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Ontario Hit-and-Run Claims: Everything You Need to Know

No one drives with the intent of crashing into another driver or pedestrian. However, due to negligence or misconduct of someone else, one gets involved in road accidents. This is understandable to an extent. But there are some who flee the scene of the crash right after striking another vehicle or person. This is not acceptable, at all!

The victims of hit-and-run accidents are put into a very tough spot as all you’re left with is injuries, medical bills and property damages. As you don’t know the identity of the culprit, you’re probably at sixes and sevens worrying about the next step you can take. Well, you don’t need to worry about it much longer as we’ve got it covered for you. In this post, we’ll talk about the next steps you can take and how our award-winning Ontario hit-and-run lawyers can get you the insurance or accident claim that you deserve.

What to Do After Getting Involved in A Hit-And-Run Accident

The best thing that you can do to catch the culprit is to get the licence plate number of his/her car. If you didn't see it, ask the people around the scene of the accident if they were able to catch it. You should also take names and phone numbers of these people. And if your car was hit while it was parked, see if the security guard was able to witness something and also, check if there are security cameras around. All of this could prove to be vital when it comes to getting hit-and-run accident claim in Ontario.

A crucial thing that you *must* do is report the accident to the police within 24 hours. If you don't report within 24 hours, your insurance company might consider the accident as your fault. Therefore, report within 24 hours at any cost.  

Protecting Your Rights in an Ontario Hit-And-Run Accident

If you or someone you know has recently been involved in a hit-and-run accident, the hit-and-run lawyers at Diamond & Diamond can assist you with filing a timely claim. Our offices are spread across the Ontario area, and we have earned a reputation as an assertive firm, fighting for injury victim rights.

As a hit-and-run victim, you could be fighting against a lot of things—pain, suffering, property damages and loss of income to name a few. We understand what you’re going through. That is why we emphasize retaining an experienced Ontario hit-and-run accident lawyer who could navigate you through the intricacies of your case and fight for your rights.

Hit-and-Run Cases & Insurance Expertise

The biggest concern of the Ontario hit-and-run victims is insurance. They have all sorts of questions and doubts ranging from whether the insurance company will accept it to the amount that the insurance will cover. In such times, you need a hit-and-run attorney who has a good amount of experience dealing with insurance agencies. We at Diamond & Diamond have it. We have been dealing with insurance agencies of Ontario for years, and we know them well.

As far as hit-and-run cases are concerned, waiting for too long could hamper your chances of recovering compensation. Hence, we recommend scheduling a consultation with Diamond & Diamond hit-and-run lawyer in Ontario. Our lawyer will evaluate all the aspects of your case to determine the best strategy to recover compensation.

Consult a hit-and-run lawyer for FREE!

The time right after the accident could be extremely traumatic for you, but there are steps that you could take to protect themselves and raise your chances of recovering compensation. Reporting to police within 24 hours is one and consulting an Ontario hit-and-run lawyer is the other. The sooner you do the latter, the better it is as every single detail of the accident is untouched in your mind. Even the slightest of detail could help a lawyer and strengthen your case significantly.

Hit-and-run cases are very complex in nature, and insurance companies can make it even more and put you in a tough situation. In such circumstances, you need to have the right legal guidance by your side. Our Ontario hit-and-run accident lawyers have fought for hundreds of victims like you, and get them deserving compensation.

As a hit-and-run victim, you must have some questions, doubts and a lot of anxiety. Schedule a FREE consultation with our hit-and-run attorney to give yourself a peace of mind. You can contact 1-800-567-HURT (4878) or use our CASE EVALUATION TOOL to schedule a FREE consultation.