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Fall safe driving tips


Motorists that are taking to the roads with their families to view the spectacular array of fall foliage colours need to exercise caution. Almost 36,000 motor vehicle collisions occur each year on Ontario roads in which someone is either killed or injured. Fall driving presents challenges, including earlier sunsets, more vehicles on the roads and changing weather conditions, that can lead to accidents for unsuspecting drivers. Here are a few tips motorists can use to keep themselves and the occupants of their vehicles safe during autumn road trips.

Be mindful of changing weather conditions

Weather, including temperatures, change quickly during the fall months. Depending on where and when you travel, a road trip that begins when temperatures are warm can encounter chilly or freezing conditions as the day wears on. This is particularly true if your travels take into higher elevations.

Check the weather forecast before starting your trip to prepare yourself for the type of weather conditions you might face. As temperatures drop, roads made wet from showers can become icy and slippery as night approaches or as you drive into higher elevations. Slow down and maintain a lookout for black ice once temperatures drop.

Fall sunshine creates visibility problems

The heat might be gone, but sunshine poses a different form of risk when driving in the fall. The changing angle of the autumn sun creates glare making it difficult for drivers to see during morning and evening drive times. Individuals going to work and returning home are particularly susceptible to poor visibility brought on by the glare of the sun.

Drivers should use sunglasses and their visors to avoid the sun’s glare. Unless you must drive when glare from the sun is at its worst, try to modify your plans to avoid it. It also helps to keep your car’s windows clean and free of streaks that can increase the effects of the glare of the sun and make it even more difficult to see.

Be aware of dangers posed by fallen leaves

Trying to stop your vehicle on a road surface covered with wet leaves can cause it to slip and slide as if you are driving on ice. When driving on roads that are covered by wet leaves, slow down and try to avoid situations that require you to make abrupt stops.

Leaves on the ground can hide obstacles on the road that could damage your vehicle or cause you to lose control of it. Piles of leaves at the side of a road can become places for children to play and hide. Avoid driving through them.

Be aware of changing lighting conditions

Lighting conditions change dramatically during the fall. Daylight saving time brings earlier sunsets forcing you to turn on your headlights for the commute you made home from work last night in daylight. Be mindful of the changes in lighting conditions and adjust your driving to accommodate them to enhance your ability to see.

Avoid driving distractions associated with autumn

Distracted driving is always risky. Common driver distractions include the following:

  • Texting while driving
  • Talking on a cellphone
  • Driving while fatigued or drowsy
  • Adjusting the radio or GPS system while driving
  • Engaging in conversation with passengers in your vehicle

Fall brings with it additional sources of driver distraction. Cooler temperatures make it necessary to use your car’s heater for the comfort of the occupants of your vehicle. Windows covered with frost or condensation may require the use of your vehicle’s defroster. Instead of waiting until you are underway, make adjustments to heating, defrosting and air conditioning systems before you begin driving.

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