall accidents. These injuries are severe in nature, and some of them could result in lifelong pain and suffering.

Many times, soft tissue injuries take time to show up. Many soft tissue injury victims wake up a day after the accident and are suddenly not able to turn your head or move out of the bed. Such injuries can be treated in a short time. However, injuries such as torn ACL take a long time for recovery and require orthopedic surgery.

What is a Soft Tissue Injury?

A soft tissue injury is defined as tears, pulls and contusions of ligaments, tendons or muscles. Strain, sprain, sudden blow and overuse are the causes behind soft tissue injuries. These injuries can lead to pain, swelling, bruising and even loss of function in some cases.

Types of Soft Tissue Injuries

Fundamentally, soft tissue injuries can be classified into two main categories: Acute injuries and Overuse injuries. Acute injuries occur from sudden trauma to the body. Whereas Overuse soft tissue injuries are caused when a specific part of the body performs an activity repeatedly and doesn't have the time to recover between occurrences. Such damages could be caused by our simple daily activities as well.

Soft Tissue Injuries are Difficult to Document

Unlike bone fractures and other injuries, soft tissue injuries are complicated to record medically as they’re not detected on X-ray. Moreover, documenting them on MRI proves to be difficult. That is why soft tissue injuries are often referred to as "invisible" injuries.

Soft Tissue Injuries are Serious

Often, soft tissue injuries are labelled minor as there is no "real" damage. Well, the victims and we beg to differ. The pain soft tissue injuries generate is real and excruciating. Many people can't even recover fully, and their lives never are the same. Many of these people can’t carry out their daily activities and lead a normal life.

Our Lawyers Can Help You

As mentioned earlier, soft tissue injuries occur due to two reasons. The first is injury due to repeated action and the second one is trauma or sudden accident. If your injury occurred due to work-related activity or accident, you might be entitled to receive short-term or long-term disability claim—depending on the kind of injury you’ve sustained. Our expert soft tissue injury lawyers in Ontario can help you get the deserving compensation.

On the other hand, if an accident by someone else’s negligence or mistake caused you the injury, you have all the rights to make that person legally responsible for your losses and to get compensation for your pain, suffering, medical bills, property damages and loss of income. Such battles are no joke, you need an experienced head by your side to come out on the winning team. And who could be better than the award-winning soft tissue injury lawyers of Diamond & Diamond?

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Soft tissue injury cases can be very hard as the insurance companies won't be willing to grant the compensation as these injuries are tough to document and prove medically—something that insurance companies are looking for. However, you need not be worried about it as you have our experienced lawyers by your side. We have dealt with these insurance companies before, and we won't mind dealing with them in the future.

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