Corporate Practice Areas

Diamond & Diamond Lawyers handle extensive corporate needs for our clients throughout the Ontario region. The team understands:

  • The complex issues involved in the management of corporate concerns;
  • How appropriate legal representation can help to de-escalate problems;
  • The importance of addressing concerns before they develop into conflict.

Corporate Law

We understand how every facet of corporate law can be affected by appropriate procedures, policies and a risk mitigation strategy. At Diamond & Diamond, we have worked with many different clients including small businesses and large corporations to develop these procedures.

Civil and Corporate Commercial Litigation

When developing a strategy to avoid litigation or to pursue other opportunities like mediation or arbitration, you also want the confidence in knowing that your legal team has extensive litigation experience and will use this on your behalf, should a conflict emerge. We have worked with many clients across the region to successfully negotiate successful resolutions.

Professional Regulation

Given the high stakes involved in a professional regulation case, it is important to know that the attorneys at Diamond & Diamond take your case extremely seriously to protect your professional reputation and ability to continue doing business in your chosen field. We have helped many people in front of their various discipline tribunals and often can help to avoid or minimize fines, sanctions and other negative professional regulatory outcomes.

Free consults and contingency fee arrangements apply to all personal injury cases only and to select wrongful dismissal cases, but do not apply to other types of commercial and civil litigation.