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New Driving Renewal Process For Senior Citizens In Ontario

If you’re a senior citizen in Ontario with an upcoming driving renewal, you may find that things have changed a bit.

Ontario has implemented new policies to help streamline the process of driving renewals for senior citizens.

Driving renewals are simple examinations which must be passed in order to obtain a new driver’s license. These exams help keep everyone on the roadways safe by ensuring that drivers are competent, physically capable, and up to date on the latest rules of the road.

Although the new process of driving renewal should be familiar to anyone who has previously renewed their license, there are a few key changes which have been implemented. 

Let’s take a look at those.

Old Versus New Driving Renewal Process For Senior Citizens In Ontario

New Driving Renewal Process For Senior Citizens

Ontario’s senior driver program applies to all drivers over the age over 80.

Every two years, these senior drivers must complete a driving renewal to hold a valid driver’s license.

Previously, senior citizens were required to complete a written test in order to renew their driver’s license.

The new renewal process has done away with the written examination and replaced it with an in-class screening process.

This in-class screening process will assess the senior citizen’s driving knowledge and ability. 

The screening process consists of:

  • 45-minute Group Education Session include two screening exercises
  • A vision test
  • A review of the senior citizen’s previous driving record

In some cases, if the instructor feels it is necessary, the senior citizen may also be required to complete a driving test to assess their competence in a motor vehicle.

Benefits of New Renewal Process for Senior Citizens in Ontario

The two primary goals of the new driving renewal process are to streamline renewals for senior citizens and create a more comprehensive plan better capable of screening for potentially unsafe drivers.

Overall, the new process is faster and easier than the previous system. It also include a more thorough screening methodology designed to better assess the capabilities of each individual senior citizen on every renewal.

Older drivers need to take more precautions on the roadway and these regular testing requirements allow them to keep sharp on their driving skills and be reassured that they are capable drivers.

Ontario’s new senior citizen driver renewal process is designed to keep drivers off the roadway before accidents can happen. While the regulations may seem strict, they are designed to save lives.

Steps for Undergoing the Driving Renewal Process for Senior Citizens in Ontario

Upgrading Driving Renewal Process For Senior Citizens

Feeling a bit nervous about your senior citizen driving renewal? Don’t worry. The process is pretty straightforward.

Let’s break it down step by step.

Step 1: Receive Notice

Three months before your driver’s license expires, you’ll be mailed a notice containing instructions on how to complete your driver’s renewal.

Be sure to keep this notice. It will contain important details like the contact number and address of the local transport authorities.

Step 2: Make an Appointment

Call the phone number listed on the notice you received in the mail to schedule an appointment for your renewal.

You’ll need to provide some basic details such as your name and driver’s license number.

Be sure to mention any special assistance you might need, such as a translator or other accommodations. 

Step 3: Attend Renewal Appointment

Your renewal appointment will be an approximately 90 minute session which includes your vision test, group education session, and two screening examinations.

There are a few things you will need to bring to your renewal appointment, including:

  • Driver’s license
  • Renewal forms
  • Eye glasses (if necessary)
  • Hearing aid (if necessary)
  • Snacks or drinks

During the renewal session, you’ll be required to:

  • Complete a vision test (with eyeglasses if necessary)
  • Complete Group Education System with driving tips and traffic laws and regulations
  • Complete two in-class screening exercises: Clock Drawing and Letter Cancelation 
  • Perform a driving record review

In some cases, senior citizens will be required to complete a driving test after the renewal session.

If necessary, the senior citizen may also be required to submit additional medical documentation.

Step 4: Claim New License

If you’ve successfully completed your driving renewal session, you can head over to a ServiceOntario center and get your new license printed.

You’ll need to bring:

  • Your written test results 
  • Original driver’s license with name, date of birth, and signature

Congratulations! You’re qualified to drive for another two years.

Want to know more about Ontario’s new driving renewal process for senior citizens? Contact Diamond & Diamond to get all of the details!

How To Contact Diamond & Diamond

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It’s always wise to take a look at what is in your driver’s handbook and brush up on the rules of the road before an examination.

FAQ's on New Driving Renewal Process For Senior Citizens In Ontario

Will the new driving renewal process affect insurance for senior citizens?

The changes to the driving renewal process are not likely to affect insurance rates for senior drivers.

What are my options if I fail the driving renewal process?

If you fail the in-class screenings, you may be required to take a driver’s test or consult with a physician for additional medical documentation. If you fail the renewal process, you may no longer be eligible for a driver’s license. Contact Diamond & Diamond to explore your legal options.

If I’m away for more than 90 days, can I still go through the driving renewal process?

If you cannot complete your renewal within 90 days, you may be granted a one time temporary driving permit.

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