• Thursday, 21 September 2023
Top 5 Factors That Reduce Your MPG: Avoid These To Save on Fuel Costs
The rising cost of fuel is a common concern for consumers and businesses in Canada. As of August 24, 2023, data from the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) indicates that the average price of gasoline across the country ist 166.8 cents per litre.  Various factors contribute to the high price of gasoline, with the most significant…
  • Thursday, 21 September 2023
Digital Dilemma: Understanding the Effects of Social Media on Young Canadians
Affordable smart devices and internet access are some of the factors encouraging the widespread use of social media worldwide. There are billions of social media users, and Canada has one of the world’s most connected populations. In 2022, the country had over 34.47 million social media users, making the social penetration rate 89 percent. The…
  • Thursday, 21 September 2023
Safety First: Why Driving on Closed Roads Is a Bad Idea
How safe are public roads in Canada? Despite Transport Canada’s efforts to prioritize road safety, traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries continue to pose a problem on Canadian roads.  There were 1,768 deaths resulting from reported traffic collisions in 2021. That’s 1.3 percent, up from the 1,746 fatalities recorded in 2020. According to Transport Canada’s National…
  • Tuesday, 05 September 2023
Understanding Ontario’s Door-to-Door Sales Ban: What You Need To Know
On April 13, 2017, Ontario’s Bill 59 (Putting Consumers First Act) received royal assent and became law. This law banned door-to-door sales and home service contracts, making it the second such piece of legislation in Canada, next to Alberta’s. Effective March 1, 2018, the provincial ban was officially implemented, representing a significant legislative measure aimed…
  • Tuesday, 05 September 2023
Unravelling the Mechanics: How Seat Belt Pretensioners Work To Keep You Safe in a Crash
Seat belts are crucial safety devices we often take for granted. They’re pivotal in reducing or preventing injuries and fatalities during an accident. Unfortunately, some don’t really think much of seat belts. However, they feature various components working systematically to protect a person in case of a collision or any road accident, reducing serious injuries…
  • Tuesday, 05 September 2023
Do Canadian Lawyers Wear Court Robes?
Canada is rich with traditions that were inherited from the British, particularly in the legal space. Our legal system combines elements of English common law and French civil law.  One of the traditions that has survived the centuries is the wearing of court robes for judges. Do Canadian lawyers wear court robes as well? Yes,…
  • Tuesday, 05 September 2023
Honking 101: The Proper Use of Car Horns
Drivers primarily rely on visual queues when they’re on the road. While this is common, there are times when more is required. If you’re driving on a foggy highway or taking a blind turn, you need sound to alert other drivers. This is where horns become invaluable. Horns may be essential, but they’re also misused.…
  • Friday, 01 September 2023
Buckling Up for Life: The Importance of Seat Belt Wear for Maximum Safety
To ensure maximum safety, there’s been a push for wearing seat belts, as studies have consistently shown that they save lives. As of 2021, reports show that 28.6 percent of driver and 35.6 percent of passenger fatalities have happened because of not wearing seat belts. All Canadian seat belt laws are primary enforcement laws, which…
  • Friday, 01 September 2023
Car Accident Lawsuits in Canadian Provinces: Exploring Legal Procedures and Rights
With 1,066,180 kilometres of road as of 2018, Canada is the second largest country in the world. Due to the vast infrastructure, most people drive in the country, which is why there were 26.2 million registered vehicles in 2021.  This also means that car accidents are inevitable. In 2021, there were 108,018 incidents resulting in…
  • Friday, 01 September 2023
Why You Shouldn’t Use Winter Tires in Hot Summer Weather: Avoiding the Risks
Winter has always been unpredictable for motorists. However, thanks to winter or snow tires, driving through the season’s harsh conditions is manageable. Winter tires have enabled drivers to safely maneuver snowy and icy roads, making them indispensable during colder temperatures. As impressive as they are, however, using these tires beyond the winter season isn’t a…

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