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How Do Travel Accident Compensation Claims Work?


Traveling can be very expensive, especially if the entire family goes on the trip. A family vacation for four can cost thousands of dollars and travel outside of the country costs much, much more. Unfortunately, life gets in the way of the most careful planning.

An unexpected event can result in canceling or delaying travel plans. You could lose all the money you paid to book your travel plans because something out of your control happens just days before you are scheduled to leave town. Even after you leave home, things can happen to ruin your travel plans. An accident or illness while traveling can also be very costly. Instead of taking the chance, you decide to purchase travel insurance.

What Is Travel Accident Insurance?

Travel accident insurance is special insurance coverage that provides compensation for certain events that occur before or during your trip. The types and amounts of coverage depend on the company and the policies offered. Common coverages available under travel accident insurance policies include:

  • Cancellation Insurance – If you must cancel or delay your travel plans, cancellation insurance reimburses you for costs incurred because of the delay or cancellation.
  • Interruption Insurance – This type of travel insurance compensates you for losses incurred because you must return home early from your trip due to illness, injury, or another covered situation.
  • Accident or Illness – Travel accident insurance covers your medical expenses and related costs if you become ill or you are injured while traveling. Be cautious; some policies may not cover all medical expenses.
  • Travel Life Insurance – Travel life insurance covers accidental death while traveling. Your beneficiaries receive benefits as they would under a regular life insurance policy. Most travel accident policies that cover accidental death also cover dismemberment.

It is very important to read the fine print before you purchase travel accident insurance coverage. Coverages can vary widely from one company to another company. Read the policy carefully to understand the situations covered and the maximum compensation available under the policy.

Choose an insurance company with a good reputation. Ask the insurance agent or company representative what percentage of claims they deny. Even a small percentage of denied claim may be a warning sign that the company is difficult to deal with if you must file a travel accident insurance claim.

Filing A Travel Accident Claim

Each company has specific instructions for reporting a claim. As soon as possible, call the insurance company to report the claim. Most companies require that you call within a specific time.  Failing to notify the company as instructed may result in a denial of the claim. Furthermore, failing to follow the instructions for filing a claim may also result in a denial of your claim. You must submit all documents required under your insurance policy within the time limits set in the policy for your claim to be approved.

Call An Ontario Travel Insurance Lawyer for Help

Some travel insurance companies create complicated procedures for filing claims as a way to deny claims. Do not allow the insurance company to deny your claim without cause. Contact a Toronto travel insurance lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve for your travel accident.

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