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boating accident lawyer Canada

Boating Accident Lawyer Canada

boating accident lawyer Canada

When You’re Injured Due to a Boaters Negligence, You Have Rights

Powerboats and sailboats are common throughout the rivers and lakes found in and around Ontario. While these can be a great source of amusement and fun, many people underestimate the potential safety risks that can happen when a negligent or impaired driver takes over the wheel and ends up causing a critical boating accident.

What Should You Do After a Boating Accident?

What Should You Do After a Boating Accident?

If you or a loved one has been a victim in such an accident, it is imperative that you evaluate your rights by consulting with an experienced boating accident lawyer immediately. Boating accidents can have life changing consequences, including emotional trauma, the loss of a loved one, serious personal injury and the financial repercussions that follow.

You could be entitled to compensation for your personal injuries or for the loss of a loved one but only when you are eligible to take legal action sooner rather than later. A no obligation consultation with a boating accident lawyer can help give you the information you need to decide whether or not to initiate a legal claim.

Boating accidents can occur at anytime and anywhere but are more likely to happen when a person does not have appropriate training on how to operate the boat or has been negligent in his or her duties in operating the boat.

Boating Accident Lawyer Can Help You With Compensation

Boating Accident Lawyer Can Help You With Compensation

All of this information can become paramount in a boating accident injury claim and should always be shared with your personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. Look for a law firm that has extensive experience representing victims of boating accidents. These cases can be complex and can require immediate and thorough investigations with the help of an experienced law firm.

You need to ensure that your rights are protected when you initiate a claim for legal action. It’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed and unsure of your next steps. Handing your case over to the experienced professionals at your boating accident law firm can give you the peace of mind to continue attending medical appointments and improving your chances for recovery. Mishaps on the water can affect your livelihood and your life.

Trusted Counsel for Boating Accident Injury Victims

At Diamond & Diamond, we know that what was intended to be an enjoyable day out on the water can become a disaster when an accident happens. We also know how hard it is to put the pieces of your life back together. We’re here to help you figure out that process and to implement a strategy to assist you with fighting for compensation.

The impacts of a boating incident, for example, can severely curtail the income earning potential of an injury victim as well as decreasing his or her ability to perform as a member of a household and decreased quality of life. All of these setbacks can have emotional and financial repercussions in addition to the physical aspects.

Getting a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer who is very knowledgeable about boating accidents is your primary opportunity to ask questions and to clarify that you understand some of the most important aspects of pursuing a legal claim. Relying on what the insurance company tells you about the case is not necessarily the best way to protect your interests.

In fact, many insurance companies attempt to downplay or deny these claims altogether, even though your life might have been forever changed as a result of this devastating boating accident.

Common Reasons Boating Accidents Occur

Your attorney should have thorough experience in investigating and bringing cases as a result of speeding power boaters, alcohol related incidents, inexperienced people operating the boat, careless boaters, malfunctioning equipment, driving the boat under the influence, and more. These are some of the most common reasons boating accidents happen, but injury legal claims are not limited to these causes alone.

Who is Liable for Boating Accidents?

Depending on the specifics of your case, multiple parties could be found liable for your injuries, including the boat driver, other employees on the boat, or even the company renting the boat.

Contact a Boat Accident Lawyer

No matter how you come to find yourself in the position of boating accident victim, your future is in your hands when you retain an experienced and trusted attorney who can help you understand the boating accident laws and how these are relevant to your lawsuit and assist you with filing the necessary paperwork to recover compensation.         

Frequently Asked Questions on Boating Accidents in Canada

1.    What are the types of Boating Accident Claims handled by your firm?

We handle boating accident claims involving all kinds of negligence, such as boating DUIs, reckless boating, and defective products causing a boating accident.

2.   How much compensation can I claim for jet ski accident claim?

The compensation you might be entitled to in a jet ski claim depends on the location of the accident, the injuries you sustained, and any aggravating factors in the case, such as whether or not the other party was under the influence.


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