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Living with Depression in Toronto

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While depression itself is complicated in that it affects different people in different ways, the idea at the heart of it all couldn’t be more straightforward. It’s a serious mood disorder that not only impacts the way you feel and think, but it often negatively affects how you handle daily activities like sleeping, eating or even working as well. It’s also a lot more common than you probably realize – particularly in Toronto and elsewhere across Canada.

According to research conducted by the experts at the Canadian Mental Health Association, about one out of every five people in Canada will personally experience depression or some other mental health-related issue in a given year. Roughly 8% of Canadian adults will experience “major depression” at some point in their lives, and roughly 1% of Canadians will experience manic depression – otherwise known as bipolar disorder.

Depression Assistance from a Legal Perspective

Many people first experience depression after going through some type of traumatic event. Sometimes people witness a family member being injured or even killed after being hit by a speeding vehicle. Others suffer some type of injury at work due to someone else’s negligence that opens the door to a whole host of additional mental illness-related problems down the road.

Even something as seemingly simple as slipping, falling and hitting your head on a wet floor can have adverse emotional or psychological impact. Someone with emotional harm caused by this type of injury may even exhibit symptoms like:

  • Insomnia.
  • A newfound difficulty when engaging in totally normal social relationships.
  • Anxiety.
  • Fear.
  • Angry outbursts and more.

In addition to getting help for your depression in Toronto from a mental health perspective, it’s important to know that there are also a wide variety of different legal options available to you, too. Mental anguish lawsuits are quite common, and they seek to collect damages for pain and suffering that resulted from someone else’s A) negligence, or B) intentional conduct.

This means that if your depression ultimately stems by an event caused by someone else – particularly at your place of employment – you might be entitled to financial compensation that depression disability experts like those at Diamond & Diamond can help you collect.

This is also not necessarily something you can do on your own, as the burden of proof in these types of cases falls squarely on he plaintiff – meaning you or your loved one. In order to effectively prove emotional distress in a court of law, you need to be able to show that you both suffered a psychological injury that was totally foreseeable because of another party’s negligence, and that your depression is a fully recognized psychiatric disorder.

Keep in mind that not only do mental health claims make up roughly 30% of all disability claims in Canada, but they represent about 70% of all total payouts, too. Depression and other mental illnesses do not discriminate – they can affect someone of any gender, race, age, culture or income level. By partnering with a passionate team of disability lawyers like those at Diamond & Diamond, you therefore stand the best chance of getting the help – and potential financial compensation – that you deserve. We can also work with you to find the right counseling and psychiatric treatment as well to help you overcome this condition once and for all.

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If you’re located in or around the Toronto area and yourself or a loved one is currently suffering from depression, don’t worry – we’re here to help. To find out more information about how to get help with your depression, or to learn more about what your options might be from a legal perspective moving forward, please don’t delay – contact the experts at Diamond & Diamond today.


Can I sue my employer for emotional distress?

It is possible to sue your employer for emotional distress. This is the case whether the distress is being caused deliberately or through neglect. You can even claim for emotional distress if you witness something like someone being seriously injured because the proper safety equipment was not provided.

Can you get long-term disability benefits for depression?

You can get long-term disability benefits for depression. It can take a while to work your way through the system and get awarded this benefit. Your diagnosis must conform with the Diagnosis and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM) standards.

Can you get depression after a car accident?

It is possible to get depression after a car accident. Particularly if the consequences are serious. For example, you were badly hurt, and it will take many months for you to make a full recovery. It is important to look out for the early signs and seek help as soon as possible. This will greatly improve your chances of recovery and provide evidence should you need to make a claim, at a later date.

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