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Causes of Chronic Pain Syndrome

There’s nothing quite as crippling to your personal and social life as much as when you experience Chronic Pain Syndrome. It’s hard to explain to the people around you, especially if it’s a pain caused by an injury that’s not visible to your friends and family. Chronic pain takes a substantial toll on your emotional and physical overall wellbeing.

Have you considered that you could be eligible to make a personal injury claim for your Chronic Pain Syndrome? Let’s take a look at the valid reasons why you could:

It’s worth exploring a personal injury claim to afford the correct medical care and alleviate your suffering: such claims include any chronic pain.

What Is Chronic Pain Syndrome?

If you’re asking the question: What is Chronic Pain Syndrome? Let’s look at the medical definitions.

The medical classification for Chronic Pain Syndrome is described by the United States Library of Medicine via the NCBI website as any pain that doesn’t clear up in three to six months and consistently causes you discomfort. 

According to The Health & Social Care Information Centre, chronic pain or discomfort that persists for longer than three months are classified as Chronic Pain Syndrome. It’s any discomfort or soreness that troubles you consistently or periodically for a long time.

The problem with chronic pain is that even though you treat the cause, the pain or discomfort persists. Although it can occur spontaneously, it’s mostly caused by a single trauma or injury from anything, such as a broken bone or torn muscles. You’ll also realize why you need compensation if you’ve been placed in such a predicament by someone else’s actions. 

Even if it’s mild or moderate pain, the fact that it never entirely leaves your body causes numerous unpleasant lifestyle changes. You have to adapt to the new limits an injury has imposed on your lifestyle as you learn how to adapt to living with Chronic Pain Syndrome.

Let’s look at some of the typical Chronic Pain Syndrome symptoms:

  • Tightness and stiffness of muscles
  • Shooting pains in the area of injury
  • Burning sensation
  • Aching sensation
  • Acute soreness

Causes Of Chronic Pain Syndrome

There are various causes of Chronic Pain Syndrome, which includes both physical and psychological trauma. You might find it difficult to express the level of pain you’re experiencing and, therefore, get misdiagnosed. This can lead to frustration and unnecessary time in pain while there are excellent medical treatments and coping mechanisms available.

What Causes Chronic Pain Syndrome?

Car accidents are amongst the most common causes of injury that leads to this syndrome, and so are slip and fall accidents. The following summarizes the typical and commonly found culprits of what causes Chronic Pain Syndrome:

A vital point to keep in mind is that injuries such as these have long-term effects and can deteriorate over time instead of heal. It would be advisable to consider filing a chronic pain claim to help you pay for potential future medical care such as therapy or rehabilitation.

Chronic pain can affect the quality of one’s life in a significant way. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident and experiencing chronic pain, contact an experienced lawyer from Diamond and Diamond today. 

Consult With A Chronic Pain Lawyer

If you haven’t consulted with a Chronic Pain Lawyer, it’s vital to keep in mind that you can still do so for up to three years after being diagnosed with Chronic Pain Syndrome. If your injury was caused by somebody or something that wasn’t your fault, you’re entitled to rehabilitation and compensation. It’s advisable to consult with a personal injury lawyer from Diamond and Diamond to help you navigate and manage your claim.

You’d have an excellent chance of filing a successful personal injury claim and receiving compensation if you have an experienced and specialized lawyer by your side. You can contact 1-800-567-HURT to arrange a free consultation.


“Take note that you are entitled to claim up to three years from the diagnosis of the pain, not three years from the accident that caused the pain.”

Causes of Chronic Pain Syndrome FAQs

If my chronic pain arose a year after an accident, is it still possible to make a claim?

Yes, you may submit a claim for up to three years from the date of diagnosis.

What happens if my chronic pain is left untreated?

Your injury might continue to worsen, causing increased pain levels that become harder to treat.

What is the most efficient way to reduce inflammation?

You need to consult a medical professional to diagnose your injury and prescribe the correct medication and treatment. A doctor could prescribe anti-inflammatory medicines in conjunction with physical rehabilitation programs.

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