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automobile defects & recalls

Automobile Defects and Recalls

Are you concerned that you have been negatively affected by Canadian automotive recalls? If so, you need the services provided by the experienced automobile defect and recall lawyers at Diamond & Diamond.

Basics of Canada Auto Recalls

Did you know that if you keep driving your car with a recalled part, you could end up on the side of the road when an accident happens? Many times, a recall only becomes public knowledge when it impacts millions of potential customers and after the company has issued a recall notice.

Auto recalls have become a common problem across Canada and the rest of the world. Unfortunately, these parts manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers put products on the market that could be unsafe and could put users and drivers at risks of catastrophic injuries.

How to Get Help with Auto Recall Issues

In situations in which you have been subject to auto recalls, you could be able to take legal action with a safety recalls lawyer. Canadian automotive recalls should always prompt you to get your car looked at carefully by the dealership to determine next steps.

Common Vehicle Recall Issues

If you have recently received a recall notice for your vehicle, you should not ignore it. If you choose to ignore a recall and, as a result someone is injured because of that part breaking down in your car, you could be held liable for those injuries.

The experienced attorneys at Diamond & Diamond have, unfortunately, seen situations in which a person who ignored a recall notice was named as a responsible party in a personal injury lawsuit. Recalls of any vehicle part or overall vehicle are a serious business.

Manufacturers will most often recall cars later as a safety issue that they believed could cause personal injury or could lead to a vehicle accident. An automotive lawyer who is familiar with the legal landscape can assist you with bringing forward legal action where necessary. Most people are not familiar with or aware of a recall until other people have had to suffer property damage or even personal injury.

Contact our experienced automobile effect and recall lawyers if you’ve been negatively affected by Canadian automotive recalls

Understanding A Safety Recall

A manufacturer is responsible for issuing a notice of defect or a notice of non-compliance when they find a product that doesn’t meet safety standards or identify a safety defect in a tire, vehicle or child car seat. Certain information is listed on the manufacturer recall notice including a description, the safety risk, and steps necessary to fix the problem.

How Do I Know Whether or Not My Car Has Been Affected by A Recall

Vehicles, tires, and child car seat recalls are listed in the motor vehicle safety recalls database. The Government of Canada also maintains a recall and safety alerts app, which can help to flag the most recent recalls on a broad range of different products including child car seats, tires, and vehicles in addition to other consumer products.

What Should I Do If A Product Is Recalled?

Any time that a manufacturer of an automotive has notified you that you need recall repairs done on your vehicle, pay attention to the information from the automotive recalls in Canada paperwork sent to you by that manufacturer. This could tell you exactly what your next steps are.

In most cases, the manufacturer will make the repairs free of charge and it is important for you to follow through with these recalls in order to protect yourself. You could be accused of putting others on the road at risk for unnecessary injuries and accidents.

Who Is Responsible for Product Recalls?

If your vehicle or vehicle part is subject to a recall and you have already dealt with the consequences in the form of a serious personal injury, you might have grounds to pursue a lawsuit against the manufacturer of that product.

It is important to complete a thorough investigation of the question at hand to figure out what specific defect could have affected your product as well as the steps available to you. Unfortunately, product defects put consumers around Canada at risk for accidents, injuries, and resulting property damage.

Personal injury cases often involve thousands of dollars worth of damages and expenses in court. A victim might also be able to pursue a litigation case against a manufacturer of a vehicle or part of the defective system or item in question broke down and caused an accident prior to a formal recall being issued.

More and more, consumers are finding out that companies knew or should have known about possible dangers but failed to warn the public.

When this applies to your individual case, the automotive recall lawyers at Diamond & Diamond advise you to gather evidence, report your concerns to the manufacturer, keep copies of all communication with the manufacturer regarding the recall, and to consult with a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible about next steps.


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