Construction Site Accident Lawyer

Construction Site Accident Lawyer

Construction sites can be hazardous places, and you never know when something could go wrong. Even if you don’t work there yourself, you might know someone who does and faces these dangers every day. Unfortunately, accidents occur pretty frequently in Ontario, as witnessed by recent industrial accidents in Oshawa and Mississauga.

Construction sites usually have lots of heavy machinery and building materials, which all have the potential to cause serious harm. While unexpected events are usually preventable with the correct safety measures, it’s impossible to avoid every risk.

In most cases, the incident isn’t your fault, and you have the right to claim compensation if you’re injured. We can help you determine what happened and work through the process of getting you the payout you deserve. With our experience in handling construction site accident cases, we’ll investigate things like the type of accident, liability, cause, and what benefits you can receive.

Common Causes of Construction Site Accidents

If you’re involved in a construction accident, it’s essential to determine the exact cause. Not only will knowing the exact cause assist your claim, but it’ll help to make construction sites safer for others in the future. We could even find that the site had been negligent and didn’t implement the proper safety procedures. In this case, your case will be even stronger.

Some examples could include:

  • Lack of any form of fall protection for workers on elevated structures
  • Lack of any protection from falling objects for anyone on the ground
  • Tripping hazards from debris and construction materials
  • Missing guards or lack of protections on power tools
  • Unsafe construction equipment
  • Lack of important safety precautions when workers are working near power lines
  • Lack of important protection for workers that work in trenches
  • Other property conditions that are unsafe
  • Causes of Chronic Pain Syndrome 
  • Accidents that can cause torn ligaments 

Liability in Construction Site Accidents

Liability in Construction Site AccidentsOne of the most critical parts of these types of cases is determining liability. It can also be one of the most difficult because there could be many different parties involved in your accident. 

The groups who are most commonly found to be third-party liable are:

  • Construction site owners
  • Contractors and subcontractors
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Equipment manufacturers

While most of the liability is usually assigned to a few main parties, many other individuals or groups can still be at fault for your incident. Construction site owners are usually held liable, as they were in charge of the space where your incident occurred. It’s their job to control the site and keep everyone safe.

Other common liable parties include design professionals and contractors. Designers like engineers and architects are responsible for any plans used on the site. If these aren’t drawn up properly, it could lead to serious accidents. A contractor’s job is to ensure the site meets standard safety conditions and to let people like you know about any potential hazards.

There are a handful of other groups who could be liable for your injuries. These include subcontractors, site managers, foremen, machinery suppliers and manufacturers, and insurance companies. If you need help identifying liability or with any aspect of your work-related injuries case, read this article here to find out more.

Types of Construction Site Accident Claims and Lawsuits

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about whether your injuries qualify you for a claim or not. Almost any injury you’ve received from a construction site accident can be compensated for. 

Here is a list of some injury types that have led to opened cases:

  • Tunnel accidents
  • Electrocution
  • Highway construction accidents
  • Drowning
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Big equipment accident
  • Safety code violation
  • Shoring accident
  • Explosion
  • Machinery accidents
  • Scaffolding failures
  • Trip and falls
  • Lifting accidents
  • Welding accidents

Thankfully, receiving your compensation doesn’t require many steps. In most cases, you only need to file a claim for your case to be opened. Cases are then categorized under the following types.

  • Workers’ compensation claim
  • Wrongful death
  • Personal injury cases
  • Product liability

The most common type of work-related injury in Ontario is musculoskeletal disorders. These include a variety of muscle problems, although the most frequent are joint injuries. Since physical work usually involves intense muscle use and repetition, you can damage your joints easily. Check out this article if you want to learn more about joint injuries.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a construction accident, the experienced construction site accident lawyers at Diamond & Diamond Law are here to help.

What to Do When Hurt in a Construction Site Accident

You should first seek medical attention to ensure that you haven’t suffered any severe injuries. 

Next, tell your supervisor about the incident and any witnesses that were present. 

Once the on-site situation has been dealt with, you’ll need to get legal assistance if you want to file a compensation claim. Even if the claim is denied, you can still appeal it. Read this article for more details on how to report a work-related injury correctly.

How Construction Site Accident Lawyers Can Help You

How Construction Site Accident Lawyers Can Help YouOur construction site accident lawyers are happy to help you with everything related to your case. With our experience, we can assist with determining liability, collecting the documents you’ll need for the claim, and contacting insurance companies. 

We’ll do everything we can to ensure that you receive the compensation needed to make a full recovery.

Contact Diamond & Diamond Law After a Construction Site Accident

If you’ve been involved in a construction site accident, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you with getting the compensation you deserve for any work-related incident. 

The cases we cover include car accidents, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, and more. Go here for a free consultation to find out if you qualify to make a claim.

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Construction Site Accident Lawyer FAQs

Do Construction Accident Compensation Laws Vary from Province to Province in Canada?

Yes, each province’s compensation laws have a different process to follow and varying contribution rates. Despite this, each compensation act has the same goal of funding your recovery from a construction site accident. Get in touch with us to find out the procedures for your province.

What Is the Most Common Cause of Death in the Construction Industry?

Falls are the most common cause of death in Ontario’s construction industry. Due to the nature of construction, you can regularly find yourself working in high places, and accidents can easily occur if safety precautions aren’t in place. Contact us if you need help with filing a claim for wrongful death.

I Got Hurt in a Construction Accident and Had to Get Counseling -- Is That Also Covered in My Claim?

Yes, counseling is included in work-related personal injury claims in British Columbia. If you are to return to work, your mental health is just as important as physical injuries. If you’d like to learn more about mental health benefits, get a hold of us, and we’ll assist you.

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