Injury Lawyers Leamington

Injury Lawyers Leamington

Injury lawyers in Leamington should be one of the first phone calls that you make after being hurt in an accident. The path to recovery can be a long one if your injuries involve the head or neck.

If your doctor has already diagnosed you with multiple conditions from the accident, it is imperative that you find a way to file a legal claim with the help of a lawyer. There are too many aspects of your claim to deal with on your own, and hiring an attorney is vital for reviewing everything to make sure you have not missed any details.

Where to Find Injury Lawyers in Leamington?

Identifying a personal injury lawyer should happen as soon as possible after the accident occurs and it requires some research and work on your part. An initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Leamington will help to reveal the individual lawyer’s approach towards managing your case and what you can expect if you choose to work together. Not all injury lawyers are created equal. The Diamond & Diamond team of personal injury lawyers has been working on behalf of victims who have been hurt in the area for many years.

We take each case seriously and provide personalized support and advocacy over the duration of your claim. Our team has been recognized as a leader for personal injury victims and hiring our Leamington injury lawyers can show the other side just how serious you are about recovering compensation.

Types of Compensation Available

Your brain injury lawyers in Leamington will evaluate your medical records, how the accident happened and other details about your case to determine what types of damages might be available to you.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your case and a roadmap for recovery of maximum fair compensation. It can be difficult for you to total up the many ways that your life has been altered because of another person’s reckless behavior. Whether it was a distracted driving, a drunk driving, an aggressive driving or another type of accident, this information is instrumental in showing who was at fault for the crash.

Injury Types in Leamington Lawsuits

Many different kinds of injuries can prompt a personal injury lawsuit filed against an at-fault party. Trying to negotiate with the insurance company can be far too difficult for a person who needs to remain focused on recovery.

As the medical bills begin to pile in, the stress amplifies for a victim who probably had no fault in causing the accident to begin with. This is where our Leamington injury lawyers pick up and take over the management of the case. If you’ve sustained any type of serious or catastrophic injury because of another person’s behavior, you need to have your case evaluated by a lawyer in a free initial consultation.

The attorneys at Diamond & Diamond assist victims throughout the Leamington area with legal cases based on injuries such as head, neck and shoulder injuries, broken bones, fractures, lacerations, road rash, internal organ damage, internal bleeding, and more. You may not even know the full scope of your injuries until you have been properly evaluated by a medical professional. Our Leamington injury lawyers use this information to help make a compelling demand for the compensation you are owed.

Getting Support from an Attorney

Trying to manage your case on your own could possibly set you up to make mistakes. As an injury victim, the more stress that you add to your plate, the harder it will be for you to recover from your other physical injuries. You are also very likely to undervalue the strength of your claim and to miss out on opportunities to recover additional compensation.

A settlement offer presented to you as a vulnerable victim could make it tempting for you to accept an amount that is far lower than what you would be entitled to, had you pursued the case in court. The way that you perceive the uphill battle of litigation, however, could encourage you to accept that settlement offer.

This is where you need Leamington injury lawyers who are thoroughly experienced in evaluating these claims and can help you with all aspects of fighting back in court. We can prepare a compelling claim, decide whether or not settlement offers are truly fair, and help you to negotiate with the insurance companies or the at fault party. You deserve to have someone advocating for you.

Everyone else involved in your personal injury claim might be doing all that is possible to minimize their own liability and responsibility. Our Leamington injury lawyers at Diamond & Diamond, however, approach your case with personal view on the best way to protect your interests going forward. Make sure that you have someone who is as dedicated to protecting your future as you are.


Recent Case Results


Brain Injury

Bicycle Accident settled without the need for Trial.



Accident Benefits

Head on Collision settled without the need for a tribunal hearing.


$1.0 Million

Motor Vehicle Accident

Serious motor vehicle accident. Our paralegals were able to obtain settlement with accident benefits insurer without involving the Tribunal.



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